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  1. You really don’t want to display the barcode in your post in case someone uses it for free!!
  2. You're not planning to pay £105 to be a Homie or £1200 to be a Premium 1 Homie, then?
  3. I think the fact that it’s different public interest levels (the national team of the national sport) means the principle doesn’t really come in to it. The press would be hanging around outside Kane’s home or the team hotel to find out what the situation is.
  4. You just need to keep checking the website for returns...and be lucky. This morning I got a single SC seat for tomorrow.
  5. A repeat but the excellent The Mother, featuring Natalia Osipova is on Sky Arts 24/6 at 4am
  6. Will ‘reputation’ be returning?
  7. Yes I have and no, no problem…they are also loose bar stool type eats so you can angle them or move them slightly to suit. You may have had a problem seeing Leto doing her stuff at the top of the steps in Apollo but nothing on the stage itself
  8. C27 is only described as obstructed view for height due to the low ceiling
  9. I let it go after my above post, read your post and see it’s still there C27 for 8/7 is still available
  10. i assume they were returned seats…but it was the same seats, SC C27 and C30 for 8,9 and 11/7 Looking right now C27 for 8/7 is still available
  11. I see one Aurora/Florimund pair has yet to be named….28/6 and 2/7 not yet confirmed while the other pairs have two dates each
  12. I’ve got a vision of Victoria Wood’s Trolley sketch, Osipova/Magri/Kaneko miming ‘is it on the trolley, can you point at it?’
  13. Well what a stroke of luck that is, about 20 minutes ago I was browsing the seats on offer and had the choice of 9th and 11th July Stalls Circle single seats and was wondering which if any may have Beatriz in them…went for the 11th and have just seen that will be her last performance
  14. Which seats are we talking about, the Stalls Circle C12-16 and C97-101 area?
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