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  1. I'm glad I found this. I hadn't seen that the deadline had been pushed back and I was wondering if I'd lost an email with results!
  2. They told us at the audition to put her forward for the Mids as applications open september. Oh I view it as it's a not now. Not a not ever. I just know how her mind will be thinking about every little thing she did xx
  3. Well they asked her to do the side splits. And she couldn't quite get down. We got our no this week but I haven't told her yet. I know she will be over thinking the why's. And we just don't know why.
  4. What's a froggie?🙈 Yes please that would be wonderful. I'm not going to stress her. But it would be interesting to know for myself x
  5. Thank you everyone! We will enjoy the day out regardless as neither of us have been to Covent garden before. It's good to hear everyone's experiences xx
  6. My daughter is auditioning for the JA's this year. My sister previously auditioned and was asked to demonstrate her flexibility. Box splits etc. Has anyone else's child experienced the audition? I was just wondering what sort of things they will be asked to do.
  7. Grade 2. The whole school did exams so all grades for that examiner x
  8. Those are high results. Average for dance schools are high merit with a few distinctions I've found. My daughter's original dance school was mainly distinction, as the teacher was a former Elmhurst tutor, and didn't put anyone forward for exams until she thought they were going to achieve their best possible marks (for their personal ability). However this meant most got distinction. The school we're in now averages high merits. And another local school is the same. 60-80 being normal. 82 is fantastic. I'm waiting for my daughter's results at the moment. And I would be over the moon with that x
  9. Still waiting for our email too. We ticked London but it's out of 4 possible days and I haven't a clue which day she's going to be on.
  10. Do you have the date for that to hand? Will have a look now, thanks
  11. oh Im going to sound so stupid, but I have no idea what DS/DC/DD mean? I know theyre a reference to a child but Ive rarely used parent forums before! I'm putting my daughter forward for the experience and hopefully so she finds it exciting and fun, she absolutely loves ballet and so it will be something for her to try for. I know there are so many applicants and so few chosen so I'm not going to put crazy pressure on her, just let her go and try her best. Just wanted to see how it was for others daunting/scary/normal etc
  12. Is anyone here thinking of/ working towards auditions for their 7 (soon to be 8) year old?
  13. It would be nice if they did! I will ask tomorrow. I took my eldest to see BRB's Coppélia last year and she was mesmerised, but my 3 year old is too young for a full performance, the First Steps session would be perfect for her though.
  14. Went to book tickets today for the First Steps performance for 3-7yr olds (Swan Lake).. and its 1pm on a school day! I have 2 girls (3&7) who I'd love to take, but can't justify taking them out of school for it Really disappointed.
  15. Im new to the Forums, or any type of forum really, and I have to admit, I've never dared ask what DD, DS, DH, LS etc mean??? its like some secret code!
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