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  1. I guess we have been lucky as my DD's school provided at each start of the year (1 leo, 1 pair of tights, flats and 1 pair of pointe shoes). During the year they used the company "repair shop" where the broken shoes just got fixed. She was amazed that dead shoe she brought to the workshop came out like new. Don't ask me what they did to it 😂 My DD had a cultural shock as the way they give out shoes to the students. A lady turned up with huge bag, students lined up and have been asked for shoes size and thats it. You are given shoe of random brand to dance for a year. She could not dance it them as they really felt like they have been made of wood. I have then shipped Gaynors to her which lasted long time. Griskho brand just "melted " in the humid environment they danced in so we could not use them. 1 parlor of Griskho's she brought lasted only a week. Gaynors lasted 2 months. All in all she had 3 Gaynors for a year. They just had to last as no ballet shop in the country and I could not fly there on a whim.
  2. My DD has signed up already. He was our life saver during past months. Excellent teaching, mentoring and advice. She did his Easter too.
  3. They have been on the move since my DD auditioned for them. We too have been told that new term will be at the new location. My DD has since graduated 🎓 (another school) and ENBS are still at the same place.
  4. Yes we did and they have declined it! It was rather automated message so I don't believe anyone actually looked into our request. Tried to call number of times and I didn't get anywhere. We have even emailed and the message response was just bland and directing us to talk to immigration lawyer. Hopeless.
  5. This year some USA schools and companies mentioned only to apply if you already hold visa (working or student)...regarding summer schools, we are doing all via Zoom this year (most of them are virtual and in person for people already in country). Before covid, my DD has attended summer schools on ESTA.
  6. We have tried as well and no appointments available 😒
  7. My dd did few years back ABT, Joffrey, San Francisco and Ellison and they are large size I would say approx 25 kids in class. On some classes they have been split into various groups and studios. My DD found USA intensives more challenging (in good way) and she prefers them to UK ones. Ellison was in her eyes the best for her style of training and very challenging (also long days but she has learned so much!) I would not worry about training as it is good, but the accommodation is hard to organise as the accommodation offered by schools is very limited and if on nearby campus, incredibly expensive. My DD was flying on her own but we have arranged homestay which worked out the best.
  8. Thank you MPatti, we will definitely try this too. I just can not believe that they would not hire extra staff processing student visas when they know that September is coming and most auditions are during summer intensives.
  9. So upset I can not tell you. 2 trainee offers, 1 Junior Artist offer starting September and October respectively and 1 uncooperative US embassy who scheduled our interview for visa at their earliest appointment for end of March 2022. DD all day in tears...can this go any worse for graduates this year? All this hard work and now feeling the emptiness.
  10. I am just updating this feed in case it will re-appear in the future. We had 2 week long research on this company, my DD contacted previous and current dancers from UK, Australia and USA and feedbacks have been quite interesting and helped us to make a right decision. If any member of this forum would need assistance in the future, I am happy to be approached.
  11. I feel I only work for ballet! 😐
  12. Thank you! Was not sure of the process (1st time applicant for USA visa).
  13. Good morning lovely ladies/ gents. Do you have any information when the US embassy in London opens up? I noticed ESTA is back online and acepting applications, even the travel as tourist is not allowed yet.
  14. I would add our recommendation for Prague as International - challenging in studio but fun days out with the group, everyne super friendly. I would second MBS - we only did their Easter, but I bet Summer would be same quality. My DD loved being away from home and sharing room with new friends.
  15. That would be lovely. I think I have contacted one girl of similar description you have mentioned (she returned because of covid from NY) but she has not responded yet. I would really appreciate if you could contact them. They can write privately if they wish. I only want to know some personal feedback. X
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