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  1. Are card details still held on the ROH site? I thought that changed more than a year ago. My bank always charges me a fee for paying in something other than £...I wonder how hey'd deal with this
  2. Has anyone seen any info about the performance length, particularly for the first programme?
  3. My point is that depending on which part of the website you read you were left with the impression that if you had a ticket but find you couldn't go you'd lost your money.....it's listed elsewhere about the idea of reselling. So is Bluebird's second quote about the covid situation in a different place to the first quote?
  4. I do know that the ROH website used to state no refunds.....it was elsewhere that you had to find out about reselling an getting (most of) your money back that way....so is this two separate things again?
  5. 🤔 Does that mean the chance of getting a ticket at short notice for a 'sold out' performance will be reduced now? And is there still a fee?
  6. Result!!* * unless you have to try to resell them on the day due to your local transport provider not being able to provide you with an uncracked train
  7. I can't imagine that they'd credit you if they couldn't resell them....but it would be great if that's what they will do🤞
  8. Is it sent by email because they don't have the staff to deal with the sending out of printed tickets?
  9. And those venues that charge the same £2+ fee to post or email you your ticket 😡
  10. 🤔 Hmmm sounds like you’d benefit from having yours printed as a photo pillow! If you have access to a printer then it’s easy to sort out, I can print mine off at work but haven’t had a printer at home since 2005 as I soon found out that while the printer initially costs ‘middle of the amphitheatre money’ the replacement ink is more like ‘Orchestra Stalls money’ 💰 💰💰
  11. Gives me an idea for the perfect birthday treat for an easily panicked ballet lover...get the e-ticket printed on to a variety of unforgettable non powered objects at Snappy Snaps. Amaze the usher and everyone else in the queue when you present the barcode on a key ring, mug, tote bag, t-shirt or a king sized duvet cover (this one will be easy to zap from a very safe distance!!)
  12. I always screencap my e-ticket as photos are easier to scroll through than emails when I haven’t got my glasses on.....but also on one occasion the O2 network was down on a day I went to the ROH but could still show the screencap of the e-ticket.
  13. It's connected to the seating plan selection method so I'm sure it will be back for the new season. Someone did post a method of seeing the pics from each seat elsewhere but I can't find the link at the moment
  14. It was the first and last time I sat in the balcony, the ledge was a bit of an issue for me, as was the woman to my right who told me to let her know if she was in my way before it started (she wasn't) and then proceeded to lean over the ledge and get in the way (though not pictured here thankfully)....I had no idea if moving my seat away in to the 'aisle' would block other peoples view. I'd also never given much consideration to the position of all those wall lamps until sitting here.
  15. I’ve sat on one of those loose seats at the side of the balcony, in front of standing places...they were listed on the seating plan though 🤔
  16. For Sale Stalls Circle C25 Padded Bench E-ticket £21 You'll be sat next to me 🙂
  17. As per last time, booking a seat(s) comes up with an error page if using my laptop but it's ok on my phone
  18. For Sale Stalls Circle C25 Padded Bench E-ticket £21 You'll have to sit next to me 🙂
  19. For Sale C32 Stalls Circle £57 E-ticket You will have to sit next to me 🙂
  20. I thought I read somewhere that there were more single seats available this time round. Why was it possible to buy single tickets at least hours after general release last time but sold out before Friends had finished booking this time? 🤔
  21. Should we be planning some sort of strategy to avoid too many tickets being offered for sale on here?
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