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  1. A zip up or wide neck jumper is good to quickly pop on to help keep them warm between class and doesn’t risk knocking their bun. Some wore dance school or associate ones but equally dance / none dance clothing was worn. Otherwise leggings, joggers or soft shorts of a dance or non-dance brand are absolutely fine. An all in one warm up is also good but absolutely not necessary and most kids just wear very comfortable clothing. She definitely won’t feel left out xxx I’d take a couple of skirts and belts to compliment leotards if you have them but as long as she wears something that you know fits well and importantly she’s comfortable in she’ll feel at her best and most at ease xxx Hope she has a wonderful time.
  2. What a wonderful post and wishing your son all the very best with his future training. He sounds like a very resilient and determined young man, you must be so incredibly proud.
  3. I wonder if it’s because it’s similar to a stage if she’s dancing in a bigger studio for her first vocational grade. A little very soft blusher and mascara can brighten the face and open the eyes and the teacher may well think this will help? My dd started to wear very subtle make up like this for exams etc at about the same age but it should just be about lightly accentuating her face and not painting it x Of course if your dd would prefer not to, go with what makes her feel most comfortable and confident x
  4. My dd gave up her MA place at the end of year 8. She loved the class but loved the friendships she made more so in this sense it was very hard and her thinking varied a lot, so I gave her all of year 8 to decide as I wasn’t sure if it was teenage angst etc. I asked her to do the end of year assessment to see whether it was a confidence issue but when she was given a year 9 place it only boosted her slightly; she was still confident that someone else would appreciate the place more (she came to the decision that she wasn’t going to pursue ballet as a career so knew someone would be more grateful of a place and she’d already been an associate for 5 years). To make sure she was happy with the decision (as I agree it felt a huge one) I didn’t notify the school immediately but I told her that I had emailed RBS to give her place back, in order to see if she had time to regret her decision. A month later I told her I hadn’t yet advised the school and it was only then, when I saw that she was comfortable with her decision, that I gave notice to the school (which was still in plenty of time for someone else to get the call for September). Good luck with your decision. I would say that there was a dancer in my dd’s year 8 MA class that had moved from another centre that she attended in year 7. I’m not sure if that was due to a house move etc but it may be worth asking for your peace of mind x
  5. It causes no problems and is unnoticeable to the human eye. Her ballet teacher knew her turnout wasn’t quite as good on that side but didn’t know it was a physical issue as opposed to a strength issue. It’s not fixable as it’s just the way her bones are made - not everyone can get full rotation even if they’re in full splits etc - it was only a few % but at finals for classical ballet it’s the difference between a place and no place when there are so many talented children. Im not sure whether it was taken into account for MAs or not or whether they update her file but she continued get places on the royal summer/spring intensive so perhaps only used for finals? In terms of height my dd was small but not tiny but her best friend there was tall. There was a huge range of sizes and shapes at JAs in terms of body shape, leg length, height (both talller and smaller than my dd) and overall look including lots of different strengths. At MAs the body shape and height of the girls tended to be more similar but there was a tiny girl and a very tall girl in an older year so I honestly don’t think you can call it. Good luck xxx
  6. My dd was a JA for 2 years and made WL and elmhurst finals - physio at both finals noticed a hip rotation issue in both meaning she’d never quite get 100% turnout on one side, which I found out afterwards was the decider against a place sadly. She was the only one in her class to get MAs however and other girls with no such physio feedback either didn’t get a place or got a MA wait list place - even one that got a place at Elmhurst - so read into that what you like! 🤷🏼‍♀️ You just can’t call it.
  7. My dd danced with one of the recipients at royal mids and she is exceptionally talented so this is incredibly well deserved x
  8. Degas leotard for sale Turquoise Size T1 Great condition £25 plus postage £2.50
  9. Bloch Demi Pointe shoes S0135L Size 3.5 Width B Cost approx £45 - never worn still in bag. No ribbons/elastic sewn Now too small. Looking for £25 Ono to put to replacement. Inbox if want photos etc.
  10. I understand there were lots of images of young people in difference careers and it’s a 2019 or earlier campaign to retrain young people from many various backgrounds in cyber security work.
  11. If it’s anything like a few years ago when my dd was lucky enough to be awarded a place a few times it was no tights, socks or shoes. I suppose so they can see their muscle tone and feet properly. So she just wore a leotard for her photos. Not sure if that’s helpful or more confusing!
  12. Could you send me the photos please? I’ll inbox my email address. Thank you
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