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Dame Gillian Lynne RIP

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Her ballet A Simple Man, with Christopher Gable playing L.S. Lowry changed my life. It was the first time that I thought ballet could tell working class stories and it made me fall back in love with an art form that I had felt excluded from. 

She leaves a huge hole, really hope Northern Ballet might revive A Simple Man in her honour maybe next time they are looking at programming work. It's great that they have lost of new work but I do think it's important that we don't lose gems like A Simple Man.

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Such sad news to wake up to today.  Gillian Lynne was one of those people I thought was indestructible.


I first became aware of her with the BBC documentary celebrating the centenary of LS Lowry which featured her creation of A Simple Man created on Northern Ballet.  This was soon performed by them on stage and has been revived at regular intervals.  Like Kate I hope they will revive it in her honour.  She also created Lippizaner and The Brontes for the company.  I've seen numerous musicals over the years that she choreographed.  Judging by social media comments at the time her recreation of Miracle of the Gorbals was a highlight for many of BRB's dancers, which was reflected in their wonderful performances.


RIP Dame Gillian Lynne.


From Today's Links:


Obituaries/Tributes - Dame Gillian Lynne:

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Matthew Henley, Stage

Shanique Joseph, Express

Ryan Wilkinson, Mirror

Stephanie Wild, Broadway World

Ruthie Fierberg, Playbill

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She  has been a presence in the dance world for so many years, regularly appearing on documentaries , offering her considered and knowledgeable opinions on so many areas. It's hard to imaging she will no longer be around to contribute.

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