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  1. Hi All, Congrats to all who have great results and to others use this as a push to keep on succeeding, dancing and enjoying it. Is there anyone out there that have had boarding offers for Tring yr 8 dance? or is it all just day offers? DD has funding audition to do but wondering what the protocol is as we are not able to be day as too far away but she has been offered day place. Trying to establish how many there may be in the mds audition aswell. Thanks
  2. Has anyone been offered year 8 dance at Tring (boarding) places yet? Unsure when they announce boarding places or is it protocol to just offer day pupil first b4 funding auditions? Thanks
  3. Where are you based? Are you hanging for a boarding place or could she make it as day pupil? So confusing haha!
  4. What an MDS Yr 8 audition or funded place straight off? Day or boarding?
  5. Anyone else have been offered a MDS audition for year 8 dance course?
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