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  1. Oh yes I agree. Their pdd was definitely the highlight for me. They danced so beautifully together. I hope we get to see more of them together. And I've said it before - like many others - Campbell is obviously dancing really well and his technical ability is a given - why wasn't he cast as Romeo? All very puzzling πŸ™„
  2. Remember those old black & white musicals where the chorus line/understudy is unexpectantly thrown into the starring role? When I think of the artists, 1st artists, soloists - there are certain dancers who immediately spring to mind who I know without a shadow of doubt would be able to not only carry the show but undoubtedly shine in the unexpected opportunity. Romany Padjak is such a dancer. She is always beautiful and her opportunity is long overdue. Although I would be SO pleased if Padjak were promoted I think it will probably be Sambe, Kaneko or Stix-Brunell to principal or O'Sullivan & Clarke to 1st Soloist. I think that Joseph Sissens should definitely be promoted to Soloist - along with Gasparini and of course the lovely Romany Padjak.
  3. I spoke with Ed Watson last week and he said he would be back performing in June....😁
  4. I'm really hoping to get time off work to get down to see some of this. After seeing them in SF last year I can highly recommend Snowblind by Cathy Marsden, another dramatic masterpiece with an especially gorgeous scene for the corps representing the snow blizzard. And David Dawson's Amina Animus is amazing, memorable for the not only the choreography and Dawson's expansive use of space and light but the unforgettable presence of Sofiane Sylve. A wonderful ballerina in an equally wonderful ballet.
  5. Sorry to disagree with you all - but I just hate this 'ballet' - it doesn't amuse me at all, I find it predictable and cringe worthy.
  6. I seem to remember reading that he was at La Scala before Bolshoi - so wouldn't he be familiar with Macmillan's R&J from there?
  7. I enjoyed Within The Golden Hour, all the dancers performed well but Sarah Lamb and Alexander Campbell were the standout couple. I didn't like Medusa, it looked so amateurish - especially being the centre piece in tonight's program. My friend thought it just looked under rehearsed. The singers were beautiful, in fact all the musicians and singers were incredible tonight. My understanding of this myth was not what I saw tonight, but it was not what was in the program notes either. I thought Medusa's glance could turn you to stone? - yet throughout the pdd Ball continued to look at Osipova. The costumes were silly too especially the transparent boiler suits the men wore. The apparent violent meeting of Medusa and Poseidon, to my eye's didn't appear so violent. Just a pdd with Ryoichi Hirano for some reason wearing what looked like a grey skirt and a black line painted on him? So yes, not very good. And all I could think was why oh why would you pay for this when you - KoH - could hire Cathy Marston for example to choreograph something amazing for the company? Anyway the dancers were committed especially Osipova, who in the final solo danced her heart out. Flight Pattern is what I wanted to see as I missed it last time. And I was not disappointed. Firstly I loved the atmospheric lighting, and the music was perfect, and I was struck yet again at how small simple moves, such as rocking in place can be so powerful when structured by someone like Pite. I loved it. And all the dancers without exception were amazing. It made me cry.
  8. "Working her jaw in a sort of "chattering" motion" What do you mean??? I have to say I've never noticed anything wrong with Marianela's jaw - not that I've spent time studying it.
  9. Yes of course there is, as I said, I was wondering... And, I admit to wishful thinking as I really liked Solomon and wished he was still with RB.
  10. It's also interesting that Diana Ionescu is cast as Princess Stephanie - she was memorable as one of the winners in Prix in 2017/18(?) A beautiful long limbed dancer from Romania, she has progressed quickly!
  11. I'm wondering if Solomon Golding is planning on returning to RB as he has posted on Instagram that he's leaving SFB.......
  12. Tonight's performance starring Matt Ball and Dominic North as the Prince was unsurprisingly a huge success. I went on the opening night here in Liverpool and Max Westwell danced the Swan and Liam Mower was the Prince the performers received an immediate standing ovation then. All the dancers performed well. But Liam Mower was particularly touching. I couldn't help but feel his pain and loneliness. I of course went to the Friday and Saturday performances of Matt Ball. The prince was danced by Dominic North. And what a show we got. Matt was just fantastic, I was struck by just how beautiful his arms were/are. I would of loved to see him partnered with Liam Mower, there was just such a tragic quality to his performance that was intense. This young man is a wonderful artist. The response again was loud and enthusiastic. And I think the performers appreciated the loud applause and cheers - especially last night when (family & friends?) started to chant "oh Matty, Matty. Matty, Matty, Matty, Matty Ball". Like a football chant. It was endearing, and typical in this football crazy city. But it was an honest and heartfelt response to a son of the city. It brought a tear to my eye - and a huge grin to Matt and the dancers. An unforgettable experience.
  13. I had actually been hoping he came to the Royal..what an asset to any company..such a glorious dancer, beautiful long legs and arched feet. My favourite at this year's Prix. Definitely a star in the future 🌟
  14. Catch Matthew Ball performing in his home city. Stalls ticket. Β£24.75
  15. It's a pity Bejart didn't see it - it might of encouraged him to create something a whole lot more interesting than his Bolero - or 'piggy in the middle' as I think of it. πŸ™„
  16. So touching - that made me cry....πŸ˜ͺ
  17. I also caught this by chance and I really enjoyed it. While Sleep was at the Teatro Colon I couldn't help but think about Marianela.
  18. Me too. I've just got home from work, sat down in my kitchen with a hot chocolate, eager to read all the reports....and nothing. Oh well will have to wait till this afternoon now when I wake up 😏
  19. I am Gutted I missed this! I have So much respect for David Bintley. I remember him clearly when he danced and I enjoyed all his ballets, some more than others obviously. But all of them were crafted with love and knowledge of his company. There never was such a wonderfully talented touring company like SWRB for both it's dancers and choreographers - I still miss them coming to Liverpool. From seeing that immensely talented young man grow to the David Bintley we see today reminds me that life really is brief, and we should cherish and appreciate those around us who bring us such Joy. I wish a truly happy future to David and I hope we continue to see more of his fantastic ballets.
  20. Yasmine Nagdhi, what can I say? She is a complete artist. She never disappoints. Her debut last night was something I will never forget. Her technique is a given but last night it was her interpretive skills that were further revealed. My God this ballerina can do everything. That final pdd had me crying. Which brings me to Alex Campbell, I have not seen him so engaged, dance so well for a long time. It was a true pdd. (The last time I saw Alex dance like this he was with BRB). I had so wanted to see Bracewell dance with Yasmine but we were not disappointed in the least, he was fantastic. I have not been so happy with a performance of The Two Pigeons since the 80's when SWRB and the divine Nicola Katrak performed it. I also loved Vixen - what a great ballet for the school. The whole cast should be proud. And well done Scarlett. A wonderful night.......
  21. I was able to catch up with all the latest including the final on YouTube yesterday, and I was pleased that two of the dancers that really caught my eye went through to the final. Yu Wakizuka from Japan was just delightful, a big smile on his face throughout the week with a great technique and a huge jump. But my favourite was the Brazilian Gabriel Figueredo. This young dance training at the John Cranko School was wonderful. A huge talent, with a beautiful body, enviable long legs and highly arched feet. His technique was amazing and he revealed an artistry that belied his age. I still can't believe he didn't win, but I know it won't be the last we heard/see this seriously talented young man.
  22. I know we've recently been discussing a tv (ahem) dance programme. But I just want to say how much I enjoy Flirty Dancing on 4. Call me sentimental - I don't mind - but I just love it! The whole idea is great. Last week a gorgeous little dance was choreographed for a young gay couple performed in a museum and I admit I was totally involved in their dance, their connection and hopefully their HEA.
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