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  2. In Canada, where signs are usually in English and French, the French signs usually sound more elegant but they're also generally quite a bit longer.
  3. The Royal Swedish Opera Ballet has announced its 2019-2020 under its AD, Nicholas La Riche (formerly a dancer with POB and a RB and ENB guest) --- https://www.operan.se/en/aktuellt/season-2019.2020/ Giselle (Makarova production) All Stravinsky: Noces (Angelin Preljocaj)/Agon (George Balanchine)/Rite of Spring (Maurice Bejart) Nutcracker (Par Isberg) wings of Wax (Jiri Kylian)/Woman with Water (Mats Ek)/Minus 16 (Ohad Naharin) Don Quixote (Nureyev production) Les Ballets Suedois - 100 Years - a Tribute: Skating Rink (after Jean Borlin)/La Boite a Joujoux (Jean-Guillaume Bart)/Carmen (Roland Petit)
  4. Reading the article, it seems that the judgement handed down was less about whether actions were ‘acceptable’ or otherwise; and more about whether suspension rather than termination was the more appropriate remedy for non acceptable texting.
  5. Agreed that hypermobility is an uncommon trait (which has always been the case.) But who, exactly, are we saying is ‘encouraging’ unsafe practices to occur? Can we say who is driving up ‘untold damage’? Isn’t it up to adults to guide youngsters, and responsibly? Don’t parents and teachers monitor young dancers? When more crimes are being REPORTED more often (instead of going unreported) so that the number of reported crimes appears to be higher, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the RATE of crimes being committed is actually going up. It could just mean that we’re hearing about the phenomena more than before (i.e. the prevalence of our awareness has expanded). So there can be a fallacy of reasoning. With more people dancing today than ever before and also using social media, it’s inevitable that we will see more things being presented than in the past. It may well be that safety is in fact RISING as more awareness of the potential for injury becomes common knowledge in the dance community. Who is to say? Without study and analysis it is conjecture and speculation. Do we have any actual evidence that certain types of images appearing more often is directly causing (or is even correlated to) higher frequencies of unsafe activity to take place? Is there any way to substantiate the expressed concern that the occurrence of certain imagery is indeed leading to (or is necessarily bound to lead to) a degradation of the art form? Does art imitate or reflect life; or does life imitate or reflect art?
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  7. I like Hannah’s classes too I’m “old school” ballet and want corrections, structure and discipline for adult classes, rather than a social gathering. Hannah delivers, with a sense of humour How many times in my life can I be told to pull my shoulders down 🙄... Clearly not enough! 🤪
  8. And according to the DanceTabs review mentioned in today's Links, the videos of the livestream will be available for 3 months.
  9. I am not at all happy about this. The disgraceful and disrespectful way they treated some of their female colleagues seems to be acceptable because it wasn't in direct relation to their work. At least Catazaro did the decent thing and declined the offer. I will be interested to see how Ramasar reintegrates. If I were a ballerina in that company I would refuse to dance with him and could never trust him, counselling or not. But as Bruce says, let's hope the company can now move forward in a positive way.
  10. Apologies! At least he hasn't been injured but his exchange visit to Australia didn't work out from the RB's point of view when his counterpart was. He certainly looks suitable for Romeo. I wonder what will happen if Clarke is still off in a month? Would Andrijashenko perhaps be a bit too young-looking compared to Nunez?
  11. Thank you very much everyone for your sudgestions. Very much appreciated 🙂
  12. UPDATE - An article in Dance Magazine released as of today's date publishes a statement from AGMA (the separate union covering dancers in the United States) noting that both Ramasar and Catazaro were offered NYCB reinstatement as instructed by the Union. While Catazaro declined, Ramasar will be re-joining NYCB and undergoing counselling on the required standards for his future conduct. The article is here: https://www.dancemagazine.com/zachary-catazaro-amar-ramasar-firing-determined-wrongful-2635059461.html?rebelltitem=1#rebelltitem1 and the tweet with Ramasar's decision, from Michael Cooper of the New York Times, is as referenced below. https://twitter.com/coopnytimes/status/1119257641593769985 The New York Times article on the same is here: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/19/arts/dance/city-ballet-amar-ramasar-sexually-explicit-texts.html On another note ... Regardless of what AGMA may have decided ... The newly cemented NYCB management seems to have got off on a very positive footing. I applaud the fact that many noted NYCB artists from the past are now being brought in to coach works that they originated or were closed associated with - either through Balanchine or Robbins - and, too, that the upcoming 2019/20 season - announced in good order - shows a substantive return to the repertory of several works that have been left unseen for decades. On behalf of us all: Thank Heavens.
  13. Very nice it was, too! That’s all I will say.
  14. I saw him in Corsaire (Anne Marie Holmes' production as at ENB - although with slight variances) at La Scala and he certainly stood out.
  15. Sorry Dippycat ... reading back I didn’t answer your question .. at the moment Urdang is where she’s hoping to go .. but not made a definite decision yet ! 🙄
  16. I'm afraid I totally forgot to watch the first episode of this tonight, but for those of you who did, please discuss it here (and possibly avoid identifying the winner for a while, in case people are going to watch it on catchup). Tonight's category was the South Asian dance one.
  17. Glad to know that feedback is welcomed by the Organisers - just don't say anything less than laudatory! Clearly, like all reviews, my report was my subjective opinion based on attendance on two separate years. Actually, I toned things down because I didn't want Mandy or anyone else to have me raining on their parade. However, in view of the Organisers response, I will emphasise that I stand by every word I wrote. Apart from the magical setting I found the evenings disappointing, the food mediocre and the whole thing massively over-priced. Certainly that is the view of many people in this area where I have lived for more than twenty years. However, I it is only fair to say that I came at Hatch House from the perspective of many visits to Covent Garden which made comparisons inevitable with the result that the ballet component came up light. I would also add that if you want a really special evening in agreeable surroundings, Hatch House is a good bet.
  18. Hi Ruth - not that I’m nagging or anything 😏 (yeah, right) but I’d be really interested in your experience of Ms Frost’s and Mr Kierce’s classes. I recommend Hannah Frost’s classes a lot (and really like them myself) - but I’m not a beginner, so I’m interested in other people’s views.
  19. I went to a celebration at the Joyce Theater and wrote about it on bachtrack: https://bachtrack.com/review-merce-cunningham-centennial-joyce-theater-new-york-april-2019
  20. And that is one of the cardinal sins on BCF 😉 !!! Picture of the new guest Romeo (Timofej Andrijashenko) is below (separate post).
  21. Hi, yes it’s still available - PM me if you’re interested.
  22. I'm interested, is it still available please
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