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  1. I know of a number of double vaccinated people who have contracted Covid. Happily all of them have been singularly untroubled by it.
  2. A disturbing article on every level. It would, I agree, be reassuring to have some examples of contradiction or renunciation weighed against the claims put forward in the article. Do they exist? If so, why are they not exhibited? If not, the situation is very serious indeed.
  3. Sounds gorgeous! Will it be on sale in the ROH shop?
  4. Didn't I read somewhere that Michael Gove likes opera?
  5. I was also in the amphi on the 13th but everyone around me was masked up. When I arrived unmasked from the street and said something along the lines of: "Oh yes, masks of course", the reply came back: "It's up to you". I put on my mask. Recently at Sadler's Wells, almost everyone was unmasked in the foyer, donned their masks to take their seats, promptly took them off and didn't bother putting them on again for the interval or when leaving.
  6. Not at all bad. Nor are the accolades from Evert, Navratilova et al. Or the “sky’s the limit” predictions for future earnings. And who could resist her unaffected admission that she had no clue what would happen next, no care in the world, that she was just loving life.
  7. And she seems absolutely lovely! Polite, natural, spontaneous, with no ego or sense of entitlement on show. Well done Emma indeed!
  8. As my grandmother always used to say: "there's only one thing worse than growing old and that's not growing old."
  9. Just to round up, I saw the last show of the Sadler's Wells run and absolutely luuurved it! Congratulations to all for the slick and fabulous production values, the steady professionalism of the orchestra and the all round, toe-tapping, infectious pizzazz served up with infectious good humour and a cherry on the top by every member of the cast. Way to go, folks!
  10. Agreed on both counts.
  11. To qualify, and although I haven’t read the article or the book, I fully sympathise and empathise with the devastation he must have felt at the loss of his sister. And for her, there can have been no horror worse than fearing the pain and heartbreak that her diagnosis and suffering would bring to those who loved her.
  12. I can’t speak for Sim but for me it’s because he always comes across as incurably smug and self-satisfied; the archetypal exponent of the metropolitan elite. I freely admit that I may be doing him a disservice but that’s how he presents to me.
  13. I was about to throw in my two penn'orth with the posters who have only heard of Greg Wise and Robert Webb (and I'm with Sim on the subject of Greg Wise as I can't stand him either) when I realised that I could also add A J Odudu and Tom Fletcher, but my "let's get down with the kids" credentials may be terminally tarnished by the fact that A J Odudu's bouncy excitability and Mel B-type northern accent make me want to climb the walls and although I have heard of McFly, I only recognise Tom Fletcher by name (isn't he the blond one with glasses who never really looked like a member of a boy band?) because he now writes children's books that my grandson enjoys.
  14. Me too, Two Pigeons. She is that very rare thing, a female presenter who doesn’t do women a disservice. Neither giggly girlishness nor smug superiority.
  15. I love listening to Suzy Klein - and watching her on the rare occasions when she graces our screens. She is natural, well-informed and radiates a genuine interest in whatever she is talking about and the views of her guests.
  16. Not to mention food shopping. And the discomfort of siting alone in restaurants. The list goes on …
  17. I think that Melissa Hamilton is frequently underrated. She isn't suited to everything but who is? And when she is good she is very, very good... She was a fabulous Mary Vetsera a few years back to Rupert Pennefather's Rudolf.
  18. I've got a feeling that this is the Carlos Acosta/Bolshoi Spartacus. As it's Sky Arts, to be repeated, surely?
  19. Oh purlease, everyone, what a depressing picture you all paint. Where are the glass-half-full forum members? Galloping up like the cavalry in a standard B western, I hope. Well do make it quick, I’m not sure I can stand any more of these gloomy predictions.
  20. I know of people who have been pinged in the car when sitting at traffic lights, overtaking or being overtaken, presumably via Bluetooth connection.
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