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  1. Hi my dd has same problem so we got starlight narrow fit full sole ballet shoe or Caprizo daisy in leather and the draw string is elastic on them ones so they pull right in. I order both from dancing in the street dance wear . Great shop fast delivery and great for returns x
  2. Hi my dd wore a simple black leotard that fitted well for both photos and auditions. She got offers at two schools with dada funding. It's important that your dd feels comfortable in what she's wearing and her ability will shine through ! A lot of girls did wear a colour but my dd wore black an as pointed out before its all about the dancing !!! Go for the fit of the leotard first an then maybe colour ? I also took photos myself at home or dance teacher let her take them in studio . They are just a guide an for reference after audition . Don't stress !!!!! Easier said then done I know . Good luck x
  3. Hi I just wanted to wish everyone starting nbs today good luck ! And enjoy the next 3 years of dance college !
  4. Congratulations bethclare ! My daughter is starting there in September also. I'm sure you will all have a fab time x
  5. Hi my daughter is having problems with her foot at the moment. (Mentioned in another post) she seen an nhs physio who was good but since went to see a local podiatrist who speacialise in feet . They went into much more detail and it was well worth paying out to see them x
  6. jade

    Painful foot

    Hi drdance it was an nhs physio my dd went to , he was good but in general terms . So we have now taken her to see a podiatrist as they speacialise in feet ! They were very good , gave lots of good advice and exercises to do. The lady my dd saw also said the same as the nhs physio in terms of that my dd should build up ankle strength as her feet are so flexible . She also picked up on a pocket of fluid that had built up on my dd foot causing pressure that the nhs physio had not mentioned . We have been given massage exercises to remove this. She also said this injury is common in ballet dancers going up and down on toes a lot , repetitive movement. We have been told no slip on shoes only full shoe with small heel. Funny enough my dd has an odd small boney part on her foot causing no pain or problem , hard to see really and the podiatrist even noticed that saying oh you have kind of grown an extra bone ! We see this a lot in ballet dancers !!! So back to nhs physio in two weeks , both told my dd to rest a further two weeks . Exercise and ice and fingers crossed x
  7. jade

    Painful foot

    Hi just an update, my dd seen physio today and they said it is like an ankle strain. This is because her feet are over flexible and can do things that most people's feet can't ! He said this has lead to a weak ankle so when she points / flexes her foot there is not enough support resulting in pain across the top of her foot?? Not heared of this before. He has given exercises and a foot band to build up the muscle in her ankle. We go back in two weeks to see how things are going. Will do the exercises given and hope to see improvement. My dd still off dance for now . I'm not sure what to think it was just a general physio so not sure If a dance physio would say the same. He however was very nice but a little confused as to how my dd could only feel the pain when she pointed her foot and not when balancing on that foot !!! Hope to report good news in two weeks then ! X
  8. Thank you Anna c, I'm made up the northern ballet school is on the list ! I was not aware I could get this card for my daughter , so good news to start the day with ! Xxx
  9. jade

    Painful foot

    Thank you ballettaxi my dd sees physio next week I will mention this to them it could be the same , an hopefully insoles would help my dd too. I am going to buy dd new shoes to make sure while her foot heels she is in a full supported shoe ! Willing to try anything ! She has noticed slight improvement last few days using ice and pain killers , she has had complete rest not gone out and no dance ! It's just hard finding the balance of rest and then when better building back up again to a normal full week of dance . I don't want her to rush it and be back to square one !! Thanks for posting I'm glad your dd got better x
  10. jade

    Painful foot

    Thank you everyone for your helpful posts ! My husband took our dd to the local hospital today to get looked over , better safe than sorry and Tuesday seamed ages to wait till doctor ! They done X-ray to out rule stress fracture and it was all clear. The doctor thinks it's ligament / muscle damage like mentioned !! She has booked her in to see their physio on 4 th June ( straight after GCSE maths !) fingers crossed it will get sorted. She is resting as much as possible and no dance this week , ice and painkillers and lots of patience !!! I will let you know how we get on x
  11. jade

    Painful foot

    Thank you Sarahw I think a physio would be better also , our doctor just was like she can walk it's fine just rest !!!! Hard to do when you dance ! Thinking its ligament so will try the ice and heat you suggested and back to doctors next week. Fingers crossed it's sorted soon . Hope your dd recovers well xx
  12. jade

    Painful foot

    Hi my dd has hurt her foot and I'm wondering if any one has had a similar problem. The pain just came on all of a sudden when doing pointing exercises with her foot , she didn't fall or anything. She can walk and put weight on her foot but the pain is across the top of her foot and only when she points her foot. This is not helpful for ballet! Slight bruising has just started to appear 2 weeks after the injury. We have been the doctors who said its not broke as she wouldn't be able to walk and to just rest it. She has been off it for two weeks now and no better still hurting to point her foot. We are going to go back to doctors next week as I'm not happy think she needs an xray ? She never misses dance or complains and we are worried as she is due to start dance college in September. This is her first ever injury . I am just after any advise as I'm sending myself mad with worry ! As I say we are seeking medical advice next week, just wanted to know if this is a common problem?? X
  13. Congratulations meggy13, that is fantastic news well done x
  14. jade


    Hi just wanted to wish all the children starting their GCSE exams today good luck ! Don't worry and just try your best xx
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