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  1. We have been banned to participate in extra workshops, associate programmes even productions like EYB, LCB. I have always informed the teacher of our intensions to join extra activities (always away from school hours), but we have been declined the opportunity. Throughout the time i have found out that other classmates have been allowed to do extra, some even missed classes because their other commitments so i put my foot down and stop informing the teacher as clearly there was no one rule for all. Without my intervension my DD would missed out on a lot.
  2. My DD has 3 citizenships (one includes EU) just in case, so we are hoping that they will open her the doors when applying for companies worldwide. Definetly go for it!
  3. My DD prefers Capezio Hanami, nice fit on her feet.
  4. Hi there We live in central London (Bermondsey), (direct bus ride to Covent Garden average 20 mins), very quiet area. We have small single room that is not occupied during the school terms as my DD is away in school in case you want room to start with. We rent it to students over the summer and I act as host family to the younger ones. I often drove them to and from classes if they finished late or had early start. In case you stuck for options – happy to give helping hand for a start until she settles and gest her friendships going and move elsewhere in shareflat or similar.
  5. From my DD experience I could recommend the following: UK Malvern/ OPES – for spring intensive We are trying RB this summer for the first time so cannot give feedback if any good. Portugal The National Conservatory Dance School - https://www.eadcn.pt/en/ - very high standard of dancers Spain IB Stage - Barcelona Russian Masters Ballet Camp in Alicante Centre de Dansa de Catalunya - Catalunya USA Ellison Ballet – would recommend both programmes - Variations and PDD (very demanding classes and kids actually work and sweat) The Alvin Ailey – fantastic teachers!
  6. My DD came home and just said the teacher does not like me. I could not find reasons why she would singled out. But is all gone now and she never looked back.
  7. My Dd is already in vocational traning but overseas. Starting 2nd year after summer. She had a list of schools she was looking at that was reduced substantialy when it came to auditions. Are you looking only UK?
  8. my DD was 14 at the first intensive but Vaganova trained and asked to take her pointe shoes off while others danced without issues. Still puzzling for me.
  9. She is not in UK during Easter otherwise would consider and try ❤️
  10. 2017 there have been 3 groups. The classes are on larger side but that would not be so much problem for me as long as she is getting enough corrections etc. (like you would expect). Our issue was the quality of classes for 2 consequitive years now. My DD was placed in wrong ability/ age group and after few days she was coming home that she is not doing or learning anything and the class is very basic. I query that, whether they can put her to older group acording to her last exams she done, but I've been told that "maybe" they could move her for the second week as the groups are already set. I feel because she is very petite and August born, they grouped her into lower class not on level she is but her age. She was not allowed to do the pointe class because the teacher said so (despite being already advance level and very comfortable en pointe number of years). Still don't understand what was the reason behind it. So advanced Level 1 child was dancing with small children (just because she fitted into the group with the "look") it even looked odd on the recording i made during parents watching day. That year i believe some parents even wrote to the school complaining that the program was not challenging enough. We decided to give it go again last year and she said it was not challenging enough and after 2 days she walked out and refused to come back. I got tired of paying for her having "fun day out". She said intensives should be intensive and she didn't feel like that about ENB SS. She did however enjoyed the contemporary class in 2017.
  11. we have declined last year for the same reasons. And the year before my DD walked out 2 days into the programme....
  12. Your body and muscles need break to recover. I would not worry, my DD never did summer schools (maybe twice in her earlier years). She has just returned home from her vocational school and is looking for long rested summer break. She has her schedule that she has created; stretching, running, swimming, will attend local gym but other than that just rest and spending time with family and friends she has not seen for a while. In previous years she did some classes in Danceworks if she felt the summer break is too long but other than that just stretching at home. Enjoy summer! x
  13. It was stand alone her own policy. Quoted for 15 years old (price last year June). They have adjusted the policy I.e removed what she will not need and added packages that she will. They are very flexible. Cover was identical to the one offered by vocational ballet school when I read it.
  14. I have checked my email and AXA quote said £33.90 per month (386.46 annual) My contact was Laura, i have explained whait we need (i.e. vocational ballet school requirements etc.) Laura Ralph Sales Executive Individual Sales Centre AXA PPP healthcare Ground Floor Eynsham House Crescent Road Tunbridge Wells TN1 2PL Tel: 0800 33 55 55 Ext.7344 laura.ralph@axa-ppp.co.uk axappphealthcare.co.uk
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