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  1. I hope I'm wrong but the cynic in me suggests this might be a consequence of Covid and people not as wanting to travel abroad so much.... (not to take away from the, i'm sure, brilliant WL students)
  2. Aren't RBS (admirably) just celebrating diversity and inclusivity? I am VERY skeptical of the aims and motives of LGBAlliance & LGBFightBack but guess that discussion isn't really for these boards...
  3. In Birmingham JA3 is a year 6 girls class (guessing it must vary by centre).
  4. Sorry it says 'Measure from the waist to below the knee, add 10cm for turning up hem etc. You will need this overall length x 3, plus an extra 10cm from the waistband'. (we found it easier to use the make up service offered 😃)
  5. Y6 Birmingham girls is 4pm to 6:15pm 🙂
  6. Well done everyone 😊 I reckon there is a good chance that classes are being kept small again so another tricky year to apply. So many stories of noes turning into yeses down the years so don't give up trying if it's not good news.
  7. We had a very brief view shortly before receiving our yes last year...
  8. Just checking in to say good luck to everyone - can't be TOO much longer 🤞
  9. That was just year 6 results - the other years came by centre over a couple of months in the autumn. Obviously won't be as drawn this year but I'd perhaps dial back any expectations of hearing at half term. Hope I'm wrong though! Fingers crossed for you all!
  10. I *think* it was within a week. Good luck everyone!
  11. I don't think it is quite as straight forward as that. You are right that JEP children have already been noted by RBS but they haven't had a years' worth of training (a lesson every other week at most since January, just like those selected for JAs) and in reality RBS will take those deemed most appropriate for the programme at this point in time.
  12. If you mean year 5 from September then I'd guess quite a few! My DD is a current Y5 at Birmingham and there are only 2 year 4 children that I know of leaving a number of spaces for others to join 😊
  13. I'm pretty sure you can only view if you uploaded via Youtube (but could be wrong).
  14. If you approach via the city centre, there is a right hand lane just after the school that allows you to do a u turn - quite easy to miss! Huge good luck to anyone auditioning this weekend!
  15. From our experience many, many children do both and I believe the schemes are, to a certain extent, timetabled to allow for this. Makes me wonder if the other parent was trying to put you off 😂 Weekly classes sound very typical too. Best of luck for results! Fingers crossed it's not too much a wait for you now!
  16. We're booked that week too 😊 happy to put them in touch beforehand if you want to?
  17. Thank you - I'll definitely ask the question 😊
  18. Thanks - I did have a look at this one and it looked great but only offers 2 hours a day for age 10, and as we would be staying in London for the week, would like a longer day. Have banked for the future though! Ace thank you 😊
  19. Having missed the boat for summer intensive applications I'm bit stuck as what to do with the hundreds of weeks off (it seems!) DD has off. Booked her in for a week at Malvern but trying to find something in July. Does anyone have experience of YDA or Ballet Boost holiday courses? Likely that it'll be a choice between one of them... She's 10 if it has any bearing.
  20. Results went out over a few days last September - DD got a yes 2 days after her friend heard so don't give up hope!
  21. I've heard this second hand from a friend with a child at the full time school but, according to her, Tring quite like it when a child comes back for another try as it shows how much they want it! Pretty sure there are many stories on here of people getting in after a second (or third!) audition as well.
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