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  1. Degas leotard for sale Turquoise Size T1 Great condition £25 plus postage £2.50
  2. Bloch Demi Pointe shoes S0135L Size 3.5 Width B Cost approx £45 - never worn still in bag. No ribbons/elastic sewn Now too small. Looking for £25 Ono to put to replacement. Inbox if want photos etc.
  3. I understand there were lots of images of young people in difference careers and it’s a 2019 or earlier campaign to retrain young people from many various backgrounds in cyber security work.
  4. If it’s anything like a few years ago when my dd was lucky enough to be awarded a place a few times it was no tights, socks or shoes. I suppose so they can see their muscle tone and feet properly. So she just wore a leotard for her photos. Not sure if that’s helpful or more confusing!
  5. Donated and thanks for all you do x
  6. Could you send me the photos please? I’ll inbox my email address. Thank you
  7. Official RAD set of 3 DVDs, for grades 1,2 and 3, male and female. Set exercises and dances. Great condition Selling on other sites. Asking for £20 plus £2.50 1st class delivery many thanks (I have photos but unable to attach so please Dm If wanted)
  8. Thank you, I think I’ve already found that while searching online but thank you - it looked a little confusing to me to be honest but my dd might make more sense of it as can see the music is available on you tube x
  9. Good afternoon Does anyone have a copy of the ISTD intermediate Dvd they would like to sell? Or any links they’ve found to the syllabus. many thanks in advance
  10. Staffordshire Youth Ballet has their first live ballet class on Instagram tomorrow. Nicky Henshall trained at The Royal Ballet School lower and Upper School then danced with ENB and continues to work extensively with both choreographers and as a teacher. This is the post copied from Nicky Henshall of Staffordshire Youth Ballet - “ I will be sharing a 30min barre/centre practise via Instagram live for you to do in your living room/bedroom/kitchen Wednesday 4pm for Juniors grade 2-5 Wednesday 4:30pm for Seniors Grade 6+ The videos will be avai
  11. Can I ask following tonight’s new advice whether your local dance schools have decided to close or are they still offering classes?
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