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  1. Hello, could anyone who has had a child join Tring sixth form please explain the procedure to me! Confused.... my daughter attended yesterday and had a magnificent day, she throughly enjoyed the experience and the school. Are funding auditions offered to candidates that the panel saw potential in or does everyone go through to funding auditions that is successful at the first audition? Thank you to anyone for clarification!
  2. Sorry to hear, still waiting here....
  3. We are waiting on year 12 results from last Wednesday too, feeling more nervous than my daughter....
  4. Yes, assumed A4 for an offer, was trying to see if any give away a on just the through to final letter!
  5. Are the yes letters for finals just the same size as the no letters? Dread this part now, wish you found out on the day!
  6. What a fabulous school! Really enjoyed the tour of upper school today, some very talented dancers in the audition this morning, good luck everyone x
  7. Good luck to everyone auditioning today at Elmhurst! X
  8. Thank you. Very best of luck to you too Ballet bear x
  9. Hello, is anyone out there auditioning for yr12 upper school? Have not heard any comments on this year group. My daughter about to embark on her first out of 5 auditions this week and it seems quiet out there! Any feedback from auditions already taken would be a huge help. Thank you everyone!
  10. Thank you. Good luck to your daughter for finals, hope to see you there!
  11. Hi, my daughter is auditioning for a sixth form place, classical ballet trained, any advice from anyone who has experienced an upper school audition at Tring, greatly received, thank you x
  12. Has anyone had their child auditioning for year 12 yet? We have next week, any information would be greatly received! Thank you everyone x
  13. Hello everyone I am a new on the forum, so much great advice on here! My daughter is auditioning for year 12 upper school, any information available from anyone yet on upper school Elmhurst audition? X
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