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  1. Are you accepting the place on associates and full time?
  2. There were 6 for year 8 in my daughters group at 3pm.😬
  3. Anyone else heard from Moorland yet? I see a few of you have been waiting is that for Yr 7 or yr 8 upwards?
  4. Anyone had offers from Moorland?
  5. Where else did you dd audition for? Any yes's?
  6. Was your dd year 8 or 7? Yes really enjoyed it.
  7. Morning, does anyone know if any MDS have been awarded to year 8 entry kids for Sept 21? Or is it just on waiting list for all call back kids? Thanks
  8. Anyone know how many yr 8 girls were auditioned at elmhurst?
  9. No offer of bursary, scholarships or waiting list.....but shocked really.
  10. No mds's left apparently
  11. We have had our Hammond email for Yr 8
  12. It is the worst part...waiting! Its killing me x
  13. Did she not do mds at Tring?
  14. Mmmm I know its so hard understanding who gets what etc. Did your dd audition for anywhere else?
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