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  1. I think at 2.30pm most people will have had their bags searched and be in their seats - so I wouldn't anticipate a queue. I'm not expecting to get there in time but will make a dash for it in the hope that I do. My seat is a £10 one and if I don't make act 1 I'll content myself with 2 and 3.
  2. Sure there will be a few of us attempting it!
  3. Thank you Don Q Fan! My contact at ENB told me the Fridaty matinee would be added to the Last Minute.com offer, but I've given up waiting and booked under this one instead, the peace of mind outweighing the few extra pounds I could have saved with the other offer!
  4. RHowarth


    I think initially there was going to be an R&J on the Friday night (or perhaps it was the afternoon) and it became a triple bill matinee. I'm a little confused...just to get this straight, there is no matinee at ROH on 8 June? Lizbie1 is right that it is listed here https://www.roh.org.uk/mixed-programmes/the-firebird-a-month-in-the-country-symphony-in-c. But, it's not on the calendar and the entry in 'what's on' yields no dates at all: https://www.roh.org.uk/productions/symphony-in-c-by-george-balanchine. I have a weekend planned which did involve the RB triple on Friday at 12pm, San Francisco Ballet on Friday evening and Saturday evening, and ENB's Cinderella on Sunday afternoon. I will very delightedly swap my Saturday evening San Fran ticket for one for the matinee on the same day so that I can join the scrum for a ticket for the Fonteyn celebration that evening - but it would be good to know that the Friday matinee of the triple will definitely go ahead and that I'm not missing a Saturday matinee of the same bill!
  5. RHowarth


    Does it say when booking will open?
  6. And yet the Sunday matinee was.
  7. Thank you Yumiko - I'd been checking this site daily for the last couple of weeks knowing someone would kindly alert us if there was an offer!
  8. I've emailed ENB about the Friday matinee as I think it's an oversight and I imagine they want to fill it the same as the other performances. They're normally really good at getting back to me. I'll let you know what they say.
  9. Thank you Yumiko! I've been looking out for this. It took me over an hour to book a pair of tickets though as the website caused two PCs to go crazy. I wonder why the offer isn't available on the Friday matinee although it is available on the Saturday matinee - I didn't think the Friday matinee was selling particularly well.
  10. Gosh you're right. Luckily my error was with my typing in my post rather than my booking! Thank you.
  11. I've just paid to switch my train tickets to London for Friday 17 Jan so I can make it in time for the matinee. My itinerary is Manon Friday afternoon, 2 Pigs bill Friday evening and 12 noon on Saturday followed by acts two and three of the Manon matinee (in a £10 seat) followed by Nine Night at Trafalgar Studios on Saturday night and then Manon on Sunday afternoon. Six (well, five and two-thirds) shows for two nights in a hotel is good going!
  12. I did that and it was a success - thank you!
  13. In the scrum of public booking I placed two tickets in my basket for this performance but only wanted one. The site wouldn't let me release just one at the basket stage - wanted me to release both - and as the performance was so heavily sold I didn't dare release them for fear of them both being snapped up by someone else before I put them back in my basket. The ticket I'm selling is Amphi left row K towards the side at £19. I will be there on the night to hand it over outside the House or am at Bayadere on 10, 16 and 17 November. You won't be sitting next to me as my other ticket was in a different row. I haven't had my confirmation yet but will update when I do as to exactly which seat it is!
  14. Yes! LNER have recently doubled the train prices suddenly - it's now easily £60 each way to London even when booked twelve weeks ahead - the day the tickets go on-sale. I can no longer whizz down for matinees so wanted to combine with San Francisco Ballet and ENB's Cinderella and this one was part of my plan! The triple bill will do just as nicely.
  15. I thought I read that the 1 June mat was Naghdi/Ball? Must have misread it! Edited to add: hadn't properly read Bluebird's post before I wrote that - although still not sure I've got my head around it!