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  1. You're not saying that in the same way I always say 'oh joy' are you?😄
  2. Anna Rose O'Sullivan has just posted that she's looking forward to revisiting Romeo & Juliet with Marcelino Sambe next season 🙂
  3. I'm happy to go on the record and say I loved The Statement. Solo Echo was like a lightweight postscript for Flight Pattern
  4. I email the photos to myself using the laptop and then access the email on the phone, I gave up waiting for syncing long ago
  5. You're lucky she was, the lifts to the battlements are out of action due to maintenance work at the moment.
  6. I’m sure people like Ashley Dean will step up to do Soloist roles
  7. Just spotted that Fumi is a Principal immediately and Anna Rose and Mayara will be for the new season. I wonder if three new female Principals means we'll be saying farewell to an existing one at the end of this season!!
  8. How fantastic...Anna Rose, Fumi and Mayara promoted at the same time! Congratulations to all the other dancers too!!🙂
  9. It's public knowledge who the two couples are....having been discussed on the BBC and the ROH stream. Corrales and Hayward are together, Ball and Magri together.
  10. Very contemporary....even the bingo call of 'Boris's den, number ten'.....I've only ever heard Maggie's den
  11. The details appeared on the page hosting the stream Programme Joshua Junker ‘The Morning Routine’. Music: Original composition by Bas Ibellini. Dancers: Téo Dubreuil, Isabella Gasparini, Joshua Junker, Isabel Lubach, Kristen McNally, Francisco Serrano. Valentino Zucchetti ‘Outwardly Finds’. Music: ‘Moments Musicaux no 4.’– Sergei Rachmaninoff. Piano: Robert Clark. Dancers: Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød, Mariko Sasaki. Ashley Dean ’Nyakaza’. Music: ‘Saint Saens – Groove Mix’– Mooryc. Dancers: Mica Bradbury, Hannah Grennell. Joshua Junker ’324a’. Music: ‘Concerto in D Minor, BWV 974’. Arranged by Bach from: Oboe Concerto in D minor by Alessandro Marcello (1685–1750): 2. Adagio’– Johann Sebastian Bach. Piano: Michael Pansters. Dancer: Giacomo Rovero. Stanisław Węgrzyn ’Memento’. Music: ‘Personal Effects– Annie’s Death (Live in Kraków /2008)’ and ‘They Imagine The City Growing Out Into The Ocean’ Jóhann Jóhannsson. Dancers: Marco Masciari, Sumina Sasaki, Edward Watson. Amelia Townsend ‘Morphean’. Music: Original composition by Cameron Buckmaster. Dancers: Leticia Dias, Charlotte Tonkinson, Amelia Townsend, Marianna Tsembenhoi. Joshua Junker ‘Two Seasons’. Music: ‘Vivaldi, The Four Seasons Spring 2’– Recomposed by Max Richter. Dancers: Ashley Dean, Joshua Junker. Matthew Ball ’Waveform’. Music: ‘Poco Adagio (2nd movement) from Piano Trio no. 4.’ – Antonín Dvořák. Piano: Kate Shipway, Cello: Tim Hugh, Violin: Sergey Levitin. Dancers: Luca Acri, Matthew Ball, Mayara Magri. Marcelino Sambé ‘Othello’s Limbo’. Music: ‘Doublespeak’, ‘Drones & Piano: Part II’, ‘Drones & Violin: Part III’ – Nico Muhly. Dancers: Denilson Almeida, Madison Bailey, Calvin Richardson, Marcelino Sambé. Valentino Zucchetti ’Inner’. Music: ‘Fantasia in D minor’– Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Piano: Robert Clark. Dancer: Yasmine Naghdi. Benjamin Ella ‘...And At The Hour Of Death’. Music: ‘Prelude, BWV 855a’, ‘... and at the hour of death’ – Víkingur Ólafsson. Dancers: Liam Boswell, Harry Churches, Leo Dixon, David Donnelly, Brayden Gallucci, Joonhyuk Jun. Kristen McNally. Music: ‘Le Temps L’amour’– Francoise Hardy, ‘Moi Je Joue’– Brigitte Bardot, 'Zou Bisou Bisou' – Gillian Hills, ‘Meditation’ – Walter Wanderley. Dancers: Christina Arestis, Téo Dubreuil, Bennet Gartside, James Large, Phillip Mosley, Nadia Mullova-Barley, Taisuke Nakao, Thomas Whitehead. Matthew Ball choreography Ashley Dean choreography Benjamin Ella choreography Joshua Junker choreography Kristin McNally choreography Marcelino Sambé choreography Amelia Townsend choreography Stanisaław Węgrzyn choreography Valentino Zucchetti choreography Natasha Chivers lighting designer
  12. I haven't been around long enough to know whether all the current First Soloists have had their own spell of getting plenty of Principal roles like Magri, Kaneko and O'Sullivan have in my time but I think those three are all getting promoted soonish
  13. I've been watching the booking levels for opening night for much of the day...along with having a life....and noticed that there were 22 seats left for most of the morning and up to about 1.30....it's steadily grown through 38, 41 to currently 55. Sat 22nd May has risen from 61 at 1pm to 78 currently. So I guess people are returning tickets after getting the number they wanted originally
  14. The website now states the performance will last 2hrs 25 with one interval
  15. For the benefit of anyone that hasn't returned tickets in recent times here's my experience.... I've just emailed the box office to tell them I had to return some tickets for the performance on 20/5 as I can no longer go (no mention of the reson).....11 minutes after sending the email (and getting a standard auto confirmed response) I had an email from them telling me it's been exchanged for a gift voucher (redemption code included) for the full amount of my original booking, no fees taken and the tickets haven't even been put on the system for resale yet.👏🙂
  16. Are card details still held on the ROH site? I thought that changed more than a year ago. My bank always charges me a fee for paying in something other than £...I wonder how hey'd deal with this
  17. Has anyone seen any info about the performance length, particularly for the first programme?
  18. My point is that depending on which part of the website you read you were left with the impression that if you had a ticket but find you couldn't go you'd lost your money.....it's listed elsewhere about the idea of reselling. So is Bluebird's second quote about the covid situation in a different place to the first quote?
  19. I do know that the ROH website used to state no refunds.....it was elsewhere that you had to find out about reselling an getting (most of) your money back that way....so is this two separate things again?
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