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Sadler's Wells - Spring 2014

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Sadler's Wells has issued a press release for Spring 2014 which has a full and descriptive season listing.  The brochure runs to over 50 pages so I have just listed the artists appearing and dates here:



15 January - Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion

28 January - 15 February - The Merchants of Bollywood

29 & 30 January - Boris Charmatz / Musée de la danse

7 - 16 February - Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch

13 February & 27 March - Wild Card


18 February - 8 March - Blaze


21 - 27 February - Cloud Gate Dance Theatre

1 - 15 March - Flamenco Festival


11 - 30 March - Pilobolus Dance Theatre

20 - 23 March - Hofesh Shechter


25 - 29 March - James Thiérrée


3 - 6 April - Savion Glover


8 & 9 April - les ballets C de la B


8 - 19 April - English National Ballet & English National Ballet School


11 & 12 April - Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre

16 April National  - Youth Dance Company


18 & 19 April - Family Weekend


24 - 27 April - London Children’s Ballet

25 & 26 April - Kidd Pivot / Crystal Pite


3 - 5 May - Breakin' Convention ‘14


6 - 24 May - Havana Rakatan


8 - 10 May - Olivier Dubois


14 - 17 May - Scottish Ballet


20 - 24 May - RAMBERT


20 & 21 May - Hetain Patel


27 - 29 May - Rosas & Ictus


27 May - 8 June - FLASH MOBTM


3 & 4 June - Bruno Beltrao


5 - 7 June - Russell Maliphant


6 & 7 June - TAO Dance Theatre


10 - 14 June - Akram Khan


10 - 28 June -  Rock The Ballet


13 & 14 June - Compagnie Käfig


17 - 29 June - Sadler's Sampled


1 - 4 July - Nederlands Dans Theater 1

2 - 5 July - New English Ballet Theatre

8 - 27 July - Brasil Brasilerio


19 - 27 July - Mummenschanz

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I only feel that it is sad that throughout the time period that Janet has kindly laid out above there is not the participation by a 'major' world ballet company (either by their primary or satellite company) in any of the current SW venues.  In the recent past SW has shown the NBoC, Stuttgart and ABT.  It would have been wonderful if they could continue to exhibit at least one ballet company of this world ilk if they truly wanted to be representative, as Spalding says, in building London as the major dance capital of the world.  I should say the same lack at the National Theatre (e.g., in  showing a sampling of work from major world theatres) is evident. Certainly they used to do such (say, under Olivier's leadership when the NT - of which he was the inaugural leader - WAS internationally proclaimed - rightfully in the eyes of many - as 'the greatest theatre in the world').  This was pointed out by David Hare in his 50th anniversary review comments.  The redoubtable Penelope Wilton took up his plea as both had profited from just such an educative tool while they were both in the early stages of their own respective career development. 

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I had thought that such companies either played against guarantee (as NYCB did the last time they were here - presented by SW at the Coliseum) ... or at least in terms of a co-producing basis while in London (as I believe was the case with the NBoC).  In this 'world' regard London still cannot begin to compete with NYC who this season alone is showing (just off the top of my head) NBoC, the Bolshoi and the Mikhailovsky [aside, of course, from major indigenous companies] and last season had POB and the Royal Danish Ballet (two companies who have not been seen in London for a considerable period of time.)  I only think Mr. Spalding should be a tad more careful in covering his spread before he becomes overly confident in his assertions.  It could well I think come back to haunt him.

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Royal Swedish Ballet was supposed to be coming. Now that Scottish Ballet is bringing its R&J in May the company may have changed its mind. Two R&Js at the same venue in two months, plus ENB's production at the RAH in June, is probably too many R&Js in one season.


The good news is that my wallet will have a bit of a rest. Actually, I feel that too many companies came to London this year and that it's a shame that some did not wait until next year when the market was less saturated.

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The good news is that my wallet will have a bit of a rest. 


Blessedly mine too .... Although, thinking about it, it might be a tad more stretched .... what with a little more ... 'dance travel' .... to feed the fire.  If nothing else it gives a little more leeway in terms of time for doing so which is much appreciated.  Less guilt will be buried in certain sidelines let's say. 

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