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  1. Grisko sell a 'Vegan' shoe if they are that concerned - canvas shoes with no use of suede. They also stock vegan pointe shoes. Sorry just realised this was mentioned above - let them wear satin! We all have different views - no right or wrong.
  2. Well given they are so strict about taking RAD exam levels into consideration which excludes lots of candidates I would hope they would be as strict across the board with their rules - I guess it depends on what information teachers give them and how much depth they go into each entry.
  3. Its unusual for the ISTD to 'relax' rules - they made a huge change to Janet Cram age/exam criteria last year which meant a lot of dancers with birthdays earlier in the school year were suddenly unable to compete.
  4. Just a note for reference - if your child studies RAD as well as ISTD that may affect whether or not they can enter. My daughter has been restricted from entering the past couple of years as her RAD grade is higher. Although it is an ISTD competition they consider all ballet exam board achievements.
  5. I would imagine the H&S part you could do via email and distance learning very easily. Not sure about the practical, are there local schools which teach ISTD for you to do the observations with? Good luck!
  6. I would suggest you way up the quality and quantity of training you would get at Uni vs. training you could get at home. A Dance course may only contain one or two ballet classes a week? and maybe no pointe work.
  7. Flit and Float there does appear to be schools listed in Scotland which are Approved Tutors - if none local enough then there is a document listing Distant Learning contacts. Good luck,
  8. You have to find a school with 'Approved Tutors' there is a link on the ISTD website. My daughter has been following this programme for a DDI you need to hold an Intermediate level exam for the genre being examined, Adv 1 is needed for DDE. There are a lot of 'regular' dance schools which will allow you to follow the course part-time, along with A levels, and other work commitments.
  9. Along with your explanation of why you arent happy to introduce pointe work at the moment, offer exercises which will strengthen her core etc to give her a goal and means to achieve it. It doesnt have to be a negative conversation.
  10. My DD loves this summer school - are all the classes in their Studios this year rather than the Riverfront? If so, its a shame as it means my DD cant go, she will travel independantly and the Riverfront is within walking distance from the station, its been ideal inprevious years.
  11. Doesn't it invade privacy just a little - proceed with caution. I can understand the desire for parents wanting know a child's whereabouts and I'm sure it has its place but it does remove the 'independence' element of our children growing up. It's no different than having a tracker fitted!
  12. On one uni open day last year cnot dance based) they were very insistant that lots of sixth forms pushed students into university to make themselves appear a top achievement school - however they suggested if these schools monitored how many past students actually completed their degree, the numbers wouldnt be as encouraging. There advise was to get some life experience, a part time job related to the field of interest to gain practical knowledge and financial security then go and study for a degree so many drop out as it's hard financially rather than struggling with the degree itself. My daughter is at uni and very few went at 28 the age ranges from 19 - 27 in her particular friend group. It takes a strong parent to stand alone and do what is right for their child - these schools have a lot to answer for.
  13. B&Q is as good as anywhere - if the hole has worn then as sugged a tooth pick or cocktail stick will help plug it first. My DD is always tightening and loosening her taps, doesnt superglue make them very 'fixed'?
  14. Sorry if my response was abrupt I didnt mean it that way. There are lots of teachers with different opinions but Jazz is something which can be studied separately and exams taken in.
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