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  1. My thoughts are that most promotions will be within the lower ranks of the company this year; Gasparini to Soloist (definitely) Sissens to Soloist (definitely) Padjek (please please please!) to Soloist Yudes to Soloist Dixon to First Artist Aumeer to First Artist The higher ranks could possibly be; O’Sullivan to First Soloist Clarke to First Soloist Acri to First Soloist Hinkis to First Soloist
  2. Wow that’s a beautiful photo of R&J - they look so suitably vulnerable and make a beautiful couple
  3. Of course there’s nothing wrong with people having favourite dancers (yes, Fonteyn is just one amongst many dancers, past and present, that I have admired) but there has been a few comments regarding a particular and current RB first soloist who has, I felt, had some unfair, dismissive comments made against her because she did not train at a particular school, or follow the more usual path to the higher ranks of the company etc. My thoughts are that given how difficult and competitive it is to gain a contract with any ballet company, surely any dancer that has succeeded to the higher ranks of a major ballet company through a less conventional pathway should not be criticised as not everyone has the same opportunities in life and there are many outside factors that influence this.
  4. I entirely agree Capybara - it’s certainly been putting me off a with the ‘fan club’ type posts recently. I thought this forum was to discuss dance and dancers and not to berate some dancers just because they’re not part of the ‘fan club favourites’ - seems very narrow minded to me.
  5. I agree Vanartus - or maybe NYCB? Yes it’s a shame that she wasn’t cast in Asphodel and also a surprise as it is a ballet I think she is very suited to.
  6. Thanks for this Richard LH - I am a great fan of Melissa Hamilton (and of Roberto Bolle of course!).
  7. I shall look forward to this - love watching artistes working towards a début performance - thanks for the info.
  8. One of my all time favourite dancers (and Ann Jenner too) - I never saw Seymour dance but I had numerous dance books and saw numerous clips of her dancing - such beautiful feet. She was featured quite often in the Princess Tina Ballet annuals every year. My mother and my aunt raved about her and had both seen her dance. Ann Jenner, if I remember rightly, had a beautiful grand jété.
  9. Finally managed to review the Don Quixote live-streamed performance from last Tuesday. My local Odeon was about three quarters full which was good compared to other ballet live-streams. Good to have Kristin MacNally as one of the presenters - good clear voice and of course, she’s got all the dance background knowledge required. She could probably have another career as a presenter. I have only seen Acosta’s version of this ‘not so favourite of mine’ ballet just once before tonight’s - I must admit I didn’t think it was the best version either. However, it’s definitely grown on me after a second viewing and I really enjoyed it. As has been discussed previously here, the principal roles were danced by Akane Takada (Kitri) and Alexander Campbell (Basilio). I thought Takada was magnificent - beautifully secure technique and elevation. She outshone Campbell who I thought, was dancing slightly under parr. He seemed to smirk rather than smile, which was slightly annoying at times and more noticeable during the close ups of the dancers on the livestream. It didn’t help that Basilio’s costume was rather dull compared to other male dancer’s. I hardly noticed him come onto the stage. I think Takada is one of the greatest ballet technicians currently - all precision, control, beautiful upper body and she has exciting speed and elevation. I also think that she is developing into a fine artiste - the icing on the cake. Valentino Zuchetti was smouldering as Espada and again, he is also a fine technician and his variation was beautifully danced with great style and elegance. Mayara Magri did quite a fine job as Mercedes, but I think she needs to develop her acting skills as I don’t always find that her characterisation is convincing. I thought the male dance artistes were all on fine form in the ensemble dances - some great talent and noticeable were all the Beggar boys led by Francesco Serrano. Stand outs were Harris Bell, Lucas Bjørneboe Brændsrød, the amazing Joseph Sissens (first artiste) and Stanislaw Węgrzyn with his guitar. I couldn’t help notice Nadia Mullova Barley and Yu Hang (previous PDL Gold medalist) acting their hearts out and putting everything into their dancing. Sae Maeda was noticeable for her stage presence and must be one to watch. The Dryads scene was a treat and I love those stunning tutus - adorable Anna Rose O’Sullivan as Amour and those beautiful courus en pointe. I think I preferred Melissa Hamilton’s Dryad Queen to Fumi Kaneko’s (and I’m a big fan of hers) - I just felt it was a little ‘brittle’ and not as smooth, soft and dream-like as Hamilton’s. The character artistes were suitably entertaining and Philip Mosley was outstanding in his hilarious portrayal of Sancho Panza. Beatrix Stix Brunell’s strong characterisation and dancing outshone Yuhui Choe as Kitri’s friends. Choe doesn’t have the same attack that Beatrix SB has for this type of role. All in all, Don Quixote is a great spectacle ballet with a ‘white act’ and a grand pas de deux containing an array of balletic fireworks to conclude. I do like the guitar players but I’m not sure about that shouting by the corps - do they really need to do that? I wont miss it if I don’t see it for a while though - but this is just my humble opinion.
  10. I was wandering if anyone else saw this - I just happened to turn on the TV when this programme was on - made me want to visit Beunos Aires too. I’ve always been a lover of the music of the the tango - and the dance. It was so good to see how the Argentinian culture has so much respect for older people and how everyone of all ages dance together - there’s a lesson to be learnt from that. It was also good to see Wayne Sleep and Paloma Herrera at the stunning Teatro Colon - they seemed to have genuine affection for one another.
  11. This year’s PDL is currently underway with up to 6 hours of live-streaming per day via the PDL Facebook page, or on Arte Concert. The finals will be held this Saturday 9th February and will again, be live-streamed. Carlos Acosta is President of the jury this year and Miyako Yoshida is also on the jury. Patrick Armand and Elizabeth Platel are the classical coaches and it’s been a real pleasure so far to watch her teach with her classes emphasising pure and simple classical style at its very best. There was a short interview with Carlos Acosta yesterday and he spoke about his own participation in the PDL and how it helped his dance career. He also said that he first looks for the dance student that is ‘a performer’ (an artiste) combined with musicality before anything else - which is encouraging as these qualities can sometimes be lost in the strive for higher extensions and technique. If anyone wants to catch up with the last few days they can be found on the PDL’s YouTube channel. Hannah O’Neil (from NZ and a previous PDL winner - now with the POB) will be performing on Saturday at the finals - I think she will be dancing a solo from ‘Raymonda’.
  12. Beautiful ballerina and an all time favourite of mine - one of the greatest Sugar Plum Fairies in my opinion. I see that she is on the jury of this year’s PDL next month.
  13. Cheryl was on the BBC1 ‘One Show’ tonight and once again claimed to of been ‘in the Royal Ballet’! Unbelievable! Somebody should enlighten her!
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