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  1. I was told this weekend that there was some sort of closure, and that they focus more on contemporary than in classical ballet. I'll read through the thread to see what people say about the various school before asking more questions 😉
  2. I'm interested in this too. We know about RBS, Elmhurst, Tring and Legate (if the new dance director is more ballet oriented than the outgoing one). I'm not quite sure what is happening at Hammond at the moment and we decided against Young Dancers Academy. Are there any others we should be thinking of?
  3. Yes, this is my fear as well, that they might think it is quite a lot.
  4. Did you just bring in a letter from the teacher?
  5. Thanks for the link. I was wondering what the legal standing was and didn't know how to find it.
  6. Thanks for this explanation. Like you say, it won't make the head sympathetic/inclined, but here we are in a strong position on all accounts, as dd has a good record of attendance (and so does the school in general), school is outstanding and dd has exceeded expectations in all her years at school. All things that will help. Also, Mary Goodhew is one of the best private teachers out there, they can even google her and find her, which I think will also strengthen our position. I plan to approach the matter in the best way possible too, which is why I wanted to discuss it on the forum first. It's a huge opportunity for dd.
  7. No, she's starting private lessons with Mary Goodhew as a preparation for vocational school auditions. But the classes are in London, so she'll have to miss some or all of one day of school. I'm exploring what is the best way to go about it. This is in addition to syllabus classes and associates, which happen at the weekend. The classes are private, but with a small group of people, which makes them cost about a fifth, so we can't rearrange them and schedule them to another time.
  8. Hmm, being there for both ends might prove difficult, but thanks, this helps. I'll ask for the letter before going to school.
  9. Why couldn't they say no? Can you do it legally? How did you approach the question with the school? I have to talk to them, but I'd like to do it in the best way possible.
  10. I've searched the forum because I saw someone commenting they had managed special permission from school to have a class during school session, but now I can't find it anywhere. Anybody has experience of having to take their children to ballet class during term time on a regular basis? Is it even possible? Thanks!
  11. It's SWL for us again this year. Good luck to all of those still waiting. Yes 😉
  12. So happy for him! Congratulations. All the best.
  13. I didn't notice the pattern last year. We auditioned second day this year, but last day last year, for a Y4 place and, like you, we got the email at 4:15 on 21st. So we may have to wait for Wednesday again.
  14. It's looking like no results today, isn't it? I mean, we're expecting a no, but it's still rather nerve wrecking, especially because we have an extremely good offer on the table for a different associates programme and I can't really postpone answering them any longer.
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