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RBS Associate lessons from Sept


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Morning all


just wondering what you make of the email we had this week saying that from September some associate classes may be in Sundays instead of Saturday and possibly by Zoom. I’m not sure my DC will receive the training they want and need by Zoom but I suppose needsmust in this odd world we are in currently. Also Sundays are not ideal for us as world normally be home that day before back in schoolMonday. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
anyone else feeling a bit uncertain??

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@Proudmumofdd I think it’s going to be really difficult to get back any kind of rhythm for a good while yet. It feels like a hot mess.


RB Associates changing to a Sunday will have a knock on impact on other Associate programs and other ballet classes that have always run on a Sunday. 

What will people choose to do, how will they choose?


What if it changes back?


My son has Ballet Boost Associates and Tring Classical Ballet Associates, do I give up both to keep his MA place???? 

They both run at the same times as his MA class will run now on a Sunday.


Zoom isn’t working for him currently he absolutely hates it, so that wouldn’t be an option for him. And RBS have said with their Zoom classes there will be no guarantee that it will be their regular class teacher! 

I feel more annoyed than I feel uncertain. 







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Aw I know it’s so so difficult to know what to do. My DC is involved in another programme on a Sunday so what do we do? And I find Zoom not great and DC has not been very positive about that platform for lessons. I fully understand things are difficult but I’m undecided about whether to say we can commit to Sunday RBS classes. Trying to make sense if it all. 
Stay safe! 

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It’s really tricky isn’t it. Our centre wasn’t mentioned in the email so I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I’m still hoping we’ll be back in the studio in some form but how it will work I don’t know. As there haven’t been auditions for the new intake yet, classes will be smaller which might help. 

DD will start Ballet Boost on a Sunday in Sept so I’m hoping that RBS will be able to stay on a Saturday. 

I know DD will not be ready to give up on RBS yet so we will have to make it work in whatever way they offer. 

I’m hoping though that they can sort zoom rather then pre recorded lessons if they can’t get in the studio. The children need the interaction. 

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On 06/07/2020 at 09:48, Mummy twinkle toes said:

Ballet Boost is on Sundays and some teachers are RBS associate teachers so not sure how that will work

Thankfully most Ballet Boost teachers are ex ENBS teachers or BRB. Only Zoe is affected and that's easily sorted . At Ballet Boost we are lucky to have plenty of high calibre teachers waiting in the wings! 


In regards to those with BBA places - where we can we will switch levels to help people fit both but classes are full so we can't accommodate this easily!

Dancers can leave early without judgement aswell......but after lockdown consider that this many hrs in one day is tough.


Dancers can choose our zoom option for one term or vice versa for RBS.

Or do 50% BBA and 50% RBS as an ideal balance. They know we run on Sundays and I have sent them many students!!!! So they are usually very accommodating. Don't be afraid to contact your programmes and discuss options so we can all try to make the best of things without too much stress. 

I know at BBA we are planning to help as much as possible.

I think each dancer needs to work out what they need most for this term -  then chose to attend the programme that will provide most gains for your young dancers. If their place is safe then do what works best and don't worry about it too much. They won't be judged if they chose to do online  x


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