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  1. Could you send me the photos please? I’ll inbox my email address. Thank you
  2. Official RAD set of 3 DVDs, for grades 1,2 and 3, male and female. Set exercises and dances. Great condition Selling on other sites. Asking for £20 plus £2.50 1st class delivery many thanks (I have photos but unable to attach so please Dm If wanted)
  3. Thank you, I think I’ve already found that while searching online but thank you - it looked a little confusing to me to be honest but my dd might make more sense of it as can see the music is available on you tube x
  4. Good afternoon Does anyone have a copy of the ISTD intermediate Dvd they would like to sell? Or any links they’ve found to the syllabus. many thanks in advance
  5. Staffordshire Youth Ballet has their first live ballet class on Instagram tomorrow. Nicky Henshall trained at The Royal Ballet School lower and Upper School then danced with ENB and continues to work extensively with both choreographers and as a teacher. This is the post copied from Nicky Henshall of Staffordshire Youth Ballet - “ I will be sharing a 30min barre/centre practise via Instagram live for you to do in your living room/bedroom/kitchen Wednesday 4pm for Juniors grade 2-5 Wednesday 4:30pm for Seniors Grade 6+ The videos will be available for 24hrs so this gives you a chance to do this at your own time or when is convenient. Make sure you follow staffordshireyouthballet on Instagram! “ Note - I have No connections to SYB other than my dd has attended for years and Nicky is one of her favourite teachers.
  6. Can I ask following tonight’s new advice whether your local dance schools have decided to close or are they still offering classes?
  7. My dd is so happy for him! Congratulations x
  8. We always used Richmond Hill hotel for finals and nights before intensives etc. Lots of other dancers there too, car park and good sized rooms and great breakfast. Quiet at night and a nice easy journey into white lodge in the morning x Also a pleasant area to walk around and some good pubs/restaurants close by, although hotel food was great, but a bit pricey. Lots also used premier inn and said was great too and full of dancers so presume gets booked up quickly.
  9. Been waiting for your update!!! So deserved!!! My dd just did a little happy dance for her when I told her ⭐️
  10. I had the same issue with my dd very first JA photos. She wasn’t turned out really and knees not pulled up. My dd agreed so secretly we retook them from proper studio ones with her teacher to mine, on my mobile phone, in the garage (because it had a plain wall). She got a place. Whether she would have with the other photos I don’t know but I didn’t want to be always thinking what if ... (nb, I also think it’s more than identifying your child as they use them to choose summer schools, so I would say they’re adapt at potentially narrowing down the list of the pupils they want to look at in closer detail. IMO they’ll look at physique, turnout, placement, feet etc. Of course a great audition will overturn photos that don’t show it all, but I think they must have some use otherwise why isn’t it just a front on photo.)
  11. Amazing news. Delighted for her!!
  12. Thank you, and yes it really was xx Good luck for Manchester! As this shows, you never know when places come available Xxx
  13. Ah thank you x Ballet is still her first love so yes she’s definitely continuing with ballet and dance xxx
  14. I’ve just advised RBS that my dd won’t be continuing as a year 9 MA in Birmingham. My dd has been a JA and MA for the past 4 years and has loved it and all the opportunities she has been lucky enough to have on top, from dancing with BRB in the Nutcracker to attending WL spring and summer intensives over the years. However, she has taken the very hard decision not to continue into year 9 due to various reasons and she would rather some other young dancer have the opportunity. I believe they took very few year 7 MAs in Birmingham this year so hopefully someone’s DC off the forum will get a place xxx Good luck, and if you’re offered it, grasp it. It’s been nothing short of wonderful x x
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