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I found the Opera programme highly enjoyable. It was rather strange to see the orchestra using the whole stalls area and to see members of the chorus scattered around the theatre. Clever choices of repertoire that didn't require close contact between the soloists, some that is obviously difficult to achieve in ballet. There was a handsome set - I think.it may have been specially designed for the occasion, but someone on this forum may correct me on this. I most enjoyed the finale with Gerald Finley, orchestra and chorus in the Te Deum from Tosca. Amazing how an artist like Finley, can, in just an excerpt and without a full stage, can create such a powerful impression of evil! He had previously sung Iago's Credo - definitely an evening for the baddies! Will watch again, and of course can't wait for the ballet evening

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19 minutes ago, bangorballetboy said:

The set is from ROH’s production of La Traviata (act 2, scene 2 - Flora’s salon).


I agree it was an extremely enjoyable and, at times, highly emotional evening? Well worth the £16 cost and certainly every penny worth to see Gerry Finley’s Scarpia.

Thanks for this - I thought someone would know!  And I agree totally about the £16 being well spent.

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I absolutely agree. A fabulous choice, streets ahead of the previous output in ramping up the enjoyment factor.
And Gerald Finley - what a class act! Scarpia, yes, but Credo has always been one of my absolute favourite pieces and, perhaps because we have been so starved of life performances over the past few months, Friday evening stood out more than ever.
So I would be happy to recommend swallowing the £16 outlay to anyone who hasn’t already done so. Money extremely well spent. 

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