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  1. BNWT in bag lycra degas 6A 9606 LN £25 plus postage
  2. Hi it won’t let me upload for some reason 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll try and PM you!
  3. BNWT meryl soft degas in Navy 12A £25 plus postage
  4. Degas soft Meryl Leotard age 10A in Lagoon. Worn twice. Immaculate condition. Unfortunately not able upload photo but can email or text on request. £15 plus p&p
  5. We do know of a few of girls that attended but all were almost of the required age (turning that age this year) at vocational school and I understand all were of Intermediate standard or above (the requirement level) so I think this is may be why they were allowed to attend? I think that sometimes exceptions are made based on the criteria and the dancer. Good luck with obtaining a place!
  6. Are you still looking for Degas leotards? As have a few in age 10 my DD outgrown.
  7. Hi, Due to illness I have three tickets to the above ballet at the Birmingham Hippodrome tomorrow. Face Value £26 per ticket happy to accept offers. Rear Stalls Row N
  8. Thank you that does help SarahW Good to know nothing has changed. We are closer to elmhurst which is a big factor. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Hi, anyone able to update on this thread? Find myself in balletgirl12 situation this year and have no idea what is the right decision? Any advice on the Elmhurst/Tring debate gratefully received!
  10. ???????????????? Annaliesey!! Literally just read one of those statements on my news feed ????
  11. Hello, my daughter is at CBA, the uniform for groups 1 & 2 are socks and canvas split sole ballet shoes if that helps at all! Xx
  12. Happy Mum - totally on the same page!
  13. Thanks Anna. I will have a look at the forms and let you know. Wish me luck
  14. Thank you for your lovely replies and feel very confident in my decision to only wear to RBS. It all gets a bit overwhelming sometimes with some very "strong" characters but that it what makes the world go round I guess. Xx Ps pictures in flight I 100% agree plus my daughter has a lovely Aqua leotard she is dying to wear! I know she will feel very special in that one
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