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  1. I'm sure in previous years there was one continuous stream and you didn't have to keep navigating to different feeds!
  2. Well I've taken the day off work as usual but there doesn't seem to be one stream like there usually is, on either YouTube or Facebook? I guess I'll just settle for watching the RB from 12pm and catching up with the rest once I work out what they're doing...
  3. With dynamic pricing you've got to be pretty confident that demand is high! Of course, when airlines, hotels, train companies etc do it, they put prices up and down as they wish. Theatres COULD do this - they just generally don't because it would encourage a pattern of late booking, which is the opposite of what they want. In theatres, dynamic pricing is generally used to enable venues to put prices UP to maximise high demand.
  4. Where dynamic pricing is used in theatres, there's generally a price guarantee - 'book early and this is the lowest price you can ever pay but prices are likely to go up'. It's generally used as an incentive for early booking. In which case Friends and Patrons would be the ones to benefit the most; it would be the general public which would be disadvantaged.
  5. Jan, there is a Sunday matinee...
  6. We will coincide, Janet, as I will be there on the Saturday night (as well as Sat afternoon and Friday night). As you know, I have free bed and board in Manchester - so I'm not being quite as altruistic as I make out in choosing Manchester over London!
  7. For the La Sylphide/Song of the Earth double bill in the autumn, I had a ticket for the upper circle and was moved to the middle of the sixth row of the dress circle. As you say, great for me - I love a bargain - but not good for the company. To be honest, it's cheaper and almost quick for me to go to London on an advanced fare than it is to get to Manchester (the Transpennine Express being so slow). I see ENB in Manchester to try and make sure they keep going there!
  8. Wow! Wish I hadn't booked the day they went on-sale... Edited to add: with the ATG fees, of course, those tickets will be closer to £30 and £35...
  9. RHowarth

    Help With Online Shopping

    Thanks for the tip! I had always thought of Porselli as just selling Porselli. Have just ordered four leotards from them at £10 each. They had a much better selection than Dance Direct's current one and P&P very reasonable too.
  10. I did indeed mean that - apologies to Ruth and Bangor Ballet Boy for not being clear! I'm sure the booking periods used to be numbered rather than autumn, winter etc and I had a mental block about what the Winter and Spring seasons were called (despite being on a thread entitled 'Winter season casting'...) Thanks for the answers and clarification.
  11. Does anyone know when R&J casting is out? I'm worried about emptying my pockets next booking period, only to realise I've no money left for all the R&Js I want. Will it be out before public booking opens for the next booking period on 31 October?
  12. RHowarth

    Capezio returns

    Has anyone got an experience of returning leotards unworn with tags (including those plastic 'pantyliners') to Capezio? I ordered 3 leotards and two of them aren't right. I went to return them but noticed that their VERY small print (their actual terms and conditions rather than their shipping and refunds section) state that leotards can't be returned once they've been taken out of the packaging as they count as underwear. In the Capezio shop on Endell Street, though, you can try on leotards, and Dance Direct allow you to return. I've never come across this before. Am I about to be £35 out of pocket?
  13. Thanks Lizbie1 - I hadn't clocked there were Sunday matinees for New Adventures. Have just booked one for another weekend I'm planning (2 x Asphodel Meadows/2 Pigs and Nine Night at the National).
  14. It may be worth pointing out to other out-of-towners that, the first weekend in January, with two nights in London you can see the Royal Ballet's Les Patineurs triple bill on Friday 4 eve, ENB Swan Lake on Sat 5 matinee, RB Nutcracker Sat 5 eve and ENB Swan Lake on Sun 6 matinee. Not really casting related, but it's how I chose my dates!
  15. If you're looking on Ticketmaster, my guess is they only have a small allocation of tickets and the rest will go onsale via another channel. The majority look sold out because they are suspended. Just a guess though!