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  1. Thank you for your response, DD (90 miles from Florida) does want to stay...i guess it is me being little panicky regarding flights and closing borders.
  2. I am aware that this is post about UK schools and apologise in advance for my question. But do any of you have currently your DD or DS studying overseas? What is your plan? Bring them home, leave them there? Especially if the school is still open and running?
  3. When my DD was smaller we used to go every year...as the time has progressed Move It just lost the spark. In my opinion at least. Last year was my last time I have attended and if my DD was in UK I would not allow her to go. I am not panicky or hysterical person (I have only 4 rolls of toilet paper in my cupboard) but the environment is just too sweaty and messy. I guess it is going ahead and classed as "safe" because it is national event rather international so not many international students/families are attending.
  4. she was 16 (last year summer course), all very pretty, made friends etc but found the course not demanding enough. Comparing it with Ellison or summer in Portugal. Incoparable. She did not enjoy the contemporary part at all (just walking around in circle). This year she is in Prague did not want to apply anyhting in UK.
  5. Hello Efftee, so sorry to read this but happy your DD is getting help. From what i re-call when DD received offers from upper schools, i needed to disclose medical statement and history signed by the GP. The schools had their medical questionaire that i needed to have filled by GP. No one can release your file without prior consent. Wishing you all the best and thinking of you. Lot's of love and strenght.
  6. When we bring Russian colleagues to UK for meetings (no ballet related), they visit British Embassy in Russia and request info which we then provide. Usually it is letter of invitation with our Company Director passport and how we will financialy support them during their visit. With allmaterials what our company provides them, then they go back to the embassy and seek visas. I guess it will be the same for ballet people.
  7. Thank you Dr Dance for pointing this out. I have never been a fan of social media one trick ponies and similarly i don't support these dangerous practices. Children are easily influenced on social media so i would target that area. As Pups-mum said - perhaps utilising the ambassadors? Yet, i have done some experiment over the weekend and believe me or not i have passed and been aproved as an ambassador with my "parent" account that is with 3 followers and no posts what so ever. I worry how the companies actually select ambassadors? Is it only sales driven?
  8. FYI, They have just anounced some technical glitch on their FB page.
  9. This fed brought back memories..."yes" envelopes are A4 and thick with lot's of materials in it. The envelope according to my spreadsheet arrived 3rd week after auditioning. It was yes for my DD then, but could not afford to take it up 😞 Good luck all, very stressful period waiting for post men.
  10. Hi Peanut Regret don't know more details, it was shared to me by a friend that her DD attends their school. Price looks similar to summer intensives in USA. When my DD attended Ellison, we have paid over 3k for 2 weeks (in instalments). This however i see includes accommodation. Without a doubt it will be amazing if one could afford that.
  11. I am going to add new summer ballet school in Acosta Danza, Havana....maybe some will find it of interest and combine their holidays: https://acostadanzasummerschool.com/?fbclid=IwAR1gdWNHnyCrProjOkSsVWLu__GtnYJxDVpe8Vup_EvjZ4oxKast1DMsBbw
  12. Hi Tokyo Ballerina, from experience my DD (17) always takes "waiting list" as a no. She did RB last year, this year she is on waiting list so she made plans elsewhere. The lists are very long and it all depends how far up/ down your name is. Good luck x
  13. Covent Garden emails are out. DD on waiting list. Not sad, she had last year opportunity to be there and this year she has some overseas offers so happy mummy as i get to save some money.
  14. Nothing yet, but i think they said by 17th
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