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Yorkshire Ballet Summer School Gala, London, 2013

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...was held last night (Sunday 29th) at Sadler's Wells. Here are some pics from the tech rehearsals - was anyone there to comment on the gala itself? Looked good in practice!


Samara Downs & Brandon Lawrence (Birmingham Royal Ballet) with SOLITAIRE pdd
© Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr

Sophie Martin & Christopher Harrison (Scottish Ballet) with PERPETUUM MOBILE pdd
© Dave Morgan. Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr

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Set from DanceTabs - Yorkshire Ballet School Summer Gala
Courtesy of DanceTabs / Flickr

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It was so good that the theatre was full to support this worthy cause. Agree about Steven's tap dancing - fabulous - and Jim Carter (Carson from Downton) put in a sterling performance as the auctioneer. Interestingly, all the major UK ballet/dance companies were represented on stage, most of them by YBSS alumni. And, yes, Sergei did dance (Solor's variation from La Bayadere).

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I was on my way to Sadlers Wells for this when suddenly there was a person under a train so that I fear sadly put an end to that.  We were stuck.  (I had in fact just come from a reading of King Lear at the Old Vic which I must say was one of the most dispiriting outings I've EVER known so some balletic uplift would have been much welcomed.) Grateful if someone could let us know who danced what with whom in the gala.  Thanks David for the wonderful pictures.  It does sound a good evening. 

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The programme comprised:


When the Time Comes (Christopher Tudor): Brandon Lawrence - BRB

We're a Couple of Swells: Samantha Bond & Wayne Sleep

Bitter Earth (Kenneth Tindall): Tobias Batley, Jessica Morgan, Nicola Gervesi - Northern Ballet

You (Marguerite Porter): Elizabeth Harrod - Royal Ballet

Corsaire pdd: Lauretta Summerscales, Fernando Bufalá - ENB

Serpent extract (Liam Scarlett): BalletBoyz

Inala (Mark Baldwin): Dane Hurst - Rambert

Solitaire pdd: Brandon Lawrence, Samara Downs - BRB

I Got Rhythm: Steven McRae - Royal Ballet

Perpetuum Mobile pdd (Christopher Hampson): Chritopher Harrison, Sophie Martin - Scottish Ballet

Solor's variation from La Bayadère: Sergei Polunin


There were also songs from Imelda Staunton and Michael Ball.

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A wonderful evening. Steven McRae was amazing - how does he have time to keep his tap to such a high standard!?


Outstanding too were Tobias Batley, Jessica Morgan and Nicola Gervesi of Northern Ballet in Bitter Earth - exquisite and moving.


All the performers were excellent and it was an evening full of joy, laughter and superb entertainment. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved.

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It was a wonderful evening.  I thoroughly enjoyed all the performances but I was surprised at the beauty of the BalletBoyz.  It was the first time I'd seen them and the way they moved was just beautiful!


Steven McRae's tap was definitely the show stealer though - very slick and thoroughly entertaining.  


As I'm also a little partial to Michael Ball's voice, he and Imelda Staunton provided the perfect variety to have me leaving the Theatre with a huge smile on my face :D

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I was at that gala and I blogged the event in "More Things I do for my Art - Autumn Gala of Dance and Song! 30 Sep 2014.


Similar events had previously been held in York which I had supported and I was a bit miffed about having to traipse down to London - hence the first 7 words of the title. My late spouse and I had celebrated our silver wedding anniversary in 2007 by attending that event. That was the first time that I noticed Xander Parish and the only time I have seen him in the flesh as opposed to an ultra high definition television screen in a cinema.  Even 7 years ago he was special.


Turning back to the gala at Sadler's Wells the performances that stuck in my memory were Dane Hurst who is one of my favourite male dancers - he made my evening a few weeks later when Rambert came to The Lowry - and Elizabeth Harrod who is one of my top women. Sergei Polunin was there and indeed top of the bill but although he did his stuff to thunderous applause I can't really remember much about his performance.   I can remember every step of Hurst's as though it were recorded on video.


It was good to see Batley, Morgan and Gervasi from my beloved Northern Ballet in Tindal's Bitter Earth as well as Harrison and Martin from Scottish who were my first love in ballet.


Anyway, you can read more in my blog post.


The fact that I didn't go a bundle over Polunin whereas I regularly wax lyrical over Sarah Kundi (who I think was in the audience but not on stage) exposes my woeful ignorance of ballet but I don't care. I have never been a ballet snob and certainly not a ballet insider.  I know what I like and if we all liked the same thing the world would be a much more boring place, don't you think. 


I hope to make the London Ballet Circle AGM and party tonight and I shall report in Terpsichore whether it turns out to be a colossal waste of tyre rubber or a great evening.


Ciao bambini.



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