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  1. BBC4 this Sunday, 17 Oct, Romeo and Juliet: Beyond Words with Francesca Hayward and William Bracewell.
  2. For any members in the UK who are having difficulty obtaining a copy of this book I can arrange for it to be delivered directly to your home or place of work. I run an independent bookshop in Mid Wales and can get our main supplier to send the book directly to you. As a member of this forum I am happy to supply the book postage free to other members. If you are interested please message me. There are other members of the forum who know me and I hope would be willing to vouch for me, so that you know this is not a scam.
  3. The casts for BRB's Romeo & Juliet in B'ham and Plymouth has just been announced. https://www.brb.org.uk/whats-on/event/romeo-and-juliet Why they couldn't have spread all the casts over the two venues I don't know. As it is there are three casts in B'ham and another three totally different ones in Plymouth.
  4. My copy arrived today but as I own a bookshop I was able to order it direct from our main supplier. It is a sumptuous volume with lots of photographs and loads to read. Our supplier is showing that they have 49 copies in stock so start complaining if you haven't received your copy yet.
  5. Sheila, If you go to the following site and enter the location you want it should show up. It is showing York and also Aberystwyth where I usually go. https://www.bolshoiballetincinema.com/tickets/
  6. Unfortunately it seems to be showing in a peculiar selection of cinemas. It isn't at either of the ones I see the Royal or Bolshoi broadcasts, which are still a fair distance from where I live. The nearest cinema to me that this is showing is nearly 45 miles away. Too far to go for an evening showing.
  7. Sorry, I got my timeline muddled, blame getting older and the pandemic going on for so long it almost seems like longer. What I meant was just having carried my tickets over from last year.
  8. I'm also disappointed with this change. I had tickets for this in 2019 which, of course, was cancelled. I elected to hold them over to last year and then again to this year. Having moved away from Birmingham three years ago I had decided not to see Nutcracker again, having seen it more times than I can count since it was first produced, but when my son, who now lives in London, said he would like to see it again we agreed to meet halfway between where we both live. He didn't want to see it at the RAH, partly cost and partly because it wouldn't be the original production. Now he's stuck with what he didn't want to see. It sounds from the email that we won't be getting the stunning transformation scene when the fireplace turns round but "projections " instead. I feel short changed!
  9. The show is booked in to the B'ham Hippodrome 6 - 11 June next year, presumably as part of a national tour. I somehow doubt it will have the same cast as at the Wells though.
  10. Congratulations to Valentino Zucchetti on winning the Dance Award of the South Bank Awards Show for Scherzo. He was obviously really surprised to have won. For anyone who missed the show it will be on Sky Arts again on Sunday from 9.00 - 11.00.
  11. There was a 12.00 performance on a Friday in June 2019 of the triple bill Firebird/Month in the Country/Symphony in C. It caused me all sorts of problems working out how I was going to get to London to see it without spending a fortune.
  12. I imagine it's an orchestration of Johan Strauss's music for the operetta. There is certainly a recognisable tune from that towards the end of the pas de deux.
  13. Not ballet but opera. Welsh National Opera has had to cancel it's spring season. "Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the associated restrictions, we have regretfully taken the decision to cancel our Spring 2021 Season. Please visit our website for the latest information. All of us at WNO are looking forward to a time when we can see you all again at a theatre or concert hall and in the meantime we hope that you all stay safe and well. "
  14. Be careful when you buy this as there are two options. "Birmingham Royal Ballet’s The Nutcracker at The REP will be available to watch as a livestream event at 7.30pm on Friday 18th December. It will then be available to view as a video-on-demand recording from Saturday 19th to Thursday 24th December. Video-on-demand sales close at midnight on 21st December, but can be viewed until midnight on Christmas Eve." It is not made clear in this statement that if you pay for the livestream you will only be able to watch that. If you want the video-on-demand it is a separate payment and this will be available from 19th Dec for 3 days from when you activate it. It won't be available over the entire 6 days.
  15. Although I had no intention of going to the 4th Nov performance out of curiosity I clicked the link to buy tickets and got the following message Sorry tickets are currently unavailable. Returns may be available later. which possibly looks as though there has ben a last minute rush for the only available performance.
  16. It's being streamed using TicketCo TV which I haven't come across before but it can be streamed on a TV.
  17. News of NYCB's digital season. https://www.nycballet.com/season-and-tickets/fall-digital-season/ Details also on the Seeing Dance website.
  18. I suspect one reason this isn't being filmed is that MGH is organising this and not the ROH or RB. I imagine she doesn't' have the time or knowledge to arrange filming.
  19. There is a video on the ROH Facebook page of Anna Rose O'Sullivan rehearsing The Dying Swan for these performances.
  20. The Birminham Rep dates back to 1971 although it has been renovated since. It is all on one level with no aisles, like the Barbican. They are asking people to arrive at a certain time to be seated, presumably those with seats in the middle will be seated first so that other people don't have to push past them. The foyer spaces are reasonable, helped by the linking space to the library and where the box office is situated. There is a large open plaza outside although in October I can't imagine many people will want to hang around there for too long. There are entry doors on both sides of the theatre so I imagine people will be asked to enter the theatre on the side for which they have tickets.
  21. The 1920/21 season of the Pacific Northwest Ballet will be an entirely digital one, on subscription. It appears individual performances will be available to buy as well. https://www.pnb.org/season/#new Not what people would really like but at least they've taken a decision in time to carry out what they feel they can do reasonably for now and the immediate future.
  22. The Bolshoi have announced three cinema broadcasts for next season, all obviously recordings. 4 October + Romeo and Juliet 1 November + La Dame aux Camelias 20 December - The Nutcracker They are obviously hoping to be able to broadcast some live in 2021 as they haven't announced any thing further. Let's hope they can.
  23. I really don't think this is going to be much help at all, especially as there seems to be no sign of any financial help. https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/theatre/oliver-dowden-culture-roadmap-plan-a4480341.html
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