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Prix de Lausanne 2019

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This year’s PDL is currently underway with up to 6 hours of live-streaming per day via the PDL Facebook page, or on Arte Concert.  The finals will be held this Saturday 9th February and will again, be live-streamed.  Carlos Acosta is President of the jury this year and Miyako Yoshida is also on the jury.

Patrick Armand and Elizabeth Platel are the classical coaches and it’s been a real pleasure so far to watch her teach with her classes emphasising pure and simple classical style at its very best.  There was a short interview with Carlos Acosta yesterday and he spoke about his own participation in the PDL and how it helped his dance career.  He also said that he first looks for the dance student that is ‘a performer’ (an artiste) combined with musicality before anything else - which is encouraging as these qualities can sometimes be lost in the strive for higher extensions and technique.  If anyone wants to catch up with the last few days they can be found on the PDL’s YouTube channel.

Hannah O’Neil (from NZ and a previous PDL winner - now with the POB) will be performing on Saturday at the finals - I think she will be dancing a solo from ‘Raymonda’.

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I was able to catch up with all the latest including the final on YouTube yesterday, and I was pleased that two of the dancers that really caught my eye went through to the final. Yu Wakizuka from Japan was just delightful, a big smile on his face throughout the week with a great technique and a huge jump. But my favourite was the Brazilian Gabriel Figueredo. This young dance training at the John Cranko School was wonderful. A huge talent, with a beautiful body, enviable long legs and highly arched feet. His technique was amazing and he revealed an artistry that belied his age. I still can't believe he didn't win, but I know it won't be the last we heard/see this seriously talented young man.

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