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  1. Sorry to hear your DS is feeling deflated. Places on Royal intensives are few and far between in any year but with reduced class sizes they are even fewer this year but the wait lists are there in case they are allowed to put more students into the studios and boarding houses. Having the decisions based on photographs is hard to take and we have had knockbacks based on photos and the following year Yeses for auditions. I would love to be bale to say it gets easier as they get older and understand more but I am not sure. All we can do is be there for support and encouragement.
  2. They are limiting class sizes so I am not sure this is too much of an issue.
  3. DC was a WL for JAs, no for WL finals and WL for MAs at the same time as getting Yeses for Summer and Spring Intensives. Then WL for Spring and Summer the same year as a Yes for SAs. No-one can second guess Royal not even their own teachers, from I was told. This year we can't make the Spring dates due to an important family event and I doubt I can afford two weeks in the summer so we will never know if being an associate would make any difference to an Intensives place.
  4. DC attended their two week summer school and loved the training despite not being a fan of Russian technique. It is usually at Sadler's Wells but a modified version took place in their home premises. We booked it as it was one of the few that was in the studio. Most who attended were their own pupils and were of a high standard. Others who attended were from vocational schools such as Tring and a girl who is going into Elmhurst 6th Form. They have a boy heading off to Vaganova in a few weeks, have pupils place in international competitions and gain places at top upper schools such as RBS
  5. This is most definitely a topic that should be covered by boys as well as girls. Is nutrition not covered at vocational schools?
  6. Just read this interesting article https://www.independent.co.uk/independentpremium/voices/coronavirus-artists-culture-lockdown-football-tv-a9508451.html Echos what I have been shouting about in my house for days now.
  7. We have a place on the summer course but have still not decided, assuming if it runs, if this is the right course for us. Has anyone here had a DC attend? What did they think about the level of training? What is the timetable in terms of dance hours and mix?
  8. I agree with @Anna C that a second opinion should be sought and perhaps a referral to a pediatric urologist. Even if this is a stress related issue knowing more about the underlying condition could well be of physiological benefit and in turn help the situation.
  9. Thank you - I obviously didn't read it that well!
  10. Did anyone pick-up on when we will get results?
  11. I am back to follow up on my question about academics at YDA. They seem to have a good record but I am not sure how many GCSEs you can take there and how it relates to the BTech and exactly what level the BTech is. Can anyone fill me in on this?
  12. The Government wrote a report on the MDS scheme a number of years ago but I can’t seem to find it now. In it they gave the percentage of pupils in each school who receive an award. There is also some information on the forum where a member provided some statistics. At the moment we are still considering waiting another two years and reapplying for US. Even with an elusive MDS we would still have a considerable contribution and when it comes to a DaDA I am not sure if we would receive very much at all. Another two years of saving might be the best option at this point
  13. Looking at the information we have found on the MDS scheme nationally of those with dance funding Tring and Hammond appear to have the same allocation. I did see on another thread that Hammond have a lot this year - is 13 not nearly twice the usual number. Does anyone know which schools other than Tring allow pupils to carry their MDS into 6th Form? Their policy look pretty clear but I haven't seen anything for the other three.
  14. We are considering Rambert summer school - can anyone give me insight into what the course is like for a 14 year old?
  15. Does anyone know how many MDS are available for lower school? And what is the split between entry at Year 7 and later years?
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