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  1. You must be so relieved DD has settled well, such a fantastic opportunity, good luck with the journey x
  2. Good luck to all the new upper school joiners, enjoy every minute! Fantastic opportunity x
  3. Good luck to all starting their journeys, very exciting time, it will be nice to be back with friends and doing something they love- in a studio!
  4. Does anyone have any experience of applying for year 2 in sixth form? Just wondering how it would work with the dance diploma? Or whether it is not possible, thanks anyone that could give me any advice
  5. There seems to be a few places reading this that may come available to DC on waiting lists, if people are going to hand back very late, hopefully it will not be too late for those DC on reserve to accept, if they are in a position to at that late stage. I would also recommend reading contracts, as a parent having children at independent schools, once you pay that initial deposit to accept their place- you are normally committed to the first term and the first term fees....
  6. DD decided she definitely wanted to take A levels alongside dance degree, she wanted this facility, all in house at a school. That was the reason Central became unsuitable
  7. I couldn’t agree more, glowlight. So many other factors come into consideration with dance, life is full of highs and lows, it’s having the tools to cope with both, in a positive way, that’s the best lesson we can teach
  8. Thank you for the positive vibes, really appreciate the supportive wishes, good luck to all still in this position x. ( The complicated issue is committing to a brand new day school for sixth form, when DD heart is in a vocational school, it’s written in the star’s- so what will be , will be... but there will definitely be 2 very different paths from September, depending on whether her dream comes true, or not. As always, I will pick up the pieces- make or break I feel at year 12 entry)
  9. Absolutely, my DD has had many no’s, waiting lists and yes”s. I totally agree- it does make them resilient and also it makes them appreciate and know exactly what they are wanting/working towards, with a lot more fight and determination, making them cherishing their offered place and getting the most out of wherever they go. My DD handed back a confirmed place a while ago, due to the school not being right for her, she did this and is now only left with a reserve place, which looks almost a zero chance of coming available now, the past has made her sure of what she wants and it has taught he
  10. Thank you glow light- so so perfectly written and very comforting at this time. Thank you x
  11. Thank you x. Yes, my DD was offered Central from the waiting list, but handed it back as it was not the right school for her. Still waiting on her favourite, but no call as of yet. Not expecting it now as it seems too far down the road after offers, there’s always next year ... x
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