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  1. This leotard is a very flattering style in the colour Icicle which is a beautiful strong vibrant blue. Size adult petite, but very small fitting so would fit approx age 10-12. (My slightly smaller than average DD got it aged 12 but quickly outgrew it.) Only worn a handful of times. £25 including postage.
  2. I’m so sorry @TooTu and @Bonnie2011, but the AinslieWear has been sold.
  3. Price includes UK postage. AinslieWear black leotard, zip front with rose mesh print on the back, size Girls XL (fit my slightly smaller than average DD at age 11-12), only worn at summer schools so excellent condition, £12 Wear Moi Duchesse leotard, maroon, age 10/12, £8 Bloch turquoise camisole leotard (CL7630) with sequins detail at top of chest and bow back, age 12, worn for one summer school, £10 Bloch black camisole leotard with mesh lace detail at the back and mesh trim at front neckline (CA 10765), age 12, £10 Elmhurst Young Dancers royal blue tank leotard , age 12, excellent condition (no fading), £6 Wear Moi Elipse black short sleeved leotard, age 8/10, £6 Wear Moi plain pale blue camisole leotard (maybe Diane?), age 8/10, £5 Let me know if you’d like photos!
  4. Big congratulations to all the lucky little dancers who have had good news this week and good luck to those still waiting. It’s worth remembering though that a no from RBS at this age (or any age!) does not mean a no to a successful future in classical ballet, just as a yes does not guarantee one. There are many glorious roads to the fulfilment of ballet dreams and as someone said in an earlier post, the closing of one door can lead to the opening of another 😊
  5. Haha! Our coat went missing at the last carol concert too and hasn’t been seen since!
  6. No we’ve never had a scarf. Unless they make changes next year I don’t think you’ll need one.
  7. Hi, sorry but someone’s reserved these. If they become available I’ll let you know.
  8. All of these will be available from end of term and would be ideal for year 7/8. 2 x skirts size W 24”, L 22”, worn for one school year, £8 each Blazer size 6 (28”) £7 Blazer size 7 (29”) £7 2 x jumpers age 9/10 (these are quite generous), £4 each 2 x ties £2 each Pack of 2 John Lewis long sleeved girls fitted shirts, brand new still in pack, age 11 £5 4 M&S girls long sleeved shirts (“ultimate non iron”), only worn a handful of times if at all!, age 11-12, £5 for the 4 Tracksuit bottoms, size worn off but I think 26”-28” (unstretched waist measures 22”) £4 Tracksuit top size 30 (plastic bit from zip has broken off but zip works fine) £4 (this set was worn for all of year 7 and 2 terms of year 😎 Tracksuit bottoms, size has been cut off but one size up from above (unstretched waist 24”), £6 Tracksuit top size 30”, £6 (this set only worn this term) Everything has been well looked after (day student, so laundry done at home!) and is in good to excellent condition. Postage at cost or can collect from school at end of term.
  9. No the Lowry CAT scheme is contemporary based although it does include ballet classes.
  10. Degas style 9501 in “turquoise”, which is a lovely delicate light blue. Size 12A, although these are very small fitting so would probably fit around age 10 ish. Excellent condition, £15 including postage.
  11. This is so very sad Primrose. I too have signed.
  12. Some, not all, are given a t-shirt just to wear for the casting day photos. T-shirts are then available to purchase at rehearsals (not compulsory!)
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