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  1. Another one waiting for news here. Tring's CBA is held at the school and have auditions planned for 5th September - though guess that could change! I wonder if it would be too tricky to find alternative studio space if holding it on site is an issue?
  2. Exactly! It's been a really good lesson to see outside of her small dance school bubble.
  3. My DD (who's coming to the end of y4) has been doing these classes and really enjoyed them. Stretches her at times but at least she can see the competition!
  4. I don't know! I only picked up that it as a possibility for some centres from these boards. We're still waiting for DD to audition for a year 5 place, hopefully in September but who knows πŸ˜€
  5. I would think it unusual but could happen. I imagine the change to Sunday will mean giving up other places like CBA which some might not want to do, especially if they are planning to try for a full time place at the school.
  6. Total speculation but I wonder if more SWL places become available this year due to the change to Sunday classes at some centres? People might not be willing to give up associate places they have already committed to i.e. CBA...
  7. Short wait list - so still a chance of a place if one becomes available.
  8. Well done to all the SWLs and to Dancingsantosisters for the Moorlands place! I wonder if they'll take less people this year to make social distancing easier?
  9. Which centres are likely to move to Sunday? Just wondering on the outside chance we get a place. Feel for all your DC.
  10. How many 10 year olds are grade 5?! My 9 yo DD is WAY behind the curve if this is the norm πŸ˜‚ What a horrible choice to have to make.
  11. Are they planning to deliver via Zoom next year? Or at least part of it? Must be disappointing for you all if so.
  12. Seems sensible! Especially for Y6. Still can't wrap my head round people soon being able to have a drink in a pub but DD not being able to go back to the studio... but that's a completely separate conversation πŸ˜‚
  13. I imagine they're waiting for some more guidance from the government which doesn't look like it's going to arrive anytime soon... Though if schools are all going back in September then surely auditions can at least go ahead.
  14. I think there's a reasonable chance we will πŸ˜€ We're waiting on Elmhurst news as well, hopefully we'll have some dates to work towards soon! Only thing in the diary at the moment is Tring CBA on September 5th though sods law either JAs or Elmhurst YD will end up clashing 🀣
  15. It's a tricky one! DD has been part of Midland Theatre Ballet the past year and has turned down a further 12 months without having anything firmly in its place. A real chance that we may end up with nothing though if that happens we'll try and line up some privates with a good teacher to fill the gap.
  16. Thank you - our first time on the audition circuit too. Good luck and hope it's not too much of a wait for you!
  17. Hope you all hear soon! Sure they'll want to draw a line underneath these auditions ASAP, fingers crossed anyway! What sort of thing did you have to film? No-one for DD's dance school has tried for JAs for a few years so going in blind as to what will actually happen in her audition for a year 5 place in September.
  18. Think I remember reading about this school on here last year, Peter Schaufuss definitely rings a bell... Could easily be wrong though! Be interesting to see how it develops.
  19. I got an email a couple of weeks back confirming the change of date to 5th September. Not heard when the JAs have been rescheduled to yet - have you? We're also after a year 5 place πŸ™‚
  20. On our list of things to do this weekend! Going to attempt ourselves, mainly as not an associate scheme our teacher suggested.
  21. The Guardian article makes for very sad reading. Since schools have opened for more than key worker children, provision for my year 4 DD has dipped considerably, mostly practising times tables online / worksheets that take minutes to complete. Feel lucky that we have the interest in our DD's education and financial means to top this up but recognise that the majority are not so fortunate. Not a critical year for her though - must be much trickier for older ones.
  22. Good luck to everyone! Long wait to the year 5 audition in the autumn for us 😩
  23. Notice that Bloch announced on their insta yesterday that they'll be expanding their pointe shoe range to include darker colours - some progress!
  24. I'm not surprised as these items are not easy to come by for parents of young children starting ballet - plus the price of a pair of the Freed tights is more expensive than the average which may also be a barrier. Then comes the issue of preference - my DD likes to wear a canvas split sole and the Freed shoe is only available in leather / satin full sole. I think it's brilliant that Freed has taken this initiative but it certainly doesn't solve the issue entirely. However, I appreciate that until more children from BAME backgrounds participate in ballet (which is an entirely different issue!) it simply isn't feasible for companies from a business perspective to produce a wider range.
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