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Ivan Putrov's Men in Motion - Sadler's Wells

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I think a lot of us missed the first night due to a clash with the Royal Ballet Dream/Song of the Earth Insight Evening. I went last night. I’d only seen Narcisse once before (when Tsiskaridze did it in a gala at the RAH). I hadn’t taken to it then but Sergei really impressed me in it last night. The piece that impressed me even more, however, was Maliphant’s AfterLIght, performed by Daniel Proietto. The music, the lighting, the dancing - in fact, everything about the performance, seemed quite sublime.

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Yet another gala with a title and cast that offered plenty of potential for a fascinating evening but with a disappointing outcome for me. I understand that Le Spectre de la Rose has historical significance but it's a museum piece and as far as I'm concerned it would be better in a museum and not on the stage. Igor Kolb's dancing didn't look like the standard you would expect of a Mariinsky principal but maybe having to wear a ladies flowery pink bathing hat did not help him. Afterlight was much praised by all the critics and yes the lighting was mesmerising and the music,choreography and dancing all beautiful but the effect of the whole on a Sunday afternoon in January was totally soporific, another minute and I would have nodded off. Still it was much better than Putrov's Dance of the Blessed Spirits which opened the second half. Things picked up with Igor Kolb's Solo which was followed by easily the most dynamic performance of the afternoon: Polunin's Narcisse. He's such a brilliant dancer, it's gut wrenching that we won't be seeing him at Covent Garden for the forseeable future, if ever. The afternoon ended on a real low : Ithaka by Putrov, an utterly tedious and very ordinary piece of choreography. Altogether a surprisingly low energy and insubstantial afternoon.

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