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  1. 2 x stalls circle seats row B 17& 18 £32 Each Can leave at box office today or tomorrow
  2. 2x E tickets for Edward Watson in Conversation 7.45pm on Friday 30th November Currently they are student tickets but I can probably ask for them to be changed to standard if anyone else is interested. E-tickets £10
  3. Keenly awaiting reviews of the Ball, Cuthbertson and Magri cast.... pretty please. Going Saturday but dying to know what people thought of this particular casts first night.
  4. Hi Carol please could I have this ticket if no one else has already grabbed it?
  5. Hi Andreas Will keep a 19th ticket for you let me know if you have any preference re D51 OR 52, will text you about getting ticket to you. Sorry for my mix up re dates. Best wishes Kate
  6. Hi Andreas Someone else PM'ed me last night about Saturday but I'm not sure if they want 1 or both tickets. Will get back to you as soon as I know. Best wishes Kate
  7. Friday 19th SCS D51 & D52 £9 each Saturday 13th Evening SCS D14 & D15 £9 each Please PM if interested. I may return to the box office on Thursday if no interest.
  8. Have to confess that I only saw Act 1 but Hayward was heartbreaking in the final pas de deux of the act. It's a a difficult watch, and should be, it felt almost inappropriate to applaud after watching the terror unfold. I can't comment much on Hirano's Rudolf yet ( and yes I am one of those Watson fans that booked for every performance he was due to undertake for this Mayerling run) but Hiranos' Prince showed promise, and I'm hoping by Saturday that he might get into the character more. I definitely want to see what Ball can do with this role.
  9. 1x SCS for opening night of Mayerling Mon 8th E-ticket so can easily send. D15 might also be available-I'm just waiting on a friend to get back to me.
  10. Think I am going to have to miss the opening night tomorrow so was wondering if anyone has a spare ticket for the rehearsal tomorrow that I could but from them. I've also listed my SCS for tomorrow D14
  11. Her ballet A Simple Man, with Christopher Gable playing L.S. Lowry changed my life. It was the first time that I thought ballet could tell working class stories and it made me fall back in love with an art form that I had felt excluded from. She leaves a huge hole, really hope Northern Ballet might revive A Simple Man in her honour maybe next time they are looking at programming work. It's great that they have lost of new work but I do think it's important that we don't lose gems like A Simple Man.
  12. Hi Tomoko the ticket's yours if you still want it. If you pm me your email address I can send it to you and I'' send you my transfer details.
  13. E-ticket for Ball and Opisova. I won't have internet access for most of today so will reposed to any messages I get in the order received late tonight or first thing tomorrow.
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