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Opes summer school


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Firstly I'm sorry if this tag has already been made .

I'm thinking about doing opes next year but I'm not sure if it will be too hard for me! 

Im 13 but will be 14 when I do it , what are the age groups and type of things do you do ? 

Thank you 

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My daughters there now and is 11. She is absolutely loving it and says everyone is so so friendly! All the teachers were there welcoming students and parents when we arrived and it was very reassuring.  After the drop off I haven't heard much however as she's having such a good time, so in terms of atmosphere it sounds great. (The food being prepared for them also smelt amazing , a big plus point!) 

Groups - I can see there is intermediate for the younger students, then senior b and senior a. I've guessed that senior b seems to be for 13/14+ from the girls I saw who were in it and senior a I presume is older students but sure someone else will correct me if incorrect. 

The standard I would say would be slightly mixed, as it's non-selective, but I would imagine you only go if you have a real love for dance as it's intensive.  But there was a good range of associate and vocational students there too. I'm sure you'd be made extremely welcome whatever level you're working at, it seems like that kind of place xxxx 

The timetable - 2 x 1.5 hour sessions each morning with a 15 min break between. An hour lunch. 2 x 1.25 hr sessions each afternoon. These are mainly ballet and repertoire classes and it seems to be 1 session per day of contemporary this year although last year I think it might have been jazz? 

Approx hour break then evening meal and activity. They have commercial and musical theatre workshops, bbq, band, pas de deux demo etc in the evenings. 

Hope that's helped Xx 

Oh and an hour performance for parents/guardians on the last day, which I hear is always excellent. 

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1 hour ago, ponklemum said:

I just asked my dd and she said it's hot food, things like jacket potatoes. 


I had to blackmail my dd into contacting  me yesterday and then I got approx 90 seconds of her time at lights out. Not a peep today all day today. So no more info I'm afraid so nice to hear some news from other dds ?

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