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  1. Firstly I'm sorry if this tag has already been made . I'm thinking about doing opes next year but I'm not sure if it will be too hard for me! Im 13 but will be 14 when I do it , what are the age groups and type of things do you do ? Thank you
  2. Hello this is my first year doing elmhurst junior summer school and I'm very excited but nervous about staying over and what it will all be like ! If any of you could tell me what to expect and what the classes are like thank you
  3. Liv56


    Hello I was ill on the actual audition for mid associates royal ballet so they have offered me another chance to audition in London ! Please can anyone tell me what it's like and what to expect, I'm really nervous but excited!!
  4. Liv56


    I'm 13 , grade 5 and inter foundation rad and i live near Birmingham but I don't mind whenever the auditions are !
  5. Liv56


    Hello everyone Is there any good ballet auditions to audition for , or any associates course (things like that) Thank you !
  6. Yes Anna C my parents are fine with me posting and check what I put on and do on the forum .
  7. Sorry I'm mean I've doing pointe classes (Demi pointe ) for a year (last Jan when I started) .
  8. Hello I'm 13 years old and I still not on pointe , I do strengthing and pointe classes which I done this last January. I'm slim and my feet are not too flat or too arch , I've been dancing for 7 years . I just want to know have any of you guys been on pointe when you were 13 or older because I know people who go younger and I'm worried it's going to take ages to get on and I will get left behind! Thank you xx
  9. Hello I very sorry if this already been made as a formula! Is there any really good ballet summer schools or Easter course that any of you recommend? Summer schools in England mainly round Birmingham but don't mind travelling to London or anywhere else . One last thing this isn't relevant to this subject but does anyone have any tips to stop a sickle foot (i do theraband stretches ) . Thank you sorry it's really long !
  10. My age group is 13 , I'm a bit confused I want to audition for the associates to get in September 2017 but have they already been done ?
  11. Hello, Sorry if this topic has already come up but can someone please tell me if Elmhurst are still doing their extended associates, there is nothing on the website about it ? As I wanted to audition this year for it ! Thank you
  12. Thank you everyone i do currently train with Annette for privates and a group class and she's fanatic ! But I'm looking for a dance / ballet school do shows with and to of course carry on my grades with . Because Annette is great but the other one I'm at doesn't seem to be helping me , that is why I want to find another dance schools so it can push me more ! Thank you again ❤️
  13. Yeah are they still doing extended associates this year ?
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