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  1. Incredibly happy, thank you! Good luck too!
  2. Manchester results came out this afternoon, fingers crossed you will hear soon!
  3. We are awaiting Manchester due 7 august. Has anyone heard from that centre?
  4. Maybe the next set could come out anytime from today?
  5. Best of luck, hoping for any day now!
  6. Anyone think they might come early?
  7. Sorry, I should have said for upper school, thanks
  8. Anyone know when Elmhurst letters may arrive?
  9. Hoping those that had to wait over the weekend had good news from Elmhurst today!
  10. Is it really only the yeses that have received their letters for lower school at Elmhurst? Have they all not gone at the same time in the past?
  11. Second class post is normally how they do it.
  12. For those waiting for lower elm results, I heard today they are being sent Tom so should arrive on Monday!
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