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  1. From conversations we have had with recent pupils there is not currently a Classical versus Dance stream in any years including 6th Form. However our understanding from speaking to the school last year is that they are looking to have more of a focus on classical ballet although it was not clear how they planned to achieve this. I have recently been told that one of the Directors of Dance has a good number of contacts and has been getting pupils auditions with companies throughout Europe. Tring is very much on our list of upper schools with ballet focus on both the dance and academic fronts.
  2. I am reading from your post that you auditioned for associates and were offered a full-time place. This happens at YDA from what I heard when I was looking at the school last year although we looking at Year 10 entry directly. We decided against it for a number of reasons but did get some good advice from current parents on the forum. They have some accommodation options and on-site academics all be it that GCSE options are limited. I am sure someone will be able to provide details.
  3. DC heard of movement on the lists for all of these schools at the end of last week as DFs made final decisions on places to accept.
  4. When we looked at schools last year we were told that they do not allow associates other than for YDA where they seemed to encourage pupils to apply for RBS Mids and SAs. I am not aware of any Tring pupils at Mids but a number have attended SAs in the last few years. There have been a few who are training vocationally attend BalletBoost but not aware of any other associate programmes.
  5. Some people do decline offers and having seen schools and individuals post pupils with multiple offers (some up to four and five in years past) there will be those on waitlist who will get a call offering a place. Royal maybe the dream school but we know of two families over the years who have decided against going citing differing reasons. We have also know of two offers from wait list but these were not Year 7 entry.
  6. We were told that those already at the school with MDS can carry them forward but it was unlikely you would get one going straight into 6th Form, although it does happen and I have since heard there was one given to a new entrant a few years back.
  7. An MDS is an MDS and the amount you get is means tested. We have seen a number of dancers say they are on a full MDS scholarship but my understanding is that your family income would need to be less than £20,000 a year to have everything paid for, depending on the fees of the school you are attending and if it is boarding or day pupil. There is a scale for calculating this. School scholarships vary from school to school and in some cases are also means tested but not always. Tring have MDS for lower school dance and their own scholarships for performing arts. There is DaDA for 6th Form but this is does not give as much as an MDS.
  8. We are in the same position this year - no photos or videos for summer schools and no application costs. We have been lucky and had our share of RBS successes but DC decided this year that the summer school, for her, is not as good as other courses. I am not going to miss the fervent refreshing of e-mails. Our summer is already mapped out with the understanding that it is COVID dependent and things may well change - we are all well used to that after the last year. Good luck to all those waiting for results for the summer and for September.
  9. Places were not carried forward and those with places last year have to apply for this year. Those who were given direct entry still had to submit an application for the dates they wanted through the application portal. I heard of a number of direct entry so there may well be fewer places this year especially if there is still an element of social distancing. They have added an additional face to face week and there is a week of on-line classes which I assume will be the same as last year so an additional opportunity. Good luck to those who have applied.
  10. DC's friend was in an older age group later in the afternoon. Does anyone know how many MDS might be available for years 8 to 10?
  11. They take around 14 girls and 14 boys into Year 7, although it can vary slightly.
  12. DCs friend was in the same position with four offers. They had a favourite school going into the process but then changed their mind after the offers were in. Fast forward and they are now in the favourite school. Not all schools are the right fit and there is some movement between schools. Another friend had four finals and three offers with the no being from their preferred school. They are really happy with their final choice and can’t imagine bring anywhere else.
  13. Sorry to hear your DS is feeling deflated. Places on Royal intensives are few and far between in any year but with reduced class sizes they are even fewer this year but the wait lists are there in case they are allowed to put more students into the studios and boarding houses. Having the decisions based on photographs is hard to take and we have had knockbacks based on photos and the following year Yeses for auditions. I would love to be bale to say it gets easier as they get older and understand more but I am not sure. All we can do is be there for support and encouragement.
  14. They are limiting class sizes so I am not sure this is too much of an issue.
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