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ENB Nutcracker Winter 2014/15 - Cast Changes and Other Information

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Actually when you go to the first link above it is a bit confusing as it gives the matinee as on the 12th which is a Friday whereas the matinee is on the 13th the Saturday. The casting for the Saturday matinee appears to be the same as on the ENB main website page.

I'm going to this matinee but I don't care too much who dances as I don't know many of the current younger ENB dancers that well!! Except for probably Jonah Acosta!!

The two as cast for the matinee I don't know at all.....Fernanda Oliveira Vitor Luiz and Fernando Bufala

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Thanks, Naomi.


And I'm going to change the title of this thread so I can add this (to me) most welcome piece of news, culled from Luke Jennings' recent review of BRB's Nutcracker in Sunday's Observer (link here: http://www.theguardian.com/stage/2014/dec/07/the-nutcracker-review-birmingham-royal-ballet-christmassy):

"(On the subject of the Arabian dance, English National Ballet’s Nutcracker has in recent seasons featured a sadistic-looking sheikh with a bullwhip. But this season, I’m informed, is to be flagellation-free, ENB director Tamara Rojo having apparently decided that the sequence doesn’t contribute significantly to the cause of world peace.)"

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