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  1. Thank you x My daughter will be joining the level 2 class xx
  2. My daughter is away this week of summer school but will be joining a week today. Any tips of what the need etc.. would be greatly appreciated too x She is a little nervous starting a week later than everyone else x
  3. Ballet2008


    If you are lucky enough to be offered a place from the SWL it is a phonecall, not an email. We are still hoping, but very doubtful now x
  4. Congratulations,can I ask what centre you have been offered please x Enjoy your Royal journey - Very special xx
  5. @MummytoIzzy so sorry to hear you little DD has injured herself. Just check that when she starts physio they have a good background in dance and dance related injuries - They need to understand the movement she will be making once healed - I had a friend who got told two different rehabilitation plans - One from the hospital physio and one from a private physio worth specific dance background/knowledge. Remember you could do some core work and maybe shoulder/back flexability to keep her in the 'loop' of dancing. I hope it heals well and as quickly as safely possible. X
  6. Of course @Tops 😍 If she doesn't want the jacket and bag I will take them or one of them - If that makes sense xx
  7. My dd is 11 and has been offered, and accepted, a place on the senior associate 😱🙈 She is so excited to start in both Hull and London x
  8. Hi, looking for the ballet boost jacket or onesie for ballet boost. Approx size age 12. Also looking for the bag and hunter green Capezio senior leotard. Many thanks xx
  9. Hi, how much for the bag and jacket please x
  10. When do you find out about fees etc... Trying to juggle different associate classes with life and financial pulls!!!! Would be nice to know rough costs before I have to make a decision on what my dd can and can't do!!! Is it twice a month in Hull on the selected Sundays.
  11. My daughter is auditioning this weekend, she is 11, but been placed in the senior group for her audition. She is on pointe - But not at a senior level so she is a little worried! Do they place children in groups regarding exam levels rather than age as she is studying Inter foundation. I don't want her to turn up and feel overwhelmed by much older/ more experienced dancers x Any advice would be appreciated xx
  12. So far for year 7 Elmhurst have accepted 15 girls (They can take upto 18) and only 6 boys!!! So guessing they are mainly looking for year 7 boys!!!!
  13. A little insight - My daughter will complete her third year as a JA and I can honestly say her class from year 4, 5 and 6 was a real mix of ability, shape and size. I think you have to audition with a very open mind as nobody really knows what they look for - It seems to change every year!! Musicality and confidence seems to be high up on the list. My daughter is blessed with very natural turnout, others in her class very flexible and some very strong. It's so hard and doesn't get any easier - I hope all your Beautiful DC's have enjoyed the audition and it's never a NO just a NOT YET 💕 Good Luck to everyone still waiting x
  14. Yes, I have the email about a t-shirt to order but they start at age 12 ( will probably be a dress on my dd!!) I don't think it is compulsory to buy it but didn't know re uniform requirements for the intensive xx
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