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  1. If you're looking on Ticketmaster, my guess is they only have a small allocation of tickets and the rest will go onsale via another channel. The majority look sold out because they are suspended. Just a guess though!
  2. I don't think Neil Norman was - but could be wrong of course.
  3. RHowarth

    RAD Intermediate Exam

    Is this ISTD Cecchetti? I would say the ISTD is more harshly marked. There was a good ten marks between my result in ISTD Cecchetti and the new RAD Inter as an adult. But I was trained in RAD (and had done the old Inter and possibly begun it when it was still called Elementary!) so it might have just been that I was more comfortable with the style.
  4. Do we think this is likely to be a two-acter as is usual with NB? I.e. am I likely to get the last train home after the premiere - the 22.21?
  5. I'm a shade under five feet and I've sat there before with no issues whatsoever. Although you've got me worried now as I'm due to sit there again for the RBS matinee!
  6. It would have helped a bit if the seats were staggered, which they weren't - each seat was directly behind the one in front.
  7. Ballet West (US not Scottish) brought a Tudor programme to the Edinburgh Festival in the early 2000s.
  8. RHowarth

    Dance on Sky Arts

    They are broadcasting the Osipova/McRae Fille next week. Think it might be next Sunday.
  9. I reported to ENB this morning and they are working on it...
  10. I tried to time this with a flight from London, but it turned out to be much cheaper to fly from Leeds, so I'm going to have to let this one go. Don't feel too sorry for me though as I do still get two weeks in Crete! The ticket is M18, second circle, and cost £12, but is free to a good home. PM me if interested.
  11. That won't load for me (on a laptop now) - and I don't have any issues with slow internet connection. I'll try a PC later but getting a bit daft now! I'm not one for marketing team-bashing, but they also sent out the e-blast with an internal title rather than a public title ('Open for Voices of America Casting', the 'Open' presumably being as opposed to patrons/friends).
  12. RHowarth

    Royal Ballet 2018/19 Season

    That is what dynamic pricing means (it is used by some venues). But I think in this instance, as other posters have said, they mean the plan itself.