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  1. Well, with no disrespect to Alexander Campbell, I for one am extremely disappointed.
  2. Macleary did dance Aminta, but only a couple of times I think - the ROH Collection database makes no claim to cover everything, and there were at least 5 other casts for both Sylvia and Aminta in the 1950s.
  3. The Times 2 section this morning has a long interview with Irek Mukhamedov (by Sarah Crompton)
  4. I thought it was created a couple of years earlier, for the Metropolitan Opera in New York? - unless Ashton altered it substantially for the RO?
  5. They've just sent out a press release with the B'ham casting so presumably it will be online very soon.
  6. There's a long (20 pages ) piece about the Markova Dolin Ballet, by Kathrine Sorley Walker, in the magazine Dance Now dated Summer 1999. I'd guess that's the most informative history you 'll find anywhere. There's a chapter about it in Dolin's book 'Markova, her Life and Art' but that's written from a very personal point of view though it does include a list of the original company soloists. He concludes that "The two years that the Markova-Dolin Ballet existed have passed to a great extent unnoticed in the chronicles of English balletby many critics and writers", though the KSW piece quotes lots reviews, including some from the Dancing Times. (Totally off topic but I'm always happy to look at the Dolin book as my copy has a handwritten dedication from Markova starting "For dear Erik..")
  7. I think Monica Mason was actually the first cast of Summer - I remember it particularly as it was a rather different role from the ones she was usually associated with.
  8. RDB will be showing a Raymonda rehearsal on their Facebook page tomorrow at 14.00 Danish time - facebook.com/kglteater. Dancers to include Gregroy Dean, Kizzy Matiakis, Andreas Kaas and J'aime Crandall.
  9. The sets and costumes are described as being by Pablo Nunez 'after Georgiadis with the approval of Lady Deborah MacMillan' - the same designer did the Santiago Ballet's Mayerling a few years ago, when the credit read 'with the approval of Lady Deborah MacMillan' but no mention of Georgiadis . (A newspaper report -via Google Translate - noted that "The demands of the widow were high and approval was required for every detail" and also stated that this was the first time the ballet had been redesigned. ) From what I've read it looks as if the sets and costumes seen on the first night were as planned, but whether they were a copy of the Santiago version or newly imaginined for Houston, I don't know - does anyone else?
  10. There was one in the Times last week - can't remember which day.
  11. There isn't a list as such but If you go to this page https://kglteater.dk/om-os/kunstarter/den-kongelige-ballet/ abd click on the links on the left starting with Solodansere (principals) and going down to Korpsdansere, you will find them all - they just updated the list for the new season.
  12. Today's Times2 has a 2-page spread about the Skelton Hooper School in Hull and the extraordinary number of male dancers it produces: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/times2/the-boys-in-tights-who-became-hulls-most-unexpected-export-l3d9xw62z (I was a bit surprised to see the Trocks described as "an all-male troupe who do bowdlerised comedy versions of the classics" - really?)
  13. They've now added another video, of the 2nd International Evening, featuring many of the same dancers in different works - Hayward and Sambe this time in the Romeo and Juliet balcony pd2 . (and Lauren Lovette whose name I misspelt last time)
  14. The Vail Dance Festival has just put a video on its Facebook page showing snippets from two multinational programmes over the weekend, including a tantalising short clip of Francesca Hayward and Marcelino Sambe in Rhapsody - also Marcelo Gomes, Misty Copeland, Tiler Peck, Lauren Lovett, Devon Teuscher etc etc - some line-up!