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  1. It becomes clearer each day that its not the dancing ability that is the main factor in gaining a place at the top schools.
  2. How quick are the results for RBS finals Must be nerve wracking time for those lucky enough to have had finals
  3. Sorry for delay in posting but been on a well earned trip. Dh deserved a break after putting up with me stressing about auditions!! We have funding for Tring but nt sure yet if it will cover all costs. We also have a place waiting for us at Ballet West. Sighs of relief all around.
  4. Contemporary at 18 .....not so much for ballet unless you are extremely talented and can compete with the girls already at upper school
  5. How did she feel it went, was she in first or second audition x We saw physio x
  6. Did anyone go to the funding audition at tring yesterday
  7. Thanks for helping us afab, heaven knows we need it lol. I was asked by the lady at LSC why I thought they had given my daughter a recall in ballet rather than contemporary if there wasn't a course available :/ Very confused now
  8. I rang through to LSC and was told that there is a classical ballet degree course. The call back for which is only ballet whereas the contemporary call back is only contemporary, same for jazz and musical theatre. I don't want you to think I didn't trust you afab but desperately needed to get a firm answer from LSC themselves before we continued down this route x
  9. Was that for the classical ballet degree course sballerina x
  10. I just have experience of this being the case for the degree courses but I presume it's the same across the board. I suppose the faculty feel they see enough of each student to judge without a recall
  11. It's quite hard because if you are an associate at LSC you don't have to attend a recall you just get a straight forward yes or no
  12. Don't think anyone on here went on Saturday :/
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