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BRB Sadler's Wells Casting (November 2017)

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The two casts I saw in June were Jenna Roberts and Celine Gittens as the Fairy, Joseph Caley and Mathias Dingman as the Young Man and Momoko Hirata and Miki Mizutani as the Bride. I would imagine they will be pretty much the same at the Wells, with the exception of Joe Caley who, of course, has moved to ENB.

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I've pasted below casting for the four main roles:


October 31

Aladdin Mathias Dingman

Princess Badr al-Budur Momoko Hirata

The Mahgrib Iain Mackay

The Djinn of the Lamp Tzu-Chao Chou


November 1 matinée

Aladdin Max Maslen

Princess Badr al-Budur Miki Mizutani

The Mahgrib Valentin Olovyannikov

The Djinn of the Lamp Lachlan Monaghan


November 1 evening

Aladdin César Morales

Princess Badr al-Budur Jenna Roberts

The Mahgrib Tyrone Singleton

The Djinn of the Lamp Aitor Galende


November 2

Aladdin Lachlan Monaghan

Princess Badr al-Budur Yaoqian Shang

The Mahgrib Rory Mackay

The Djinn of the Lamp Max Maslen

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4 minutes ago, aileen said:

Thanks for the information, Bluebird. The only thing is that one of the cast lists is incomplete on my device.


If you mean the Saturday matinee, it's incomplete on my browser (Chrome for Desktop) too - I think it's them not us :)

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