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  1. She’s at ENBS second year now she was at a lower school for a while and in her home country prior to that.
  2. HI Celib. My goodness how outstanding. Such amazing news and so deserved. I felt quite emotional reading your post and I'm just thrilled to bits to hear this. Such a credit to you too. Wishing him all the very best for his sparkling future and you for being a great Mum! With love x
  3. Does anyone have any info on this? Asking for a friend who has students in Hong Kong who are looking at doing it. Thank you.
  4. I watched it Sat night and put Fairy Doll on on Sunday for my little girls, I wondered what f he was in it. Thank you for pointing him out, the sad clowns were scene stealers!, lovely work. I shall have to watch it again!! Xx
  5. Hi there. Poor thing I sympathise as bad skin can really get you down. I had a horrid phase as a teen and tried everything, it was more on my back too but found actually the best thing was keeping my skin clean and moisturised and not overloading it. However I can't recommend seeing a Dermalogica consultant highly enough! They do a clear start range for teenagers and if you seek out a good beautician who does it they won't make you buy every item. Just what you need. Initially you want a face mapping facial appointment. They look at your skin through a lens that helps them see what's causing congestion prob areas etc. Dryness causes pores to block then as the skin gets oily with exercise the pores fill. So her skin care regime is paramount. If you do that then I humoured my beautician and bought a starter pack but I now order my Dermalogica stuff from a website called pure beauty (you get free samples and earn money off points too so little bonus!) so much cheaper than beautician prices. It all lasts ages and is worth every penny!! They do a medibac range for problem areas and I use their concealing spot treatment on the odd hormonal spot and honestly it's like magic! But the teen range has certain things too. I wouldn't be tempted to buy and try until a face mapping. But that'll tell your daughter what's going on and then give her confidence with how to look after her skin. I'm rubbish at drinking lots of water but that's v important too!
  6. Yes but he's also the most sought after one. It's to do with their lighting and background. Steel blue colours and olive green seem to be very popular too.
  7. It would be worth asking the photographer as he may have a preference. For example this year one photographer asked for white or red.
  8. Yes they were auditioning for first year.
  9. Yes I know 3 last year. They didn't all go there but got places.
  10. Yes I agree LinMM. I thought that all must be what you meant. ????
  11. Apparently Lania is 5'10 plus and Leroy 5'3. Poor things shame it's not the other way around! I'm sure they will both have careers regardless! ☺️
  12. 314 is the only Swiss Candidate this year I believe. I think she is lovely, she competed last year as well. But it does mean she is eligible for the Swiss prize so it will be nice if she gets a final and gets that.
  13. If u click the pic on the link rather than the play button that seems to work but I'm just on my phone!
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