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Hello southerndancemum,


What to wear for auditions is a frequently discussed subject! I will try to find some threads on the subject. Here's one to keep you going: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/4884-leotards-for-auditions/?hl=%2Baudition+%2Bleotards#entry60073


If you search the forum for "audition leotards" you should find some more. Also, if you haven't already seen it, one of the "sticky" threads at the top of the forum is all about Lower School auditions. If you search that thread for "leotard" I bet there's some discussion on the subject.


In the meantime, my advice would be:

socks (panels like to be able to see the see leg muscles in juniors)

full sole ballet shoes with a single elastic (or split soles if that is what is usually worn)

yes to waistband/belt.

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Def go for pink socks and personally I always put my girls in clean, but not brand new, satin shoes as they give feet (even dodgy ones like mine) a lovely line. They feel special too! They don't needto be pricey ones as long as they fit the foot nicely. Dance direct normally do some nice fitting ones I like the sansha ones. All the best I'm sure she will look lovely.

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Thanks balletqs

DD feels most comfortable and thinks she dances better in her split sole satin ones that she wears for festivals.

But she has full sole both satin and leather for normal class work.


I'd love to know your reasons for not allowing them in split soles till older. DD mixes with much older girls at dance so we go on what they have unless directed otherwise due to not having any other advice :/

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There are some threads on here about split sole shoes. I am sure doneone will put you in the direction of them. There is a lot of research but I have found that the foot is not allowed to strengthen and develop fully and they tend to encourage 'scrunching' of the foot which can create potential injury. I have also found that metatarsals can get lazy in them in young dancers. I think they are great for a rest from pointe shoes for teens upwards and also once a student has learnt and studied and put correct use and alignment of foot in practice. Plus they tend to have done most of the growing by then. They are nice to feel the floor then. But until then the full sole gives the young foot something to work against and more support. ????

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