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  1. Thank you - I obviously didn't read it that well!
  2. Did anyone pick-up on when we will get results?
  3. I am back to follow up on my question about academics at YDA. They seem to have a good record but I am not sure how many GCSEs you can take there and how it relates to the BTech and exactly what level the BTech is. Can anyone fill me in on this?
  4. The Government wrote a report on the MDS scheme a number of years ago but I can’t seem to find it now. In it they gave the percentage of pupils in each school who receive an award. There is also some information on the forum where a member provided some statistics. At the moment we are still considering waiting another two years and reapplying for US. Even with an elusive MDS we would still have a considerable contribution and when it comes to a DaDA I am not sure if we would receive very much at all. Another two years of saving might be the best option at this point.
  5. Looking at the information we have found on the MDS scheme nationally of those with dance funding Tring and Hammond appear to have the same allocation. I did see on another thread that Hammond have a lot this year - is 13 not nearly twice the usual number. Does anyone know which schools other than Tring allow pupils to carry their MDS into 6th Form? Their policy look pretty clear but I haven't seen anything for the other three.
  6. We are considering Rambert summer school - can anyone give me insight into what the course is like for a 14 year old?
  7. Does anyone know how many MDS are available for lower school? And what is the split between entry at Year 7 and later years?
  8. Sorry I am most likely incorrect with the MA dates.
  9. Year 7 girls and Upper School are still to happen. I think all WL are to be sent out around the same time in around two weeks as @Bluebird22 has posted but I may have misunderstood. US results towards the end of the month and then MAs and SA into the Easter break around the time of the Spring Intensive.
  10. I am relieved to hear that the GCSE offering at vocational schools is not as bad as I was beginning to think. The only school that I am still not clear on is YDA so any insight would be great. I have been relaying this all to DC and all I have got back is but what about the dancing! I am now back to ask more about what each course does dance-wise: genres and hours etc. We are looking for a strong ballet focus and recognise that other styles are important. We know that RBS offer a taster of what they offer on the intensives but Irish and Flamenco didn't impress and never having done character that didn't go down well at another course (can't recall which now). WE have been successful in supplementing ballet with various day courses and intensives in jazz, contemporary and tap and would be happy to continue doing this. I appreciate that some of this may be on other threads but I haven't managed to find what we are looking for.
  11. Did you ever find a full list of awards from last year? I can't see anything this year about current sponsors and prizes. I know it's the taking part that matters but it would be nice to see what is on offer to those who do well.
  12. Thank you - I was being to feel inadequate and couldn't workout how they would manage it! I know I didn't misunderstand so looks like some over zealous parents on the "look how good my ****** is doing" front!
  13. Thank you, I found it as you posted.
  14. Thank you most helpful. I have also just found: Elmhurst which does not give as many options RBS option blocks, again with limited choice Tring option blocks which appear to change every few years so you may be lucky as there appears to be more of a variety YDA offer a BTech in addition to a list of GCSEs but it doesn't say if it an option or additional Someone has suggested Moorland to us as it has good academics and I see they have a wide range of courses available. I can see that to allow for a balance of academic and vocational work the number of GSCEs may have to be limited and I am not sure what, in the long run, the difference is between 8 or say 11, which is the number a number of friend's children are either studying or planning to study, will actually make. Outside the usual Maths, English, Sciences, and French are any of the others better for a dancer? I don't recall seeing Dance as an option which surprised me.
  15. Thank you all for taking the time to comment. This and the rest of the forum is most helpful as we decide what course of action to follow. As it is no doubt for all here, the decisions we as parents and guardians take and advice we give is so important for the future lives of our children academically, vocationally and for their overall physical and mental health. I am not sure how many plans we have now but they keep coming back to dance so onwards with my research and soul searching in the hope of making the right decision, for now anyway.
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