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  1. Maybe I’ve got it wrong but I thought that when Mats Ek retired he also retired all his ballets. Can anyone clarify? Thanks!
  2. I was at both performances yesterday. It was the first time I'd seen this ballet, and I agree with KyleCheng that on first viewing the music was a little distracting. However, in the evening, when I was more familiar with what to expect, I found I could ignore that and concentrate on the dancing - which was superb. Both casts gave it their all. Not having seen the full version, I found the minimal staging very clean, and the story very clear. I have enjoyed a lot of what Northern Ballet offer - particularly Jane Eyre - and they are such a strong company dramatically. But it was just such a pleasure to see a live performance again - I'm still on a bit of a high!
  3. Totally agree, Sim, and let's hope we get the chance to give her a really good send-off on the ROH stage.
  4. It doesn’t say when her last performance will be. It would be good to know that to make a point of being there. I have such great memories of all her performances, but particularly Juliet which was outstanding.
  5. Thanks, BBB - I had that email too, but when I tried to get extra tickets it still said 'you've reached your ticket limit'. So maybe it's taking time to get that onto the website.
  6. It was a really enjoyable evening, and very emotional. Also great value for money at only £16! I've watched it again on the replay, and it packs the same punch.
  7. So no more information about making a donation then ... Ah - I've just found a JustGiving page for her, and the charity is 'Acting for Others'. Could that be the one?
  8. It is a great achievement. Does anyone know if there is a way of donating something to the fund for those (like me) who can't get there? It would be nice to be able to contribute something to the effort.
  9. I completely agree about the fact that it was dance theatre, Ian - it was certainly that, and it was very intense. But at the risk of being controversial, I had the same reaction last night as I did the first time I saw it - the dancing just didn't move me. There was so much lifting/swirling etc and to my mind little actual dance. Any emotion I felt came from the music, and the knowledge that it was a real loss of such great talent so young, not from the dancing itself. That's not to criticise any of the performances - the three leads were outstanding. But when I saw the double bill in the ROH (it seems so long ago now!) , DAAG had me in floods of tears it was so beautiful, and I had the same reaction to R.B.M.E. when that was streamed from Stuttgart recently. But maybe I'm just looking for something different from my ballet-going - Matthew Bourne's productions don't really move me either, probably for the same reason. But for example, Lensky's solo before the duel always has me in tears, and the emotion in that is equally intense but it has beauty too. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned! I don't usually post longer opinions, and it's probably because I have time on my hands. But thank goodness for the chance to see these productions at home - like Sim, I'm finding it hard not to be able to be in a theatre - any theatre really! (I meant to say that I'm not totally old-fashioned - I loved Woolf Works, much to my surprise, and Akram Khan's Giselle was mind-blowing)
  10. I felt much the same! I can still remember the atmosphere in the theatre that night. Unforgettable.
  11. And in that same tradition, I thought Reilly was a really great Onegin in past performances - especially in London when he performed with Cojocaru. That was a great night!
  12. Streaming of "Giselle" with Natalia Osipova and Nikita Chetverikov from Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre - Thanks for posting this, Amelia! Do you know who Myrthe is, please? Jacky
  13. After Northerndancer has their ticket, I too am looking for a SCS for Monday March 2nd. Thanks Jacky
  14. I'm going to return this to the BO. Thanks anyway! Jacky
  15. I can't claim to be any kind of expert, but to me 'The Cellist' was lacking in actual dancing. Sorry!! I have only seen it once, and that was last night in the cinema so I may have got the wrong impression, but there seemed to be a lot of lifting and 'flailing' and less what I would describe as dancing. That maybe unfair, and maybe it was just the contrast with DAAG, but I didn't find it very moving for that reason. To me the lifting was distracting, though it could have been the angle of the camera which at times was just too close. I probably need to see it again in the theatre, and I might find it more engaging if I can see the whole stage all the time. I found Sambe's performance outstanding, though - at times I really did believe he was a cello!! DAAG was sublime - I could have watched it again and again all the evening.
  16. I have Balcony C28 for sale for Thursday - tall loose seat, officially partial view. Cast Nunes/Hirano/Takada/Edmonds. Cost £25. I shall return it to the Box Office this evening if no-one would like it. It's an e-ticket. Thanks Jacky
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