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  2. Students who don't get into the third year are not considered to have graduated from the RBS upper school. They may seek a place at a different upper school for the third year or persue another avenue. They would certainly be eligible to look for work in a company after 2 years at upper school but the RBS course is paced over 3 years so you wouldn't usually be considered company ready after just 2 years and for sure if someone is not being offered a third year they are unlikely to be successful at getting into a company given how much competition there is for contracts. That said, there have been a couple of students in recent years who have got company contracts after just 2 years, but I'm assuming they would have been offered a third year of training. Surely most students who are offered a third year, stay on. The only exceptions would be if they were offered a contract somewhere (rare), they wish to continue their training at a different school (again, quite unusual for students who are offered a third year) or they don't wish to continue in dance.
  3. Akin to the various critical comments about Scarlett Johansson in a trans role. It’s acting, for heaven’s sake’
  4. Looking at the piccies of the Grads I couldn't understand why Hanna Park wasn't there!! Then when I looked at my programme from last week I see she is only in the second year of the Upper School....she is the young dancer who did the main role in Paquita ....I am assuming she got through to the third year! But am not sure how graduation works at RBS. If you have completed two years in the Upper School but don't get into the third year would you just join the third year graduates for the big day or deemed not to have fully graduated!! And wouldn't you be 18 anyway after just two years so officially eligible to look for work in a Company....or do you have to do a third year somewhere else? Do they all stay on for a third year who get chosen to?
  5. ENB's "Giselle" with Rojo can be seen here: https://www.3sat.de/kultur/theater-und-tanz/giselle-miz-100.html?fbclid=IwAR0UtT6smFXtP7-i0XIngy48ejuH07xS3K_3SC5QSUAZv-DySDk5KpuMBT8
  6. I don’t think there has been a direct entry into the RB corps for a couple of years since the introduction of the Aud Jebsen programme.
  7. Yes, however I feel if a school does not follow their own policies (as long as they are appropriate and reasonable policies) they are actually going against their own rules, worst case scenario at the expense of students' and staff's health and safety and potentially illegally. I think good policies are at least a start since if a school has guidelines for safety and for behaviour then according to the school's own rules staff and students must behave in an appropriate manner and safety standards must be enforced . I would hope that safety measures and appropriate behaviour within a school's rules are enforced though I understand this may or may not be the case. I think it is mandatory that proper behaviour from school staff (especially since they are in a position of responsibility for children and youth under 18) and students, as well as other safety standards (e.g. fire evacuation plan) are ensured.
  8. Thanks for posting this Lynette H - not one direct entry into the RB corps and unusual to see two graduates joining the cast of a musical but good luck to them all for the future.
  9. Bravo on Shale’s début! Spotted him a few years ago at the Academy Princess Grace and he reminded me of the late Patrick Bissell of ABT in looks and exuberance. I thought that after the PDL he only had a year’s contract with ENB - but I cannot find that information at the moment. Maybe he’ll join the RB (wishful thinking on my part 🤔). I wouldn’t be surprised if he joined the Mariinsky though - what an opportunity.
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  11. In theory, I expect they do. Whether these policies are actually applied in practice is another matter.
  12. Wow bravo Shale!! We seem to have two threads regarding Shale now although I suppose the other one is more performance related than news of them coming up! I am hoping that he is still with ENB though for his sake would have to get some sort of promotion I think ....if even just to soloist if he can dance like that! There is another clip of part of a pas de deux with Novikova which was on Facebook will see if can find it.
  13. Loved the red socks and light floor so we could appreciate his stunning footwork and elevation 🤗
  14. Fabulous video clips and it makes me wish the Bolshoi had brought it this time to alternate with all those Spartacus'. It also makes me wish we could see it again with the RB. Think of all those debuts ; Hayward /Campbell, O'Sullivan/Sambe, Naghdi /Ball, not to mention Vadim.
  15. Regarding safety measures and protecting the well-being of children and youth, I'm sure that like other schools in the UK, UK vocational schools have health and safety and safeguarding policies.
  16. Like all trailers it was too hectic to get a proper feel of the film, but I thought Francesca Hayward looked really sweet, I only saw the original musical once and it wasn't my favourite, but will probably go just for the dancers.
  17. The film was never likely to appeal to me for various reasons and I find CGI unappealing in general - even what everyone assures me is very good CGI - but I think some of the adverse reaction to this trailer is because the format doesn’t allow enough time to adjust to the very specific look. I found it difficult to watch the first time around but it was a lot less uncomfortable by the second time. (The best comparison I can think of is those opera singers whose voices you don’t like at first but which by the end of Act I you are fully reconciled to, once your ear has got used to them.)
  18. This saddens me immensely.... but also makes me feel it is exactly people like Taxi who can make a difference! I too had very negative experiences from vocational training; to the point it stopped me from dancing a step for over 20 years! Yet returning to ballet as an adult was a total joy & I now am plucking up to courage to see it once more as a future career choice...as a teacher this time. I still have massive hang ups but realise I can use these to really gauge my own teaching methods & choice of words & to use it to help ensure I employ good practise & empathy. Above all it is the mental health of young people that can be severely left damaged. Even if at the time we don’t realise what was going on.... it is parents who must take the stance to call out when things are not right & not get swept along with the ‘oh it’s his things are in the ballet world’ of the ‘this is what it takes if you want to succeed’ or the ‘well they are the best so put up or you’ll be out’ approach. If we all have the courage to say enough is enough & actually put aside the silly competitiveness that actually I think is us parents more than the young people then we can & will stamp out the ‘old ways’ & abuse in the ballet training world. It starts at grass roots level. If you see/hear/experience anything that makes you or a young person uncomfortable - WALK! But also feel empowered to call them out. Why are we so anxious about retribution either to ourselves or worse still, on our children? We have moved so far (though I realise this is a generalisation & I know still far too much goes on unchallenged) in exposing the taboos in for instance sexual abuse; where once it got brushed under the carpet more does now get exposed, challenged & hopefully stopped. And surely this does eventually lead to helping prevent some perpetrators? Would if not follow that bad teachers in any field if they were called out for their failings & abuses (be it verbal/physical/bullying or divisive behaviour of any kind) would eventually lose their grip of power, stop ruling by fear & actually either leave the profession or change their ways? We don’t need to stay with the ‘old ways’ Ballet has ever been an evolving form of sport & art. I see so much inclusiveness & fabulousness I’m so much of it, don’t any of us allow the minority to spoil the wealth of wonder we can all find in dance! phew! Sorry if long... so much more I could add but I hope the general gist is taken as heartfelt & genuine folks.
  19. I have looked at the article in the paper edition of The Daily Telegraph and it doesn't appear to have been 'spun' like the online piece was yesterday.
  20. I had to stop watching after about twenty seconds because the CGI human/cat effects made my skin crawl. Evidently some people are more sensitive to this sort of thing than others, but to me it's high octane nightmare fuel!
  21. @Anna C is right I really want the specifics of all aspects of identity for the school, my child, other children to remain anonymous; or at least as anonymous as possible. I will post an update once the SI has finished.
  22. Taxi, as always, sums it up so well.
  23. Sorry, I have just sent the message again; I apologise for how long it is.
  24. Motomum is quite rightly being mindful of our Forum rules BUT also - and equally as importantly - she probably does not want her child potentially identified by the school in question (or anyone else, for that matter), especially while the summer school is still ongoing.
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