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  1. Your daughter is a wonderful dancer! Wishing her good luck for Elmhurst and Tring!
  2. I heard that Birmingham results are out
  3. Good luck to all waiting! Does anyone know how many auditioned for year7 entry?
  4. It’s true, JA girls are all very different. There are lots of discussions on the forum about the legs but in truth once the dancer is on point we have the illusion of extremely long legs. I watched the new Swan Lake and all RBC dancers have very long arms and necks. It is known that musicality, artistry and enjoyment of dance are taken into consideration Good luck to all children !
  5. ‭020 7402 7700‬ here is her number, she works near Marble Arch
  6. DD is offered one week WL residential, she is year5 and very excited. The email arrived on 28 Feb.
  7. Sorry to hear MaK, It is hard for children, keep strong and continue dancing. Good luck with other auditions x
  8. Petalviolet, congratulations to mini pv. My dd was on a tour last year and it was an incredible experience for her X
  9. Margarite congratulations, my DD will be in the main cast too, she will be really happy x
  10. dancer123, Hope your DD is strong and will continue to enjoy dancing. She will be more lucky with the next audition
  11. Great news Margarita, will see you on 19th. My DD will be in the finals too. X
  12. Please have a look at the last video posted by the London Children’s Ballet https://www.facebook.com/lcballet/ a glimpse from the auditions
  13. https://www.londonchildrensballet.com/current-season/auditions/ Today was the first and recall rounds for 9, 11, 13 year old girls
  14. http://www.mastersofballet.org/ https://www.facebook.com/Masters-Of-Ballet-Academy-578290265639441/ My DD really enjoyed the Masters of Ballet SS at the Sadler's Wells theater. The teaching faculity, organization and the venue were fabulous. I will apply for her to attend the SS next year.
  15. On 01.10 some groups (of 30) had 2-3 boys and some groups had girls only. It might equate to a 35-40 girls per place competition. In any case the process was so well organised and the audition class was lovely. All kids came out beaming with joy. My DD is too tall, I checked online - 4 ft 8 in cm = 142.24 cm, but we went anyway. She now has her ballet photo on the Albert Hall website, that was not expected, a nice memento from the audition. The fee well invested
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