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  1. Hi, could I have a picture of the dansez one please x
  2. Do you have a picture of this one please x
  3. Same here - Have spent a fortune on long sleeve leotards 🙈 That o know she won't wear now!!!
  4. We have just had the new guidelines and ling sleeves are no longer required for summer school xx
  5. Hi, looking for long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve leotards. Not too expensive as my daughter will only be wearing them for three weeks of summer school ( It's a requirement that they wear long sleeves) Would also be interested in any thin ballet shrugs with long sleeves x Thank you x
  6. Do you have a picture of the Collection by Claudia leotard please. How is this in size compared to the Bloch one? Thank you x
  7. My daughter has been doing these weekly with Camille and will continue to do so - Small classes, great individual feedback and excellent content. Camille is great and Scott organises everything rely well x Defenitly recommend x
  8. Anyone else having problems getting on to book RBS inline summer intensive? Sure just crashes or doesn't let you book!
  9. Not sure my messages are going through as I need your PayPal address to pay please xx
  10. Hi, is the black practice tutu still available please xx
  11. Hi if this is not sold could I please have a picture. Thank you x
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