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  1. well done to your DD too
  2. that is very true balletbean. hard if you are just before it changes. We don't get any medals, is that RAD do that?
  3. My girls do ISTD so still just pass, merit, distinction for them but I actually would welcome more of a breakdown. The only merit one of them has had only just missed a distinction and in one dance style one of my girls has always had a mark over 90 and the other one has always had marks over 90 in all her dance styles (she is unusual) so they have always been jealous of friends who do BTDA where they have a platinum award for marks over 90. I think it is nice to distinguish a bit within a 20 mark range as there will be a large number of dancers who will always fall into the high merit boundaries. I was in the pass plus days!
  4. sorry to ask but I am curious, why is it so specific for cecchetti? or is it just a competition thing?
  5. definitely move her. If they aren't prepared to find a way to make it work for her then they obviously aren't really looking at the children as individuals. don't worry about swapping from RAD to ISTD. Both are good, there are differences (RAD have 8 grades, ISTD 6 so they don't map across directly, RAD has character work which ISTD doesn't, ISTD has a lot more free work from a lot earlier and there are, I believe, some naming differences or different arms or something - I am not a dancer - but nothing that a child can't pick up/relearn). Just pick a school where you think she will be happy and be in with her age group.
  6. great to get them to do it themselves, I was very lucky and my mum taught me to sew. I am now normally the one sitting doing all the other ballet shoe ribbons for parents who can't sew (incuding sewing someone's during my daughter's exam for the exam after hers!) nothing to add to help unfortunately but it really is just practice. One thing I have always done with ballet shoes is done them once, tied off etc and then sewn a second time (not as much obviously) so that if one lot of stitches did go there is a secondary one there which will support enough until the other can be fixed rather than the ribbon just fall off. i have noticed lots of the mums in their 30s/40s can't sew so yes grandmas here too although we do have some dads who give it a good go.
  7. our dance teacher will only let them wear full sole until they are much much older. I do look at all the split soles at festivals though and wonder whether we should get a pair for festivals because they really do make foot point look so much better
  8. thank you. yes she loves her tap and Spanish and the other one likes everything at the moment but she is a bit younger.
  9. so pleased I could help Balletboymumma. I am only on this thread out of sheer nosiness and enjoying sharing other people's news, one of mine hates ballet and only does it to enable her to do tap and Spanish and whilst the other one is pretty good she would never be able to do associates or anything because of a medical condition so we won't ever be doing any of this. I take in so many waists like this as mine are both very skinny.
  10. sorry no I meant the elasticated bit of the waistband. I am assuming they have some elastic in them and then pretend drawstrings at the front. If they haven't actually stitched through the elastic when they have sewn the waistband down then you might be able to cut a hole and pull it through to shorten it. Unfortunately some shops do sew through it which means you can't.
  11. oh - they certainly used to post stuff, I am sure they will do.
  12. have they sewn through the elastic or could you cut a hole on the inside of the waist band and pull it through a bit to shorten it? this is what I do with most of my daughters clothes.
  13. Try fabricland - they do flesh elastic which i have used for tutu straps before, it is a strong one too not like some of the ones I have seen. www.fabricland.co.uk I think. give them a ring if you can't find it on the website, we have a shop near us so I haven't looked for it online.
  14. the silky dance pants are fab, my daughters got them to wear under their tutus for festivals and then started wearing them under their leotards for class. their teachers never say no knickers but these do fit so much more neatly and never stick out. under £3 including delivery off the internet isn't too pricey either.
  15. poor girl, definitely rest as much as possible, I remember damaging the ligaments in my knee falling down the stairs when I was ten and it is so hard moving around and doing things. I was going to suggest practicing port de bras like a previous poster. work on her head, shoulder and arms is never wasted.
  16. interesting to hear there is no back arching as all the dance acro I have seen seems to involve quite a lot of contortion and from some schools, not enough muscle strength to control the movements. I worry with acro dance, I am from a gymnastics background myself and I cringe when I see so much acro in dance school shows (and some festivals now) being performed without mats. I don't doubt they train with mats but then in shows they display the moves without them in so many cases and I worry about ankle and back damage. I think as long as it is taught and performed safely then it is fine but do keep a close eye on it. Many dance schools are offering it after teachers attending just a day or two of workshops which enables them to be qualified but a gymnastics coach takes a lot longer to qualify even at a low level. It is currently very popular and very trendy and it looks impressive in shows which I fear in some cases leads to corners being cut.
  17. we have exams this week and there is never any communication of results until the child is seen in that class again so it will be September for my daughters regardless of when results come in. Always makes the first day back a bit nerve wracking.
  18. prety sure freed narrow shoes come in leather as well as satin - worth trying, my girls have really narrow feet too.
  19. it is a bit of a pain to do but having done it repeatedly over the years on numerous hair types and lengths (for panto) thicker is actually easier than fine (curly is best as it wraps into place more easily). The trick is to not start too high, do your bunches lower down, plait them then wrap cross, over then across again. If very long you can do it in a x shape. Lots of bun pins round the outside edge of it and a head net (not a bun net) as then you can wrap it over 2 or 3 times then pin more. you want the longest bun pins you can find for it.
  20. with regards to thick hair and plaits, honestly thick, long (bottom length) curly hair goes fine into it, you just wrap the plaits round more
  21. nothing useful to add but we have to do this hair for our normal lessons, it is highly irritating.
  22. I have always seen it as pink under and black over.
  23. lovely memory Danceislife
  24. that is interesting - in our qualifying festivals it is song and dance all the way through, musical theatre is offered as a section in our local music festival
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