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  1. I hope not (re - Calvert) but you have echoed my thoughts exactly Bridiem!
  2. I couldn’t agree more re - Romany Padjek and I think she is one of the most lyrical and musical dancers currently at the RB.
  3. Here is my list of the the dancers I felt weren’t fully appreciated when they were at the ‘height’ of their dance careers; Ann Jenner Deborah Bull - an amazing and athletic dancer and I preferred her to D Bussell to be honest Fiona Chadwick (overshadowed by Briony Brind Maybe?) Beautiful lyrical dancer Rosalyn Whitten and more recently, Romany Padjek - thankfully she has been recently promoted though! Emma Maguire (now left the RB but I always felt she was a bit under-appreciated)
  4. Poor woman - renal colic is excruciating - I hope she gets all the pain relief she needs and gets back to the UK ASAP.
  5. One of my all time favourite ballerinas - the best Sugar Plum Fairy of all in my opinion.
  6. RIP John - condolences to your family xx
  7. Bit of a strange and sweeping statement from Dame Darcey, who has been President of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) since 2012 - a dance teaching organisation that promotes the highest standards of dance training and teacher training worldwide.
  8. Hanna Park was only 15 years old when she won a PDL scholarship (back in 2018 and came second behind gold medal winner, Shale Wagman)and joined the Upper RBS in the second year group (missed out the first year). I think it’s highly likely that she will join the Graduate year next term - but that’s just me speculating!
  9. Thanks for posting this Lynette H - not one direct entry into the RB corps and unusual to see two graduates joining the cast of a musical but good luck to them all for the future.
  10. Bravo on Shale’s début! Spotted him a few years ago at the Academy Princess Grace and he reminded me of the late Patrick Bissell of ABT in looks and exuberance. I thought that after the PDL he only had a year’s contract with ENB - but I cannot find that information at the moment. Maybe he’ll join the RB (wishful thinking on my part 🤔). I wouldn’t be surprised if he joined the Mariinsky though - what an opportunity.
  11. Delighted for Padjek (at last), Gasparini and Yudes - well deserved.
  12. Thanks Alison - I think it’s only missing the last few letters of ‘relationship’ at the end of the press release. This was posted on the ROH’s Facebook page.
  13. Artists of The Royal Ballet in Swan Lake, The Royal Ballet © 2018 ROH. Photograph by Bill Cooper The Royal Ballet announces promotions, leavers and joiners for the 2019/20 season Director of The Royal Ballet Kevin O’Hare today announces promotions, leavers and joiners for The Royal Ballet’s 2019/20 Season. By Becky Black (Social Media Editor) Friday 12 July 2019, 5.30pm Kevin O’Hare comments, 'This is always a special moment in the Season to celebrate the extraordinary talents of our dancers at the varying stages of their careers with The Royal Ballet. My congratulations to those promoted and sincere thanks to those leaving or taking up new positions within the Company for their wonderful commitment and artistry. I am delighted to welcome our new joiners and wish them every happiness dancing with The Royal Ballet'. As previously announced, Marcelino Sambé has been promoted to Principal. His first performance as a Principal of The Royal Ballet will be as Lescaut in Kenneth MacMillan’s Manon. Kevin O’Hare has also made the following promotions within the Company: Anna Rose O’Sullivan and Luca Acri have been promoted to First Soloist. Romany Pajdak, Isabella Gasparini, Tomas Mock and David Yudes have been promoted to Soloist. Annette Buvoli, Mica Bradbury, Ashley Dean, Chisato Katsura, Leo Dixon and Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød have been promoted to First Artist. Katharina Nikelski, Amelia Townsend, Yu Hang, Harris Bell, Harrison Lee and Taisuke Nakao from the 2018/19 Aud Jebsen Young Dancers Programme, and formerly graduates of The Royal Ballet School, become Artists in the new Season. Sophie Allnatt, also a graduate of The Royal Ballet School, becomes an Artist following a one-year contract with the Company this Season. For the 2019/20 Season The Royal Ballet welcomes five dancers to the Aud Jebsen Young Dancers Programme: Madison Bailey, Liam Boswell, Brayden Gallucci, Bomin Kim and Ginevra Zambon, all from The Royal Ballet School. Sumina Sasaki joins as the Prix de Lausanne dancer for the 2019/20 Season. Gary Avis becomes Senior Ballet Master and Samantha Raine Senior Ballet Mistress from the 2019/20 Season. These titles reflect the invaluable commitment and contribution made to the artistic strengths of the Company. Gary Avis will continue to perform as a Principal Character Artist with The Royal Ballet. As previously announced, Principal dancer Nehemiah Kish retires after nine years with The Royal Ballet. He embarks on a course of postgraduate study in the arts and cultural policy at Goldsmiths, University of London, in the autumn. Helen Crawford steps down as a First Soloist following a successful 17-year career with the Company and has been appointed Ballet Mistress from the 2019/20 Season. First Soloist Hikaru Kobayashi, Soloist Emma Maguire and First Artist Camille Bracher all leave after contributing many valued years across the broad range of the Company’s repertory. The Royal Ballet wishes them well with for the future. Lania Atkins leaves the Aud Jebsen Young Dancer Programme to join the National Norwegian Ballet. Prix de Lausanne dancer Davide Loricchio leaves to take up a position with the Mikhailovsky Ballet. Ballet Master and former First Soloist Ricardo Cervera leaves The Royal Ballet to join the teaching staff of The Royal Ballet School. O’Hare comments: 'Since transferring to the ballet staff, Ricardo has been an invaluable member of the team and we will be sad to see him go. With his many years’ experience at the Company, deep knowledge of our repertory and keen eye for detail, he is sure to inspire the emerging talent of the future. The move to his former place of study continues to strengthen the links between Company and School.' Former Principal Jonathan Cope steps down as a full-time Répétiteur. O’Hare comments: 'Following his extraordinary career as a Principal dancer with The Royal Ballet – one of the finest male dancers of recent times – Jonathan has made a vital contribution to the recent successes of the Company, helping to nurture the artistry of a new generation of dancers. We hope that he will continue to enrich our Principal coaching from time to time.' Carlos Acosta leaves his position as Principal Guest Répétiteur as he takes up his new post as Director of Birmingham Royal Ballet. O’Hare said, 'With his inimitable passion for dance, Carlos will be an inspirational figure for the city of Birmingham and for the members of BRB and we look forward to maintaining a close relationship
  14. https://www.abt.org/2019-promotions-announced/ Pleased for the talented Aran Bell.
  15. There are always exceptions though - an example would be the rapid rise of May Nagahisa (also a past student from Academy Princess Grace) within the Mariinsky ranks - here’s a little snippet of her in her recent ‘Giselle’ début at the Mariinsky;
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