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SIBA Intensive Summer Workshop


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Hi theballerinapoint,

We do auditioning by email only, applicants should fill in the registration form (no need to pay anything before being approved) and send us a short CV/Resuma, and 3 dance photos. we usually send an answer within 24 hours.  The reason we do it only by email is to save money which we give instead for partial scholarships.



If you go to the website / Program page you will find a full details of the program,  but in general, we start training at 09:00 - 13:00, 1 hour lunch break, and then 14:00 - 18:00 is variations, repertoire, Nacho Duato, Jazz etc. and rehearsals for the program. 18:19 is dinner, then in the evenings there are some optional courses, lectures, movies and guest starts talking about their careers, depending on the schedules.

Friday we finish a bit earlier, and Saturday is a free day. Sunday is a normal training day. so you can see it is rather intensive.  Studios, dining and dorms are all in the same vicinity, close to a big shopping mall and short bus ride to the center of Salzburg, but yet its on top of a mountain quiet and isolated...


Please note that we have a special Early Bird bonus of 300 Eu. for registration before December 31....



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