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  1. DD pulled her own dance solo together. Sometimes they ask if they choreographed it, and they do like to hear if they have. It certainly won't make a difference though. As others have said, it's about performance, so important it's something he feels really confident with rather than worrying about what comes next. It's also worth noting, my DD was auditioning for Y10 entry, and wanted to show something she pulled together herself. I'm not sure if we'd have done the same if she was auditioning for Y7. Don't fear the singing. My DD did, and we had emailed in to say she did not want to perform a song (it wasn't mandated), but she was then encouraged to do so on the day itself. She text me a little freaked out, but she rose to the challenge and sung Happy Birthday (as many of them do if they have no other song prepared). She put the emphasis on performing and 'giving it a go', and the panel do appreciate them doing it. Trust me when I say she is NOT the best of singers, but it really doesn't make a difference on gaining a place on the dance course. DD is there now (and taking private singing lessons, haha!). Good luck to your DS.
  2. Thank you all so much, that's great to hear.
  3. It's been a few months since I've read this thread, but I recall the suggestion somewhere about parents of existing students being encouraged to attend the Open Morning. My DD is starting in September and I'm thinking of taking my mum to the Open Morning at the end of September so she can see DD's new school, and hopefully get the chance to see her too, perhaps in a class. Is there a part of the Open Morning (say, at the end) when you can have a quick hello with your DC?
  4. Comment I made on another thread having not seen this one. I made the mistake of telling DD who is now upset about this and seeing it as a real negative having got through to finals. She wants to go to this new audition date, and I admire her determination, so you imagine her reaction when I told her we're on holiday when the audition is....!
  5. I've just seen Elmhurst are holding another audition date for years 7, 10 and sixth form!! They don't normally do this do they?! After all the pre-lims and finals, to then hold another audition. I'm still waiting on DDs feedback from her y10 final, and it does surprise me that they haven't taken more from those who got through to finals if there is a space, rather than hold another date. On one hand it's good they don't 'just take anyone' (meant in the nicest possible sense!), but it still surprises me considering there were a good number of strong dancers at finals who have gained RBS SA places and offered full time training at other schools.
  6. Results from MA assessments are really quick. They occasionally monitor children they don't feel are pushing themselves/performing to the best of their abilities. Sylvia Hubbard will call if this is the case and give detailed feedback, including areas to focus on/suggestions of exercises. If they are monitored, you may get a visit before Christmas break and be told if your child can continue in the January. This all seems incredibly scary, but it really does make the children who want it go in fighting, and is designed to push them to achieve their best. My DD is in her last year of MAs now, and she was the only one in her year group who was monitored after assessments in both years 7 and 8 - it worked though, and they do recognise their efforts, and it resulted in her gaining an SA place!
  7. Thank you both! Wow, crazy to think DD begins one adventure, to then start thinking about the next so soon. Good to hear about the 1:1s though, and the support provided, thank you for the information.
  8. Well it's taken me a few days, but I've finally read through this entire thread and it's been so useful! It's a wonderful insight and comfort to know more about where DD will be starting year 10 in September. I've both cried and gotten excited whilst reading it! I do have a question...something to prep myself for for when DD is in year 11, which will be in no time at all. I read the posts regarding not being allowed to audition for other schools, however, what happens to the DC in year 11 who need to do the rounds for upper school auditions - is this permitted?
  9. It's one we've been debating in our house! We're not even sure Hammond would allow it. After a morning of classes, to then travel to Birmingham and back. As much as I'd LOVE to see her every weekend, I feel she needs the time to settle into life away from home, and that includes forming friendships and enjoying the down time on a Saturday afternoon. She'll be starting GCSE work too, so there's making sure she has the time for that, and we need to realistically understand how much driving that would mean for us - even putting the petrol cost aside, we'd be constantly exhausted. I haven't ruled it out just yet, but I think ultimately we will end up having to turn the place down and allow somebody else to have it.
  10. I agree. When I mentioned CV, I meant adding she was successful in gaining a place, but stating she was unable to take it due to moving to full time vocational school.
  11. It's still something amazing to add to her CV of successes too. 😊
  12. I'm not sure. The Birmingham SAs are later in the day though, around 4pm. Need to think things through realistically though. We're a good 2-3 hours away from Hammond, so will need to drive there to pick DD up, drive her to Birmingham, to then drive back to drop her off, and then the journey home! 😬
  13. SA for DD!!! Will probably have to decline though cos DD starts Hammond in September.
  14. Yes, or those who weren't at finals (so years 9 and 10). I wasn't sure if it was a standard thing or not.
  15. Does anyone know if everyone at Hammond gets offered a bursary?
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