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  1. Oh. The one thing above all others I hoped they would change...
  2. Please tell me that amongst all this splendour they also took the Act 2 pas de deux a bit faster? (Better stil, a lot faster?)
  3. In my dreams, Suzanne Farrell's dress from the last scene in Vienna Waltzes - the ultimate balldress; for more everyday wear, I rather fancy the Hostess's dress from Les Biches - might need to pop a little cardie over it though, at my age. And the pearls as well, please.
  4. Well, if I had to choose a performance based on those photographs, I'd say never mind Odette and Siegfried, catch a night when McGorian and Gartside are on!
  5. I wonder if they'll bring Winter's Tale to London? That would be interesting.
  6. Excellent news! - and a very popular decision, to judge from the Facebook video It had to be very soon but I had thought Hubbe might be saving it till the Festival.
  7. Eva Kistrup has just posted a report on the new season which answers some questions. I'm really sorry (for the company's sake) that Sebastian Haynes has decided to stay with NDT - he was a huge asset.
  8. Don't think so - he's been listed as solodanser all this season and I've assumed it just meant that they expect him to come back sometime or other.
  9. Summary of the main events and some comments Giselle - the recent production I assume - but only 3 performances - one at the end of August, weeks before anything else, and 2 more in November Carmen - by Marcus Morau - anyone seen any of his work? opens 28/9 Dans2Go - cheap tickets, aimed at young/new audience, happens every year - this season it's Symphony of Psalms (Kylian ), Harald Lander's Dvorak pd2, and a new piece by company choreographer Oliver Starpov, called My Daddy LOves Sugar so Much he Eats it with his Nose Napoli - some B0urnonville at last - opens 3/11 with repeats at intervals till March Alice (Wheeldon) - first seen here a couple of years ago, this year's Christmas show Cinderella - new version by Gregory Dean, with designs by Jon Morell who just did Queen of Spades for the company Big challenge for Dean! Opens 9/3/19 Afterite (McGregor)/ Etudes (Lander) - interesting combination... Kameliadamen (Neumeier) - hugely popular in Copenhagen Also a Hubbe evening, several pieces for Corpus, and Thomas Lund's piece for children, Kom Bamse The company list in the online brochure doesn't include either Susanne Grinder or Sebastian Haynes, and lists Lendorf as a guest principal.
  10. Just as a footnote to this: I saw the dress rehearsal of the 1963 revival of House of Birds , at Covent Garden, and a couple of performances later on tour, and I'm interested to see from the notes I made at the time that I thought it looked far better on the bigger stage - rather against what I've usually found for ballets originally made for Sadler's Wells etc.
  11. Jane S

    Dance on terrestrial TV

    "a current rising star of the Royal Ballet, .... Natalia Osipova"
  12. Good! - I've always liked him but never managed to catch him in a big role. Eva Kistrup rather liked him too.
  13. Which cast did you see, Vanartus? (I rather hope you were there last night as I'd love to hear how Tobias Praetorius got on!)
  14. I seem to remember there was a huge argument on ballet.co when he was promoted, along the lines of how could a classical company have a principal who didn't do classical? I think he's proved his worth...
  15. Poltiken has some wonderful photographs of Kizzy Matiakis preparing for her role - Google Alert gives a reasonable translation of the words but reall you hrdaly need them! Also there's a link from this page to an interview with Liam Scarlett