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  1. Two Lucky Leo leotards for sale XS One cream full front lined, lace tank top and lower lace back, still with tags on never worn. One burgundy, half front lined, lack tank top and extra low back, worn twice, like new. Both gorgeous on, but DD has had a growth spurt and grown out of them. DM for pics £35 each plus postage
  2. Waiting list for DD...does anyone get in on a waiting list for summer intensive? Does anyone know if there is a cut off to be offered a place off the list?
  3. My dd has a roll up mat with a handle that slips over it so easy to carry on her shoulder...well done to your dd for getting a place.
  4. All the talk of email refreshing takes me back to this time last year. My dd has been lucky enough to just complete her first year in birmingham as a year 4 associate. She was put on Swl when results came out and was offered a place 2 weeks later. We were chatting to her teacher this weekend and they are moving her into the 32 week class for year 5 and we heard her tell another parent there are 4 or 5 new students joining their 24 week year 4/5 class in september. Well done to everyone already who have had a yes and good luck to everyone still waiting 🙂
  5. My dd attends jas in Birmingham...we park in thorp st car park, one of the cheapest around and directly opposite the royal ballet building, if that's full we use the Arcadian just around the corner. Good luck at the audition :-)
  6. Wow! Just returned from nyc where we were lucky enough to see nycb's Romeo & juliet. There were worn Pointe shoes available to buy at the merch stand signed by the dancer & performance date...this article explains why! Such a lovely theatre.
  7. We had similar yesterday too...teacher said she had worked really hard and was a great audition...just waiting to hear what the email says now as I'm taking the comments lightly. DD had a lovely experience regardless of the outcome.
  8. My DD has been offered a place from her audition last week. Excited to be joining the cast :-)
  9. Yes our first class is 9th in birmingham ja1 class, thought they starting to cut it fine now. My dd is on hourly countdown now, she's so excited!
  10. Hi, can't believe the time is nearly here, first class next weekend! Has anyone had an invoice yet or heard anything about funding? We're waiting to here about help with travel costs and wondering when we will hear as I'm sure I read we would be invoiced in August?
  11. I'm just going to do a traditional bun, they've said just to come along dressed as she does for a normal class so will stick with that.
  12. It's for Birmingham, we missed it first time due to personal circumstances and they told us then they would invite her in September instead. In the meantime she has been offered a ja place with rbs so not sure how we handle it if she's offered a place. She has only ever been to the one audition for rbs so we've decided to go along to this one anyway to gain some more experience. Luckily dd is so laid back about auditions and results, she just loves to dance at any opportunity regardless of the outcome. Good luck with your dds auditon, I'm sure she will love taking part in the class too.
  13. We have had the same invite...not sure how many they are offering this to but we will go just for the experience. It's probably the same class we are going to :-)
  14. Hi, just wondering if anyone has further insights to the MTB production...my DD has been invited in for an audition trial in sept for a space that's become available, if anyone taking part already has any advice that would be great. Also the fees, is that a full term cost or from start to half term? Looks a great opportunity!
  15. I picked up this one online...http://www.roh.org.uk/products/royal-ballet-shoulder-bag-pink if that's any help.
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