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  1. I had the same issue with my dd very first JA photos. She wasn’t turned out really and knees not pulled up. My dd agreed so secretly we retook them from proper studio ones with her teacher to mine, on my mobile phone, in the garage (because it had a plain wall). She got a place. Whether she would have with the other photos I don’t know but I didn’t want to be always thinking what if ... (nb, I also think it’s more than identifying your child as they use them to choose summer schools, so I would say they’re adapt at potentially narrowing down the list of the pupils they want to look at in closer detail. IMO they’ll look at physique, turnout, placement, feet etc. Of course a great audition will overturn photos that don’t show it all, but I think they must have some use otherwise why isn’t it just a front on photo.)
  2. Amazing news. Delighted for her!!
  3. Thank you, and yes it really was xx Good luck for Manchester! As this shows, you never know when places come available Xxx
  4. Ah thank you x Ballet is still her first love so yes she’s definitely continuing with ballet and dance xxx
  5. I’ve just advised RBS that my dd won’t be continuing as a year 9 MA in Birmingham. My dd has been a JA and MA for the past 4 years and has loved it and all the opportunities she has been lucky enough to have on top, from dancing with BRB in the Nutcracker to attending WL spring and summer intensives over the years. However, she has taken the very hard decision not to continue into year 9 due to various reasons and she would rather some other young dancer have the opportunity. I believe they took very few year 7 MAs in Birmingham this year so hopefully someone’s DC off the forum will get a place xxx Good luck, and if you’re offered it, grasp it. It’s been nothing short of wonderful x x
  6. Such sad news xxxx Rest in peace and condolences to his family and friends x
  7. Ahh my dd is based at Birmingham. BRB studios always boiling!
  8. Just to say, they never go in class in their joggers, so it doesn’t matter what colour they are as it’s only for travelling in. Kids wear full all in one warm ups, leggings, jeans etc on the bottom and some wear joggers but it really doesn’t matter xx Almost all wear the zip ups though xx
  9. Photos, always been an odd one as the written rule has always been there. Don’t take inside the buildings and don’t take of other children (especially if you don’t have permission) certainly. Everyone has a photo outside the building though in their tracksuit, especially if it’s at London or Birmingham where it’s a royal ballet building. Not meant to post on social but in reality everyone does of their own child in their uniform on their first day etc and lots of dance schools also post. Perhaps don’t tag RBS on a hashtag just in case 😂 The only time you are allowed to take photos inside a building is on watching days and only at the time when the teachers allow it (never during class), but again should only post photos with other children on if you have their permission. I see photos every year from all centres. But only at the allowed times, and although they do say don’t post, parents are proud and they do, but being careful not to post pictures of people they don’t have permission from x
  10. Congratulations xxxx Year 4/5 is a mixed year class with girls and boys from 12.45-3pm x (Year 6 is girls and boys - 3.15-5.30pm) These times are for the 24 sessions class (the other class runs slightly later if I recall) ... and thats if it’s still the same as my dd is an MA now, but I think it is xx Once you accept the place you’ll get an email with a list of dates along with uniform list and a handbook within a week or two, but for info, the classes generally run term time with odd Saturdays off, and extended school holidays (so perhaps the Saturday before and after the school hols for example) xxx
  11. Congratulations! Your dd will have the most wonderful teacher for the 24 session class in Birmingham (she is normally the teacher they use in the auditions too as she’s so fantastic with the children!)
  12. My dd is an MA and was a JA. The children offered mids places in her year were the JAs that got white lodge finals but didn’t get a place at white lodge. There were more of those than places at MAs so not all at finals were offered MAs sadly. There was also a girl that had never been a JA that got to white lodge finals that started straight as an MA and she had no problems fitting in at all. So I would say mids is harder to get a place than JAs but certainly it is not only open to those children who are JAs, they take who they want and who they’ve seen. Perhaps when applying for mids it’s an idea to put down applying for white lodge too (as it’s the same audition anyway) as most MAs that I know of got to white lodge finals. That was what was recommended to the JAs, even if they didn’t want to go off to vocational school xxx
  13. Very interested in the petite mirella leotard - please could you send me a photo? Many thanks x
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