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  1. Hmmm - it’s the way that the performance is listed that made it look like the ‘Manon’ PDD was part of the Tribute to Fonteyn - thank you bangorballetboy.
  2. I mean how glorious is this? Personally I see Hayward or Stix-Brunell in this - sorry to deviate but I couldn’t resist...
  3. In what way is the ‘Manon’ PDD a tribute to Fonteyn? Why not something from ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Giselle’ which were some of the roles that Fonteyn was renowned for? But ‘Manon’ ??? A PDD that she never danced...it really gives the wrong impression of Fonteyn’s career.
  4. Yes me too - unless she has to finish her year with the RB which may include the end of season tour before moving on to another company - but it’s purely speculation!
  5. Yes and she’s off to Japan presumably, and by the look of it, with the RB Tour - she just posted on Instagram.
  6. Just got back from the live relay from the ROH - it seems I’m thinking the same thoughts as some - Naghdi was beautiful with such fluidity and ease in her technique, but I wasn’t sure about Ball. His acting/characterisation was weak and it lacked, or didn’t match, the passion of Naghdi’s. I just love Gary Avis and he was absolutely born to dance Mercutio in my opinion - I will continue my review tomorrow as I’m shattered now!
  7. Yes that’s much later in the month than previous years
  8. One thing is for sure - next season should be very interesting....
  9. I couldn’t agree more - I feel very disappointed for them as they have been given very little next season and any promotion is most likely out of the question now.
  10. Re - Melissa Hamilton, she’s certainly proved herself in the great Macmillan roles so far and I feel she would definitely of been promoted to a permanent Principal dancer by other ballet companies by now (e.g. Dresden being one of them of course). But, however, she seems to prefer to (loyally) stay with the company that nurtured her career (the Royal Ballet). Personally, I’m glad that she has as I generally enjoy her performances and seeing those beautiful feet.......
  11. My thoughts are that most promotions will be within the lower ranks of the company this year; Gasparini to Soloist (definitely) Sissens to Soloist (definitely) Padjek (please please please!) to Soloist Yudes to Soloist Dixon to First Artist Aumeer to First Artist The higher ranks could possibly be; O’Sullivan to First Soloist Clarke to First Soloist Acri to First Soloist Hinkis to First Soloist
  12. Wow that’s a beautiful photo of R&J - they look so suitably vulnerable and make a beautiful couple
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