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SIBA Intensive Summer Workshop


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JULY 14 - AUG. 11, 2013

AND SIBA Youth Program, AUG. 14 - 24, 2013


S I B A - Intensive Ballet Summer Workshop

in the beautiful birth city of Mozart, Salzburg, Austria!!




4 Weeks of exciting program for SIBA BALLET WORKSHOP SALZBURG 2013

4 performances at the end of the workshop, performed by the students.

Min. 5 years of ballet training experience/Ages 14-30 (3 groups)


Included in the program:


Classes & rehearsals with the best ballet teachers and 4 Gala performances

Artistic director Peter Breuer and an international faculty of teachers. (http://www.siba-academy.com/faculty.htm)


From the moment you arrive...



You dance, eat, breath SIBA!


You learn what it is like to be a part of a professional dance company, meet other dancers from all over the world, learn other languages, dance methods, taste your friend's foods and make contacts for life!


Classical ballet, pointe, variations, repertoire, men technique, pas de deux, Nacho Duato choreography, modern / contemporary dance, Musical Jazz, make up, lighting, and more....





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Hey everyone!


Last summer I went to SIBA and really enjoyed it - I've been meaning to share about it here since I thought others might want to hear about this SI opportunity, but I've been so busy with everything that it slipped my mind...

Anyway, since everyone is getting ready for SI auditions, I figured it would be a good time to finally post about it! Haha!


Has anyone here ever been?


I went for my first time last year and since I enjoyed it so much and saw huge growth and improvement, I would definitely like to go again. It's different from any other intensive I've ever done, because the way the program is set up, you are training as if you are part of a company, and so the entire day is set up in that sense. It made for a lot more rehearsals and less ballet school type classes, which was an adjustment, but it was something that I feel made me more prepared for the future when I join a professional ballet company. It was a really nice balance between getting quality instruction and corrections and education, as any dancer-in-training should receive, and getting to practice playing the role of 'professional ballerina' with the expressive freedom we were given/class company style class and rehearsal schedule/the atmosphere. In other words, we were treated like a company. Looking back, I so appreciate having that experience, to see what it might be like before I actually do it!


I don't know how they did it, but somehow they were able to integrate all levels beginner through advanced/professional even with the "you are a company" approach - and that was amazing, to me. I mean, it's really good that every level was accommodated and still got so much out of it no matter what stage they were in their training. I don't know, that really stood out to me as a very big plus to this program.


Also, in the other summer programs i have been to, the food was really great; but at SIBA it was just excellent. They accommodated everyone with special food needs and everything was so healthy and yummy. I found that to be a really important quality since, as a dancer, I feel it is of course of utmost importance to give my body enough energy from good foods so that I have strength in class.


Haha, anyway, has anyone else here gone before? Anyone considering going? I would definitely recommend it! It was my favorite out of the other SIs I've been to, for sure.


I also know they're offering a scholarship for boys this year, so I would highly recommend any boys interested to check this out as it's a really good way to get yourself to an SI when you ordinarily wouldn't have the funds.


Here is the website in case anyone wants to see: http://siba-academy.com/


If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to answer them based on my experience.


Have a nice time deciding on summer plans, everyone! :)

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Hello Vaganova dancer. Thanks for all the useful info. I was trying to find some details about the scholarships for boys that you think they are offering, but I can't find anything on the website. Can you point me in the right direction. I've always wanted to go to Salzburg! Thanks.

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I would but Im along way past 30 their upper age limit, Im just waiting to get the UK summer school dates in, due January, so I can plan my summer. I may even go to New York in August for an intensive weekend class if the dates dont clash. It was to have been Feb where flights and hotels were half the price but unfortunitly it was cancelled.

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Hello Vaganova dancer. Thanks for all the useful info. I was trying to find some details about the scholarships for boys that you think they are offering, but I can't find anything on the website. Can you point me in the right direction. I've always wanted to go to Salzburg! Thanks.

Belljul - I emailed the SIBA Academy email address asking about the scholarship and they got back to me in a matter of minutes! They're really friendly and answered all my questions. Now I just need to decide whether to apply or not...!


Thank you Vaganova_Dancer!! We look forward to working with you again this summer!


Gentlemen "DavidW" & "Belljul,"


We hope you found the information you were looking for on our website: http://www.siba-academy.com/index.htm, including contact information for our director Nili Grazer, who is more than willing to assist you!


In addition to free tuition for male dancers, there are a number of opportunities for dancers to take advantage of at the moment:



"Vaganova" was correct ...from the moment you arrive, you are part of a company! Not only will you have the experience of working in a company with leading ballet masters, but you may have the opportunity to perform three Gala performances including an international performance in Munich! All while making the beautiful, artistic and historical UNESCO World Heritage city of Salzburg your home for 4 weeks!!


We would love to offer assistance or resources if we can. What are your biggest considerations when deciding to apply?

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Thanks for this EDASBallet. Very encouraging reply. I have been considering applying for my son to attend but my main concern is that he is only 14 and it might be too much for him to be away for all 4 weeks, straight after coming out of vocational school for summer break. I would prefer two weeks for him but I don't think you offer scholarships for that long so I think we will wait until he is older. Good to learn about your course though. Thank you.

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FYI SIBA accepts ages 14-30 because we have 3 studios and 3 age/talent groups, and each group gets ALL the teachers in rotation... also the dorms are by age groups, and the younger group has a live in chaperone.... the director and teachers live also in the dorms for the full duration of the workshop and open to questions and advice regarding future study, auditions etc....

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Registration Now Open for SIBA’s Intensive Summer Ballet Workshop for Exceptional Dancers

Don’t Miss Out.


Salzburg, Austria — January 15, 2013/ -- EDAS-SIBA -  Salzburg International Ballet Academy is pleased to announce that registration is now open for its intensive summer ballet workshop from July 14 - August 11, 2013, in Salzburg, Austria, birthplace of W.A. Mozart.


These four exciting weeks offer an intensive and varied program for advanced, pre-professionals & professional dancers, culminating in four gala performances, by the students (ages 14 – 30 years old working in 3 groups), including an international performance in Munich, Germany. SIBA has the honor, this summer, of hosting guest teacher Ildiko Pongor of the Hungarian National Ballet.   SIBA accepts only 80 students in order to give personal attention to students. Auditions by e-mail only.


The program includes: Classical ballet, Variations, Repertoire, Modern Dance, Musical-jazz, Nacho Duato Choreography, Special Makeup classes, Stage & Lighting, and more. On the 3rd weekend the students will have a full day tour of the Lakes and Alps surrounding Salzburg.


SIBA’s goal is to enable young dancers to experience the life of a professional dancer. From the moment they arrive, each dancer is a part of a “company” of highly trained dancer students from around the world. They live together, train and perform, honing their skills with some of Europe’s leading ballet masters, morning to night -- an experience that is pivotal in deciding whether “you have what it takes.” This transformative workshop not only prepares, motivates and inspires serious young dancers to deepen their artistry and abilities to a world class level, but as one student describes, “[to] grow not only as an artist, but as a person.”  Most importantly, the students get stage experience, and a full DVD to be used in further auditioning.


SIBA's faculty, led by Peter Breuer, Artistic Director of the Salzburg Ballet, is an international group of brilliant instructors and ballet teachers from all over the world. The faculty is dedicated to giving students the training and performance experiences to improve their style and expression. See some of our leading teachers at work: 



For further information contact, Nili Grazer, Exec. Director. Detailed information of the “EDAS-SIBA International Ballet Workshop” with many video clips from our recent workshops and the opportunity for applications can be found on the homepage: http://www.siba-academy.com




Contact Information:

Nili Glazer, Executive Director

Haunspergstrasse 64

5020 Salzburg, Austria

E-mail: info@siba-academy.com

Telephone: (+43) 676 939 7711

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It looks like summer schools are on the agenda at the moment, so I thought I would update you regarding DS who is as I speak somewhere on a Friday night out in Salzburg! (Takes deep breath...).


He is loving the SIBA summer school. Doing things he would not have done otherwise such as Nacho Duarto choreography. Learnt a few variations and despite being the youngest boy at 14, seems to have made loads of new friends. Evidently a trip to Montana is on the cards! They are really looking after him (many thanks Nili) and we are looking forward to seeing him in a couple of weeks time on stage in Munich.


Would I recommend it... Oh yes. Could you cope with your child being away for 4 weeks in a other country... Well, it's what they will need to do once they are a full time dancer. And as I say, they are looked after well without being too over monitored. After all, others on the school are in their early 20's. some dancing professionally for companies ( there is at least one soloist for a US company). Which is great for our DS to hear 'from the horses mouth' what a dance career is like.


And finally... Thank goodness for a certain Mobile phone company's international rates of 50p for up to a 60 minute call!


Will post more at a later date.

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an update for you: news about the 2014 summer school has been released by SIBA - their 10th anniversary gala will take place in the castle where they filmed the Sound of Music.


They have some scholarships available, and also a 300 euro 'early bird' offer.


The school is truly international and my son had a wonderful time. here'sthe video clips they have just released of their 2013 Gala performance. (you will see son at a couple of points :) ).



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Dear friends, here is the info about our fantastic plans for next summer:

Dates: July 13 - Aug. 10, 2014

The usual program as you can see in our previous year announcement


Will be held at the legendary castle of Leopoldskron Schloss - where they filmed "The Sound of Music"

on Aug. 3, 2014 at 20:00


check the website for all the info you need,




BOYS - Free Tuition

GIRLS - can still apply for part scholarship, but has to do it asap....


Love from Salzburg, the city or Mozart and Culture..... Nili

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