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London Accommodation / Homestay/ Chaperone sought


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Hi, anyone know of any routes to try source accommodation for a 15 year old DD to enable attendance at ENBS Spring course - & possibly other things over next year too. 

Ideally to stay with another attendee so travelling to course with another/others. 

I cannot be there due to work commitments. As course is non residential I am trying all routes to make it possible.... have exhausted friends & family so am now asking the lovely Forum Family to see if anyone out there has the solution as am sure this is a common issue? 

Mobe thought I had was contributing to the AirBnB or similar cost of another dancing family booking accommodation or a commuting distance attendee whose family may have a spare room they would be happy to rent in bed & board basis? 

Hope it’s ok to explore this here...

Thank you

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  • alison changed the title to London Accommodation / Homestay/ Chaperone sought

Hi. From experience of previous ENBS SS please contact the school directly. They did offer details of ‘homestay’ upon request. Not openingly advertised. 

My DD was 15 just the week before the SS started and we did experience challenges to source accommodation for her on her own due to age or even sharing.  As she was going for the two weeks I stayed with her (Tripadvisor flat) but understand that’s not possible for you. Homestay (with a host family) would be the best option. At least food and laundry would be sorted for her. The course is full on and tiring. Wonderful experience.


Inexperienced young teens having to navigate London public transport after a full day maybe just too much physically and emotionally for some. Home stay therefore may offer the best. Being close to the school is incredibly helpful. Staff are very helpful and answer questions very promptly. 


Good luck. 

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