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  1. I think it will depend on where you are flying from. If your home country is not on our green list to fly into then you will need to quarantine on your arrival to the UK which i should imagine will make it difficult for a host family to take you in. Definitely something you will need to look into given current circumstances. Otherwise you will need to find an Airbnb and arrange PCR testing for you / your daughter xx
  2. Long shot but looking for an original Claudia Dean Juliet Leotard in Adult Petite & a Claudia Dean Gamzatti leotard in Adult Petite - thanks
  3. Wanted degas leotard age 14A 😊
  4. Please can I buy the eglantine? X
  5. Blue floral Allure Style Lucky Leo £30 Cloud Allure Style Lucky Leo £30
  6. Wanted Degas leotard age 14 in Rodo please
  7. BNWT in bag lycra degas 6A 9606 LN £25 plus postage
  8. Hi it won’t let me upload for some reason 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll try and PM you!
  9. BNWT meryl soft degas in Navy 12A £25 plus postage
  10. Degas soft Meryl Leotard age 10A in Lagoon. Worn twice. Immaculate condition. Unfortunately not able upload photo but can email or text on request. £15 plus p&p
  11. We do know of a few of girls that attended but all were almost of the required age (turning that age this year) at vocational school and I understand all were of Intermediate standard or above (the requirement level) so I think this is may be why they were allowed to attend? I think that sometimes exceptions are made based on the criteria and the dancer. Good luck with obtaining a place!
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