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  1. hi, We only give free tuition to boys over 16 years old because they take part in the Gala shows and have to work very hard... with the proportions of approx 12-15 boys and over 60 girls.... Our program for the younger ones, SIBA Next Generation is very intensive and specially designed for the ages 12-14.
  2. EARLY BIRD BONUS - 300 Eu. Eu for the first 10 to register to SIBA 2015 - so don't wait!!! do it NOW !!!! *** The condition for the bonus offer is to register and pay the full fees before December 31st, 2014 http://www.siba-academy.com/registration.htm

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ0QMtUbOAQ
  4. SIBA - Salzburg International Ballet Workshop, 13 July to 9 August 2015 Top European faculty, with Artistic Direcor Peter Breuer, Diva Ildiko Pongor, Alexander Korobko, Fabrice Edelman, Jose Carlos Blanco Martinez, Cristina Uta and more. Ages 14-30, and a special group for the younger dancers: SIBA NEXT GENERATION ages 12-14. ALL THE STUDENTS (from 14 years old ) PARTICIPATE IN OUR GALA SHOWS ! The young NEXT GENERATION Group will have their own show at the end of the workshop. In SIBA program you will have Classical Ballet, Variations, Repertoire, Point, Men Technique, Pas de Deux, Peter Breuer choreography, Musical Jazz, Pilates, Nacho Duato choreography, special Make Up classes with an expert from the Salzburg Landestheater, Solo performances by students.
  5. We have only 12 spots left for SIBA 2014 workshop... if you want to join us, please do it NOW - http://siba-academy.com/registration.htm
  6. In the program: 2014 Theme: Swan Lake Classical ballet, Pointe, variations, repertoire, men technique, pas de Deux, modern / contemporary dance, Nacho Duato choreography, Jazz, make up, lighting, and more.... We celebrate our 10th Anniversary this year and would like to invite you to celebrate with us! www.siba-academy.com
  7. + FLIGHTS TIPS - Airport, Pick up students, Packing instructions... + BRING YOUR SOLO - How to audition, and more info + INSURANCE INFO - We offer group insurance for our students... + FOOD & SHOPPING - Our Chef, Kitchen & food info, Special diets... + OPTIONAL OFFERS - Private classes, Lectures, Tour, and more... http://siba-academy.com/NEWS/2014-SIBA-APR.htm
  8. A short video of the SWAN LAKE, by artistic director Peter Breuer SIBA Ballet Workshop students will perform this choreography at the 4 gala shows in August 2014 for more information please go on the website www.siba-academy.com
  9. I am happy to announce that we are already 75% full for summer 2014, so if any of you would like to return to SIBA for our special 10 years Anniversary, please register as soon as possible, you all know I only accept 80 students! you know the procedure: http://www.siba-academy.com/registration.htm Returning students get a 200 Euro discount, and do not need to send photos and CV, we have you on file..... much love and miss all of you, Siba Edas Nili
  10. SIBA Ballet Workshop, Salzburg, Austria If you like the challenge of dancing with older and professional dancers, this is your opportunity to experience what it is like to dance, eat, breathe SIBA ! You will learn how it is to be a part of a dance company professionally, meet other dancers from all over the world, learn other languages, dance methods, taste your friends' foods and make contacts for life!
  11. We celebrate our 10th Anniversary this year and would like to invite you to celebrate with us! Reservations required: http://www.siba-academy.com/gala_reg.htm The Anniversary Gala Show will be held at the magnificent garden of Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron” The originally preserved rococo jewel in the core of the city of Salzburg is world-famous for being the birthplace of the Salzburg Festival and original film location of “The Sound of Music”. with highlights from SIBA Gala show, performance by principal dancers of the Salzburg Ballet, and our GUEST STAR - The world famous Counter Tenor DAVID D'OR, and the Japanese coloratura soano SEIKO LEE In the program: 2014 Theme: Swan Lake Classical ballet, Pointe, variations, repertoire, men technique, pas de Deux, modern / contemporary dance, Nacho Duato choreography, Jazz, make up, lighting, Dancers go to register to the SIBA Ballet Workshop 13 July to 10th August 2014 4 Weeks of exciting ballet programand 4 Gala Shows for advanced, pre-professionals & professional dancers. performed by the students. (Ages 12 - 30) and more....
  12. Wishing all dance friends and dancers a great weekend... will be performed by SIBA Ballet Workshop Dancers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMpgFILsGRk
  13. "Marie Antoinette" by the Salzburg Ballet, directed by Peter Breuer SIBA Ballet Workshop THE INTERNATIONAL FACULTY SIBA 2014 Artistic Director Peter Breuer, Director of the Salzburg Ballett, Ildiko Pongor - The Hungarian National Ballet, Alexander Korobko - Ballet Master - Salzburg Ballet, Crisinta Uta, Principal dancer Salzburg Ballet, Fabrice Edelmann - Rehearsal Director Compaïa Nacional de Danza 2, Tony Fabre, Nacho Duato, Peter McCoy - Jazz and Contemporary choreographer, and more.... Accompanists: Rodika Foigelman, Romania, and Lana Orlova, Russia. ~~~siba-academy.com~~~ One of the many goals of SIBA is to 'polish' the dancer's personal skills and most of all give them the stage experience they need, by producing 4 gala shows in 3 different theaters.
  14. SIBA Youth has merged into the big SIBA Salzburg Ballet workshop, and now offers a special group for the younger dancers, ages 12-13 The workshop dates: Jul. 13 - Aug. 10, 2014 A special training program headed by Ildiko Pongor, the DIVA of the Hungarian National Ballet, and world famous ballet teacher and coach, together with Alex Korobko and Cristina Uta, both principa dancers of the Salzburg Ballet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SM0d1CvKF0&feature=player_embedded The younger students will also participate in the gala shows! We have a live-in chaperon for the young dancers, and we do pick up and bring back unescorted young travellers from and to Salzburg airport. Please contact me for more information..
  15. Thank you so much Jannet.... and yes - I have now added a signature block.. sorry, an oversight on my part....
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