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  1. not the same but my daughter did a competition over video and normally she shines and does well in this with the same adjudicator but this time didn't even get noticed for finals let alone place. I am sure you are right that personalities just don't come across on video in the same way as they do live but also it is harder to perform when the person you are performing for can't be seen so the performance isn't as good in the first place. with regards to whether you should have postponed or not I would say no. My daughter is missing some exams this term, she is now stuck on those grades for the moment whilst everyone guesses what is going to happen in the future. We are hoping they will now just skip the exams and move on to the next grade but who knows and it would be a shame not to have taken it at all. I would rather she took it and get a lower mark than normal than never take it at all. I think the pupils will have to just mark it down to part of a very strange year.
  2. Motomum that is a shame but you are right, all you can do is let him work through it himself in his own time and let him know you are there to listen. It is scary for them, pushing their much loved activity away is how some of them will protect themselves from it not being possible in the future for whatever reason. If they can't go back to lessons, or in his case start at vocational school, in the autumn then he probably thinks it will be easier to deal with if he can convince himself he didn't want to anyway.
  3. Ooh someone else who studies Spanish dancing. Not many around
  4. https://softfloorkids.co.uk/category/dance-tiles/ we have ordered the budget one. It does say they can be used for ballet
  5. not really planning to use it for ballet but we have just ordered (and waiting for it to come in stock) a bit of flooring from www.softfloor.co.uk We want it for tap and flamenco practice mainly but they have a few different ones and they look quite thick so I am not sure if that might help. They can go over carpet too because of the thickness. but I haven't got it to try it yet and see.
  6. my daughter is struggling too. she turned 11 this week. She is all over the place. has she finished primary school or not, is she going to get transfer day for secondary school or not. all her competitions and festivals have been cancelled. she was excited about exams due to be taken in the summer but those won't be happening. She was halfway through learning one new dance and had just finished learning one but now they will have to change before she gets to compete them as the length will be wrong by the autumn. She had other dances she was going to do for the last time this term, tutu only just fits and she was going to squeeze into it but now won't have the chance, dance school show cancelled etc. To her her little world is just not as she knows it. She won't do online lessons, won't really practice and feels things are a bit pointless. Your daughter isn't alone. I wish I could suggest something but I haven't got anywhere yet. Feel free to message me directly if you want to.
  7. well done for all those with achievements, lovely to read such happy news. Absolutely no dancing going on in our house at the moment at all. My normally ridiculously motivated daughter doesn't want to do any dancing, I have found online lessons and everything but she doesn't want to as it isn't her usual classes at the studio.
  8. this isn't a lesson but might be nice for people all the same West End Wind in the Willows available for free online streaming with the hope people will make donations. https://www.willowsmusical.com
  9. Someone asked on Claudia Dean's facebook page if it would be possible to watch after it as they would be early hours of the morning where they are. She said there will be an announcement on her social media which should make it possible to watch after the event.
  10. I am not clever enough to do this - mine will just have to stay up and do it live!!!
  11. and yes that would be Friday night for us. thanks for pointing that out or we would have missed it!
  12. The Claudia Dean times are on her facebook page. I just tried to share the picture but it is too big and I can't work out how to make it smaller she says for times round the world. Brisbane 07:00 Sydney 08:00 Los Angeles 2pm/14:00 PDT London 9pm/21:00 GMT New York 5pm/17:00 EDT Auckland 10:00 NZDT Toronto 5pm/17:00 EDT Singapore 05:00 SGT (in case my working out into 24hr clock is wrong I have put the 12hr info she posted too)
  13. that is very true. mine will just practice the stuff they know, general stretching, progressing ballet technique which they have been shown how to do properly.
  14. Progressing ballet technique?
  15. I completely agree Pups_mum. All they have to do is say "actually I am not that familiar with this style" or even just "they were all good but I picked the ones I enjoyed watching most and avoid technicalities if they aren't sure. But they definitely shouldn't make them up! I would fall asleep if I had to do it. I am more than happy to watch some festivals and dance school shows etc but the seat are usually uncomfortable and it is always dark and stuffy and I would just get so bored. I know exactly what you mean about some of the depressing dances.... When my daughter announced she wanted to do a lyrical dance I was very clear that was only if it was happy!!!! Gosh the music ones must be really on the ball!
  16. this is so true, my girls have a very technically difficult and accurate flamenco dance choreographed by a real expert yet some adjudicators have told us it is completely wrong....
  17. yes hard to be excited but also not pin too much on it in order to manage expectations I suppose. Once I realised I suffered a lot more around this time of year with it and noticed it was linked to being cold (went to a funeral up north and the weather turned really cold and I didn't have suitable clothes for that and ended up in a lot of pain from hunching my shoulders) I started wearing thin scarves a lot of the time and vest tops with a high back on them (hard to describe what I mean but not a camisole one, more of a high tank top one) and then when going out making sure I have on a thick coat and a winter scarf over the other one (as well as other clothes obviously or I really would be cold) and now I don't suffer anywhere near as much. also little things like perhaps suggesting varying the position she holds her arms in when sitting at school/computer etc could really help.
  18. my daughter nearly always gets comments about "sustain turnout" from festivals, I suspect an awful lot of them do when they are young! Her teacher has always said that they need to have good muscle strength to maintain the turnout so perhaps you need to ask for advice on exercises to strengthen turnout which will then enable her to hold it during the step if that makes sense? should add, just a mum here and my daughter was born with her legs turned in so turnout has always been hard for her so we take it all very slowly as a result.
  19. I can't help with info on where to find anyone to help but I have also always hunched my shoulders up when nervous or simply cold (I am usually cold!) and I always have one which is more tight than the other and talking to other people I think you will probably find in day to day life that most people do. I would assume it is linked to things like the side you write with or don't write with (although not sure which one would be worse). If it is purely muscular then yes it might require some ongoing treatment but I would think one session with a physio would probably be able to relax it a lot. I used to see a chiropractor who would just massage in the spot that was tender and it would sort it out within about 15 minutes so if you could see someone before she goes off to her audition you might well be able to have quite an immediate effect. good luck to her. Must be very exciting.
  20. Thank you. Fab picture although to me I think his hips look to be slightly lifted on the side of the raised leg. Perhaps I am imagining they should be doing something that isnt possible!
  21. Oh I will be sorry to see you go. I rarely post or comment on here, my daughters are not good enough dancers for me to generally be in a position to get involved with tha vast majority of posts but I do enjoy reading them and following what people's children are doing. Thank you for what I have learned from your posts and good luck to you and your daughter.
  22. well that will be her entertainment today - she will love watching that. I did take them to see I think it was the Birmingham Royal Ballet company class on stage a few years ago (it was cheaper than watching the actual ballet so we could afford it) but she was very young so can't really remember it. Never thought to look online to watch a company class. Thank you
  23. thank you everyone - greatly appreciate the advice and information.
  24. I will have a look at her other videos
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